Calming Down : Waiting Still

February 21, 2020

It’s nearly ten in the evening, had a busy day though not tired yet, just relived to finally have the gift card arrive. It was here when I arrived home with Andre from dialysis. Actually phoned ups in the chapel while Andre was having treatment. He had a fistula put in on Tuesday so naturally couldn’t drive on Wednesday. So he had it today. Will have it tomorrow. Just looks better for a transplant. Each day he feels better.
So I was overjoyed that the gift card arrived today. Got a letter from the Cheesecake Factory saying the amount. So I addressed an envelope to Michelle’s Mom. Andre put a short note to Ian. So I will post it soon yet not immediately for the fact that Andre isn’t feeling put to par. Though I finally received it after at least six weeks. The Cheesecake Factory replaced it.
Finished my book The Pigeon Tunnel Le Carre. It is a great book & highly recommended. So enjoyed this.
So I intend to take this envelope addressed to the post office & certify it with a tracking number. So that’s the size of it. All my life I have fought for what is important & therefore it is worth fighting for. If things come easy then it’s not worth it. So that is my perspective.

Seething : Calming Down

February 17, 2020

Now this is a short month & nothing in the way of the saga continues. So let’s keep the readers up to date. Went to The Cheesecake Factory & spoke to Alex the manager. He was & is extremely helpful. He phoned the corporate office in California. He said the card was still active. Gave me a number to phone a lady in charge. She said she would put a freeze on the one & issue another card. Then send this gift card UPS. Gave me a tracking number. It would take two days to arrive. So I could track it. Then came the day of delivery & she said that it wasn’t delivered & then went to an access unit. She gave me the address & it sounded weird which she agreed. So she suggested that I don’t go there that UPS would redeliver the item so that is where the saga stands now. In the meantime I phoned the UPS office & told her to have the gift card deliver it to my address. So I have been waiting for it. Today is Monday.

Most Irritating

January 30, 2020

Here it is the end of January, well almost minus one day & no sign of UR Medicine’s mychart. The mail is damn slow, very annoying. Most of all I sent a card to Ian & Michelle’s Arlington’s address with a gift card for $ 100 to Cheesecake Factory & no sign that Michelle received it. Though didn’t ask her on the social media site. So again its a waiting game.
My cold is almost gone which is a true blessing. Been reading an interesting informative book, The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carre. It’s very informative. Above all it gives a sense of history, which is good in a human sense. I like it very much because it’s not the goory details. Love his concept of life.
Want to leave a positive thought today with my blogs. Couldn’t sleep the other night because of concern, worry over things. Really trying to stay calm & focused. Though my mind worries about Ian’s & Michelle card with gift card. Where is it? Was it taken? Do I phone the Post Office & tell them of the problem. Don’t want to be part of a problem: want to be part of a solution. Do I wait & see what happens. For me this is very difficult. I just think about it too much. So I vent.
Our cat or kitty is now quiet. He was meowing a couple of times. Now it’s peaceful so I can blog in content. Surely hope things get resolved very soon. Just want to make it from month to month & be content. I do pray each night which makes a real difference.

About Part Two

January 6, 2020

Now I recall these two posts previously that went to pages. It was that something was wrong with this site and upon several emails the site was quickly fixed. I was very thankful. So now I am using this title again to know it will be used in my posts.
Oreo is our kitten which is most of the time adorable. He is a year and 7 months this month. He is the best kitten in the world. We say what time is it? It’s sweet baby Oreo time. Andre just loves him a bunch. He is playful, amuses us, funny. Yet just sometimes he is annoying. Meows at the door, bangs at it with racket. Keeps us up at night too. All in all he is precious and a great asset to our family.

Striving And Succeeding Part Two

January 6, 2020

Having a change of pace momentarily. So I thought it would be good to do this. My original title went to Pages, which for not the life of me has no explanation. So now I’m redoing the title.
We are both under the weather with head colds. My son Andre was scheduled have dialysis today. Will of course reschedule it for tomorrow. He has been watching his fluid intakes as usual. Hoping he will be feeling better soon. I feel miserable with this the worse kind. Just has to run its course.
Been making a practice to attend Mass at St Anne’s Church. Both enjoy it. While receiving the Eucharist on Saturday: I mistakenly dropped the host and the priest kneeling down and got it and then proceeded to hand me another one. I was not pleased with myself. Said I was sorry. Was inwardly sad to have such an event occur. Surely he took it in stride. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day. Have so much to do, its endless.

Close To The Heart

January 1, 2020

A brand new month comes with a New Year with everything on the horizon. I noted while online yesterday that a well known song The Sidewalks Of New York actually existed being that the names used were really people who lived there. All had addresses. This is a sounding. What a pleasant surprise. So this is close to my heart. Really anything about the positive aspects of this wonderful city pays special notice in my book. Of course there are negative aspects of it with any city though it is wise to pay close attention because I favor this city above all cities & expect the most & am somewhat annoyed if it doesn’t come up to my expectations. My fault is that I put things & people in high regard & am highly disappointed if it doesn’t come my way. That is a perspective of my feelings. That’s the way I am. Although over the years I’ve grown to realize the imperfect. However its always optimistic to reach for the stars.


