“Veil Of Secrecy”

November 12, 2017

Character is what you actually are. Reputation is what others think you are. Having character is so far better than having a reputation however some may have both. Both my son and I viewed a hilltop in the distance of these tents. Our natural reaction was curiosity so a closer look these many tents contained the homeless population of Rochester, New York. I thought how unconscionable! Instead of these individuals sleeping and living on the streets here they are in these self absorbed tents which don’t provide warmth in the winter months.  All the rhetoric about this endless subject fails to have the issue disappear. Sadly it won’t being the fact that others turn a blind eye while have complete apathy. Some could do something while coinciding with their own needs yet they tend to ignore this.  Each of us who struggle daily to keep a roof over our heads, adequate food to consume, with utilities to pay; just with the basic needs is good just to live monthly. There are families who are in shelters and while children going to school daily are considered homeless. Everyone has a sense of decency and never say anything about themselves. It is their right to privacy even when asked: they reveal a veil of secrecy. University professors who are making $25 thousand a year live in a car or their van. This isn’t a fairytale or simply a myth. It is a fact. Their vehicles are parked in some retail parking lot as they sleep or grade student’s papers. Get ready for a days work in the schools bathroom. This is reality.  Homelessness is here to stay. Takes in all the economic fields in society. There is a well known Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei  whose ingenuity is astounding. His inspiration to anyone is rejuvenating. Gearing up for his film Human Flow is the plight of refugees should be seen by everyone. It is reminiscent of all who appreciates this fine piece of art.



Questions Of Justification Installment Three

November 8, 2017

Despite a head cold I’ve still have resilience to carry on daily, such as walking two and a wshalf miles one way to Tops grocery store. Of course walking with Andre makes all the difference as we catch up on conversations and convey to one another how we enjoy the company of each other. All the more with rejeuvenation of the outside with a ray of sunshine to have warmth.  Keeping in contact with friends relatives is incessant. Having to know how two are faring being that they both have Alzheimer’s are a particular concern to me. My son and I walk to the bank on Mt. Hope to obtain some cash for his medicine: that is two miles both ways, so geering ourselves up isn’t bad in mild weather though when it is harsh it still will be necessary. There isn’t anyway around it. He must take it daily in order to feel decent. Analyzing the health care system here in this country is mind boggling. This shouldn’t be with the trillions of dollars this country has for spending on Defense. If this country would spend those many dollars on humanitarian resources, then the country would have a much better outlook particularly in third world countries. Here the death rate for persons who have no insurance is far greater than in the third world. That includes women and children which is inconsciencable . Finished this book, which had nearly 700 pages. It was intriguing and unique. Persons who has dementia and other chronic diseases who must take medicine daily to stay alive. The drug companies are complicit in the over the top prices. Seems that the companies are price gouging which hasn’t any evidence. The drug companies should relinquish some of the cost if the patient is in dire need and would be reminiscent to their needs. This could be an emphasis for the future. As the modern world is changing daily then all of us would have beneficial ways of living longer and have a comfortable life in which we all deserve. To be able to have life and health which is affordable. To be able to keep a roof over our heads, food to eat, nothing extraordinary, both heat and air conditioning provided in the rough winters and harsh summers. To live month to month with the basic necessities would make the average person thankfully. Nothing more or nothing less would certainly make me jump for joy. I personally never requested anything throughout my entire life and still don’t just to have the basic needs deserved. As a slogan is ” You get what you deserve” As all knows I think of others before myself.

