“Out Of Thin Air”

June 23, 2014

Imagine if something happened and as a result the person vanished out of thin air. How utterly awful that would be. That happens on a daily basis unbeknownst to the world, other than hearing it via the newscast. Persons in times of war minor or major such as mias of pows. Persons who have be kidnapped too. While in this imagination, let’s figure of the countless families who must carry on daily with the endless worriers of those who they hold dear. Not knowing is far worse than knowing regardless of how painful it is. If a person were kidnapped that would be devastating as well. At least knowing about something then you have the power to deal with it and the outcome. Without knowing a person becomes powerless and helpless. Their minds wander far out of control with fret. With sweltering conditions during this summer, the days become unbearable at times, although with tornadoes, thunderstorms and showers occasionally seems that these events don’t last to make a real difference in the atmosphere. Just started another book” Tokyo Short Stories Sketches” by Pete Hamill. Last summer had some sinus condition and as a result the left eye was affected because of it. This summer the same thing occurred. However last year it occurred quite differently with worse results although it was rectified promptly. Phoned Dr. Shapiro and he was out of his office this week. So of course will continue to monitor it closely. By the way this is my forth time in doing this blog. Keep losing it, still not use to the cursor. Although each time I’ve started this over it gets better and more in sync.

“Time Fifth Segment”

June 19, 2014

Just finished “Subway Series Reader” Edited and an introduction by Pete Hamill. The collection of writers are both informative, conservative, liberal, with all points of view all about the subject of baseball. Really enjoyed it. If things come easy to somebody others think those events are expected and are disappointed when expectations don’t meet the desired goal. It should be the same way if a person has to struggle with the same events. Only the difference is that those who have events that become harder for them put pressure on themselves in order to succeed. So therefore that person doesn’t need outside pressure from others. And those people become disappointed in themselves as well. As a parent, the love of two sons are everlasting and boundless. When they become adults and go their separate ways: it is hard on the parent and of course that is natural. In my case, one is in a Jordan who is Ian and family, and Andre who was in Seattle for a total of nine years. Now Andre is in Madison. You had to get to know him all over again as he was away for a length of time. There are things that are quite overwhelming and you just have to listen and be there for him. That is the natural way of being a mother. Sometimes there is frustration on his part and mine as well. Although there is a different type of it. A reflection is there. There is also a basic goodness too. I feel in my heart all will be right in the end. Good things come to those who wait and deservingly so. It boils down to understanding.

“Time: Forth Segment”

June 6, 2014

Am reading again. First of many books namely” Grand Central: How the train station transformed America. The forward is happily by Pete Hamill. Always loved his style of writing however the book is by Sam Roberts. It is historical technological as well. Some has moments of joy. This is first of five books. Got a vhs movie Nothing In Common, a NY Mets hat along with a Montreal Canadiens hat. These were a combination of Mothers Day and Birthday gifts. So pleased with them. Got them from my son, Ian. Everyone is a product of their own making. Growing up was no picnic. Both my parents weren’t perfect however they were no angels either. They both had selfishness personified. Recalling that I never had a birthday party, There is a difference between being alone and having a sense of isolation. Never joined any outside activities at all. Brownies, Girl Scouts, was out of the question. That was the same way with Camp Fire Girls as well. All it seemed was school, homework. Never had a two wheel bike much less learn how to ride. A recollection of having a large tricycle and going down a ramp and crashing it. Although later on taught myself how to ride a bike, I guess. Taught myself how to swim too. So enjoyed the water. My aunt and uncle were wonderful, caring, genuine. Had such camaraderie within their family There were and are simply splendiferous to me and that is how I have always will feel about that family to this day.

“Time:Third Segment”