December 19, 2019

Things come & go. Some fortunately stay. While going to one of my favorite places, I came across items that I favored then & now. It’s a blizzard of Heath. Also an ice cream cake cone dipped in butterscotch which are both to my liking. These are special unique sweets that are special anytime of year.
Sending out Christmas cards while receiving them is always exciting. Expecting some that are from wonderful persons with notes attached that are saved & treasured.
My son Andre is presently at the car place scheduled for an oil change. Our car is going well: & its so good to have a vehicle. We both appreciate the convenience of it. It’s so useful especially in this weather. It’s good to warm it up before we get into it. How thankful we are.
Things are continually running smoothly. We went to Buffalo then to N. Falls. This was at night & the Falls were spectacular. Could see the CN Tower in Toronto & just the array of lights too. While there went to the Hard Rock CafĂ©. This was great. What a window of opportunity. How enjoyable. It’s just a little less than two hours to there so it was quite nice. I’m finishing my book Motherless Brooklyn. Been renting movies on Redbox also. Just enjoying & relaxing.
Going to get a present for Ian. Will be looking on Amazon of Ebay. This time will be having to sent to us then send it to Michele parents in Va. They will give the gift to Ian when they see him. He will be in Baghdad till May. How we love him & miss him. Michele sent me a message on facebook asking me for my address; so she can resend a Christmas card. Now we don’t have to bother about oversees gifts.
Merry Christmas & having a spectacular New Year 2020

A Respite

December 7, 2019

While drinking a warm cup of tea, its time to be thought provoking once again before time slips away & its the middle of the month. Been door dashing with my son Andre as he needs necessary funds for the dentist next month. I assist him & carry the items. He mainly does the work delivering, getting orders & driving. I keep him company too. It’s sometimes fun while its progressing. It’s done mainly on his phone with an app. He has a red card to pay for the orders sometimes. So in the whole process, he lost his wallet. By the way this is the second time. The first, he dropped it from his pocket; had to go back to the college place, & luckily someone turned it in to the main office with everything in it. So this time it was different. He looked on his phone to see if there was bank activity. Luckily there wasn’t. So still he had to go through the mess of canceling & notifying. That night was the worse. It affected me the next morning with lack of sleep & worrying. The morning I didn’t put my medicine in my eyes nor take the blood pressure med. Had to do this in the evening. How weird. Though better late than never.
So yesterday he went to dialysis. I read my book, Motherless Brooklyn. I’m liking it. Half way through it, & still awaiting the movie at Redbox in February.
So taking a respite from doing Door Dash. Andre signup for Grub Hub, the same process. Andre mentioned going to Buffalo with me to get his red card: instead of waiting for it by mail. It’s only an hour away though hopefully we won’t go because of the stress angle. So need to go to the grocery. Made a list of necessary items. Taking the empty cans back. Going to Mass at three, renting a movie from Redbox. Taking solace in these; while waiting for items in the mail. I’m thankful for everything & persons who mean everything to me.


November 23, 2019

What a mess! This is my second try! Is this Murphy’s Law? The battery was low so when I went to publish this it failed. So as I was saying, I resided at many addresses in my life thus far. Those addresses had meaning only for the fact that it gave me solace because there were people who were in this universe that were here physically then were not, though these people will be forever in my heart. Been reading Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathon Letham. It is fast pasted & thrilling. Never a dull moment. Looking forward to seeing the movie too with Edward Norton. Momentarily my son Andre is resting. He had a dialysis treatment today so he not feeling up to par. Though tomorrow he will be feeling better. Been going to St Anne Church which is great. My son & I go which is a nice pace from the everyday routine. Been watching nature movies which gives a person a sense of calmness. Been watching sports mainly soccer, hockey. Now it is very quiet now you can’t hear a pin drop as the saying goes. Went to the dentist & paid & posted it today: have an appointment tomorrow. So wish me luck! Been doing door ash to obtain funds for added necessities. It’s nerve raking at times though it serves the purpose. Andre & I do it together which makes it tolerable. Have a doctors appointment on the second, so this will be interesting that I haven’t met her yet. So this is it Wish me luck!


November 2, 2019

What a stressful couple of days, having to fit all the important items together. Being that Sunday falls on the third and this past Friday just fell of the first: it is a world wind to place items in the right place. Each day for the past month, its been crowding items of importance. In the days past, its been putting items before hand so it would be less stressful. Though yesterday I mistakenly left my phone at our bank. So last night I was carefully do math in my head & then putting it down on paper & it didn’t mount up, so I have a calculator on my computer & it was different: so I did the math several times & then wrote it down it my checkbook. Am decided to go forward in the process, though still have to pick up my phone at our bank. What a mess.
Ok finally went to the dentist. After putting it on the back burner thinking & rightfully so that other items were far more essential. It turned out that it was less that originally quoted. Just had a cleaning & an x ray though on the twenty-third will return for the results. It was pleasant, have a Persian dentist. Her assistant is very good & both have a great bed side manner. The tech that did my x ray is from Camb, its between Laos & Vietnam. She is very good & kind & gentle. Am impressed with the entire visit.
My son Andre isn’t feeling well has a headache so will hopefully go to our bank later on in the day or maybe tomorrow as it is open till one in the afternoon.
Car has been running fine, though has a couple of minor things wrong so we will take it to a great place. So more about this situation later.