Questions Of Justification Installment Two

November 5, 2017

It’s hard to tell the right from the wrong: when the right is protecting the wrong. these are well known popular lyrics by a group of musicians who painstakingly perform the songs to a diversified group of persons who are interested in their thought provoking music. At this point in time the Catholic Churches throughout the U.S. have combined their services into two churches instead of only one. This reason is known and now out in the open of the many priests who have secretly abused the young both boys and girls. These priests have been transferred from parish to parish by other church officials who have known about this horrific event and have done nothing. These have happened at an incessant rate. In fact the occurrences happen whether it be a small out of the way town, or a large city.  The rhetoric is on and on as to how this tragedy keeps going forward over a span of decades.  All would know the what, the how what is the victims trust in these priests, or for that matter higher officials; the where which would be not necessarily excluded in a place: as this could occur in an everyday place which is very familiar to the victim. Throughout decades the Church paid the victims billions of dollars. This was done so the Church wouldn’t have to endure the disgrace of a trial by jury. Then there would naturally be the questions of justification. Of course there would be disputed. That isn’t any type of dispute what so ever. The end never justifies the means in any case. As to the reason of why would be an answer. Pope Francis has suggested that the priests should be married. Then the total of abuses wouldn’t have disappeared though had been diminished considerably. After all the Popes in the beginning of the Church were married as to church history shows. When Jesus started His Church He requested his apostles and disciples to follow him for a sufficient reason. These apostles and disciples who some of them were married at the time: followed Him before asking permission from their wives. Though their wives and their children were more than happen to say Yes. This would have been a unique opportunity.  Catholics had and still to this day are disillusioned in the church and are unable get past that. That is generally how Catholics think. Yet these people weren’t even the hundreds of victims. It is a harsh reality to ask for forgiveness namely if they were a party to it.  The Catholics as a whole shouldn’t put blame on the entire religion because of those who admitted and in all probability confessed to fellow priests. In these cases there is never a call to give benefits of doubt.

” Questions of Justification” Installment One

November 1, 2017

What actually initiated me to begin with this subject was the simply fact of a recent news report in both the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post. It is video entitled ” The Lost Children of Tuam” This is a place in Ireland which was highly unlikely of an unspeakable despicable reprehensible event. The nuns of Bon Secours were at fault: and to make matters even worse others were complicit to this; which in the state of Georgia complicity is the same as the crime which more states should take Georgia’s example. This particular event happened in 1947. There were not an infinitesimal but a gargantuan amount to children a total of 747 who at the mere age of a few months, a few weeks, all under the ages of 10 years of age were mysteriously found in a massive place with no means of burial. As years passed more children came and some had found bones of these tiny infants in a sewer deep underground. There is not a soul who would analyze what had occurred for there was a stigma about all of it. Not a single soul would utter a word, give a gesture as to what happened. Then a kind person whose curiosity had the better of her and started a serious methodical investigations of the whole sad event. As again years went by at a fast pace, it was now the year 1970, this kind individual with her persistence went to libraries to  comb over piles of documents, which showed the reason for the untimely unwarranted deaths. At the hands of abuse these helpless souls endured daily. These helpless souls came into the world whose mothers weren’t married and the church began to look at this as an atrocity which it wasn’t at all. Some mothers would walk miles over a five year period and knock on the door and ask to see rear their children and were harshly turned away.  Now it is the next century and the entire occurred was over grown with greenery and workers came in with farm equipment in the hop that this will all disappear and be forgotten as if it never happened. No one had been arrested, prosecuted or even indicted. This particular church has forgotten Christ!!!! Persons should look on this as to one parish and never think that the whole religion is bad. It is such a shocking time in Ireland’s history and the world should be aware of it and  have apathy!

Wonders Will Never Cease

October 21, 2017

Here I am just another day in Rochester. Although for a spectacular few who are close to me it is their day. Never was aware of this growing up yet as an adult found out that the month of October brings unique happiness. It is my son Andre’s birthday today, my niece’s Christal’s birthday this very day; they are only a year apart, my nephew’s Ryan birthday yesterday, my niece’s Jenny’s birthday was the eleventh. Whatsmoreso  is they are all related to one another. How amazing is this. Andre and Ian are now communicating by email catching up with their separate lives. Furthermore phoned Ryan to wish him a great day, phoned back and had a good conversation with him then I handed to phone to Andre and he and Ryan had to short concise good conversation as well. Always feel that being  in contact with people does the heart good. Although it has to be a back and forth not a one sided relationship. Of course, in all families there is conflict in personalities which is a normality. So therefore all can’t see eye to eye on situations though all I ask for is civility. Treating others with respect and decency. Yet sometimes this doesn’t happen. So the  expression is Ce La Vie! People have their own individual minds never to have them being controlled in any way shape or form.  Am satisfied that the communication is open to new ideas which all involved will be an advantage to those  concerned. Thankfully this will forever continue.  Having nine nieces and two nephews with diverse personalities just wishing that all may realize that magnificent trait of civility and communication.  So that all may benefit from this yet in the process not feeling alone and knowing that others genuinely care.