May 18, 2014

Spring has sprung and gone it seems. Just a couple of decent days and then back to autumn. Its a wonder why there are so many colds, allergies and such. Had a four lines blogged and it turned blue and it disappeared again. Second time. Oh well, live and learn. Now had to condense it. Won’t be the first and definitely won’t be the last. There it just happen again. Now have to remember to use the mouse instead of the keys or space bar. In the eyes of a parent, children are infants and time is timeless yet it may cease. It is wonderful magical experiences with highs and lows. Then the children are preteens and more events occur. The children become teenagers and then it is very challenging for both the parent and the young people. At a moments notice the children go off to college or go get jobs on their own. Most of the times in neighboring states or where they may be able to find it. Yet other times it may be far away. It’s good to have the children live their own lives. The parents shouldn’t live through their children. The children should have their own independent minds, think for themselves. That is the natural order of the way it should be. It would be quite harder for the children to be nearby, than farther away. There is the computer and social media which is stupendous and makes life so much easier in that respect. A parent has to recollect that knowledge has been given to the adult and be reminded to treat the young adult as such and not treat them as a child. Sometimes it is hard having a parent intuitive attachment. However for that is the very best for them both. If for instance a parent has given children a true sense of love, it will forever be there and be return as well. A parent has to be responsible for themselves and live their own life outside of their children. A mother will always be a mother as a father will always be a father. Then there will be respect for both. Respect isn’t given: it is earned.

“Time:Second Segment”

May 11, 2014

There hasn’t been a Spring to this point. The inclement weather is conducive to colds. There has been a bone crushing in the ear which is most unpleasant and ear popping which has to due with sinuses. It seems like the ear is stopped up with wax. Again most uncomfortable to say the least and to make matters worse there is a notice in the hearing department. A slight difference however nevertheless, so that is on the agenda when shopping. When someone dies there is enough waiting time: sometimes it varies. In one case it was four in a half hours. Because of this the mind is telling you there is a catastrophe which is occurring and the body reacts with both knees trembling and shaking in unison just long enough to react again and sit down to calm down slowly. Here is another scenario, when someone is in a good frame of mind and wanting the pleasant event to occur bringing a forthcoming child in the world is the best. It really doesn’t matter if you are in labor for nine hours and then having the procedure done as a c section. Nothing matters at that particular moment. However you do hear these other women wailing to the top of their lungs which is most disconcerting. These women are wimps. Kindness isn’t interpreted as a doormat. There are a variety of these. There is always a reason, sometimes mysterious for someone’s reaction. For your own sake when the time is right, fight fire with fire.

“Time:First Segment”

May 4, 2014

Time is a measure of essence. A few seconds to utter please, thank you, open a door for an elderly person, notice if a person has only a couple or a few items in a crowded store to ask them if they could go ahead of you. These acts of kindness takes thought on your part and means the world to others. If someone is fighting an ailment, instead of taking medicine make a mental note to time the relief between the pain, measure the amount of it in degrees. Then only take the medicine if necessary. Then you are only to be in control. The mind controls the body and not vise-versa. A minute taken to phone a family member or a friend that you haven’t heard from in a long time will be a welcome surprise to that person. Wishing someone a form of greeting as birthdays, or a celebration of some sort makes your and their life a bit better. Going the extra mile for someone that you particularly aren’t fond of is a gesture of understanding. Being kind to others doesn’t take much out of daily life; yet it makes others realize there is a bit of good in the world. Furthermore it is contagious.

“Just Because”

April 26, 2014

Still the weather doesn’t feel like Spring. Chilly and windy at times especially at night. Still dressing in layers however it is somewhat getting better. My new computer is fine however still am getting use to it in the fact that ease of it seems to be unsure. Time will tell. Am getting more confident little by little. Still haven’t got my google going yet either. Again time is on my side, yet patience is slowly diminishing. Just because is a quick repeated phrase. Instead of giving a reason for an action, being logical or illogical: the phrase becomes just because. Another thing about this new computer is that when you are typing if for instant that you misspell a word the word is underlined in red in the middle of that word. That is hard to get use to: yet as many times as it happens you just calm down and deal with it. Maybe the phrase just because comes from the cause of being just. Therefore just because some people are evil, doesn’t mean all humans are. In the same vane just because you find a few and it could be many individuals in a race, or religion that still is a minority therefore please don’t judge on that. Remember humans are frail and make grave errors. Once is a mistake and repeatedly it becomes their choice. While I was blogging this: the page turn blue and I didn’t panic. That happened previously and all was lost and I had to start over. If you are some religion than keep it regardless of certain individuals. If you know in your heart that are on the right tract than that’s all that matters. That shows true character. Try to open your mind to all that gives knowledge, whether in books and having conversations with other people. It is really amazing how you can learn from others different from yourself. And everyone is different though you may find attributes that are in common. Just give others a chance. It is the difference of being close or narrow minded and broad minded.

“Never An Equation”

April 3, 2014

It really doesn’t seem like spring although it is early April. Getting use to this new computer as this is my second attempt with hopefully this time success. Just before I was in deep thought and for some unknown reason it disappeared. Perhaps aliens. Just kidding. The main difference between humans and animals is that humans have an intellect in which to think or reason and make choices. Society is quick to judge when a volatile act occurs. Humans and animals equate with a bond. Sometimes there isn’t a reason for these acts. Society as a whole may for unknown measures blame the acts on religion. This is never an equation. Sometimes these acts are equivocal. In cases of hatred it comes down to evil pure and simple. In history it is repeated throughout the ages not only in this country but in all regardless of where it is. No country has immunity. When someone has a physical illness they automatically are treated and eventually are on the mend. It should be the same way with mental illness. There is a stigma in society in general about this. It is very sad too. When someone has to go to war and fight for their country the person comes back with not only physical injuries but mental injuries as well. Let’s treat the whole person, not just the injuries that are visible. In some previous blogs there have been typographical errors. Trying to avoid this.

“A Culture”

March 25, 2014

It still is winter in my book. Still winter gear with all the fixings. Still mounds and some patches of snow on the surface, the air feels like snow. Although sunny skies avail that is tomfoolery with black and grey clouds. Intended to actually not blog again till next month, but after viewing a local report couldn’t let it go. It was reported that while driving while intoxicated the cop pulls you over and gives you a ticket, no jail time! This is a culture in this state, Wisconsin. Now this is speaking of alcohol, instead of having it called a dwi, it is called a owi. Now won’t go into that because it was well stated previously. The focus is why does the cop just gives a ticket! This is outrageous! How can this be! Then the upcoming offenses are many as less that five and more than twenty. This is a beer state namely Millers. All beer companies are saying time and time again to drink responsibility. So one can’t fault the beer manufactures for the stupidity of individuals. Just as you can’t blame the tobacco companies in N.C. and it is so big that two major cities are named after the companies. The state legislature has repeated tried to change the law regarding the offense. However to no avail, the beer lobby stands in the way each time the measure comes up for a vote. The beer lobby blocks and slams it down. This is very unfortunate. Look at the countless families who have lost individuals due to alcohol related accidents: not to mention the countless injuries. This is indigenous to this state. No other state in the nation but this state do this occur.


March 1, 2014

Spring is coming. No coats and hats. Bring on baseball. With balls and bats. Spring is coming. No more freezing to the core. Here comes natural warmth. And lots of strolling and more. Spring is coming. Four years ago I went to Maryland primarily to see my cousin Mike. Had a great time with him. Went to the Golf Country Club and enjoyed a lunch and conversation. Went to his home and saw his wife Susan, his son Mike and Brittany. Then when his birthday rolled around last year decided to phone him and he answered and he was very cordial as usual however didn’t seem like himself. I wondered and emailed my concerns to his son Scott in Talahassee. He said his dad was having trouble remembering things just a little and Susan mentioned the same concern especially when I voiced my concern in an emailed to her. Then I saw a photograph later that year and put it on my couver picture or facebook. Got a message from Mike, my cousin youngest son saying that he wanted me to remove it. At the time his Dad was being tested for Alzheimers disease. That there was a question that he had it. I understood completely and removed the photograph. Just had it there for a day of so. Told his son that I personally felt closer to his family and mine. And he understood. All is well with us. Then it turned out the my dear cousin has Alzheimers disease. Got a message from his daughter Brittany. Said her Dad has a good attitude and feeling cheerful. It is hard on the whole family though, understandably so. Speaking of family. My mother’s brother Cyril died at nineteen as a result of a motorcycle accident and her other brother Harold was married to Haddie and he was a guard in a D.C. prison. They had four sons. My mother would throw out names to me and names of people and I never would know who these people were much less meet them. That is why the Jecko side was far better than the Davis side. A sense of belonging. The conversation that I remember from my cousin is that he is a recent convert to being a Catholic and he recently went to St. Patricks and went to confession. And I recall the photographs of him and me as he held me tightly around the waist as I was glowing with pride. In fact I still have it. So memorable were those short days of sunshine. Spring is coming so hopefully I will get a new computer soon from Ian. This computer is very bad: in the middle of this it froze again and was just about to go up to the office and finished this. However decided against it again it is snowing now. Glad I didn’t. Have to work with it


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