Fifth Of All

October 13, 2017

While just finishing a endless cup of java, just wanted to blog again yet there wasn’t a tab to indicate that so I calmly was in the middle of posting a brief message to wordpress and surprisingly there it appeared. So now I’m doing just that. This site is awesome beyond words of adequate expression. Just started a new book called” A People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present” It is very eye opening in a historical interesting sense. So looking forward to peek my intellect further.  Let me clue these reader in on something of interest: the number 5 indicates harmony, the number 6 denotes balance.  Here is the answer to why the beautiful series of “Bloodline” left in midstream.  The Kessler brothers who are a countless amount of writers contribute to the series actually one of the brothers left the series. He was also writing for the series” Sopranos” at the same time apparently. So hopefully the countless fans and I for one is on board to bring back the writer to see what will occur in future episodes. Two thoughts actually came to mind: My being so analytical as to the reason: then why can’t the other brother get his brother’s associate to replace him temporarily. Now at last on with my subject. Been wondering about two of my lifelong friends, namely Patti McDonald who lived in Ala., with her husband, daughter Erin. She moved to Seattle after her house was destroyed by a fire. I have her home address, no phone number. Thought I had her email address and when I do that it comes back returned. So don’t have any way to contact her. Yet I will come up with ideas eventually. Now to another person. Julia who has a memory loss disease that begins with an A. I frequently phone her and leave messages and have her home address and email address as well. Yet no response. She is up in years eighty something maybe half of ninety, has a countless amount of health issues, yet when I speak to hear she is very cheerful loving kind generous person. Her son noticed a while ago earlier this year that I had been concerned and he phoned me on her number and said ” Mom was getting bad forgetting things so please keep calling her so that was what I was doing! So hopefully Julia phones or I hear from one of her relatives eventually. Will keep trying in that regard. My computer uploaded Windows 10 and so now my favorites appear so I can relax and listen to them and my interviews and songs on youtube and there as well. So my young son Andre wrote an email to my older son Ian who lives in Germany with his family. So I must say in that regard that wonders will never cease.

Fourth Of All

October 11, 2017

Nearly 11 p.m. and for some unknown reason thought this would be appropriate at this untimely hour. Just glanced at the national, international news which is always an eyeful of  relevant important information in my humble view. Just thinking of youtube  which is online and its a good source of music interviews and such. Speaking of music I would really like to glance and play my favorites which is on this online source however when this occurs it isn’t the case. Thought I would go to the history of this yet that isn’t the case either. Wanted to hear my favorites which is listed in my pc yet when I do and click open it doesn’t happen. Perhaps I’m not doing something correctly. It just would be nice to hear my songs anytime when it fits my fancy. That’s surely is a humorous expression, isn’t  it? In any event would just like to listen to some well known grace’s tunes once in a blue moon. Actually it’s been in my computer memory for years so its not going anywhere soon. It will turn up when I least expect it. So why not now. Would like to hear santo & johnny sleepwalk just a placid melody and  of course countless others.  So while I have this computer and fortunately online I’ve been mesmerized which the series” Bloodline” such a well put together cast, the script is fantastic, the writers are phenomenal while simply everything is wonderful, so suspenseful just grabs me that  the more I get the more I want. It’s only four season long and in the fourth season it will come to a finale. Been watch season three. Its breathtaking, with twists and turns at each angle.  It really in some aspect reminds me of the television series ” The Guardian” which only lasted three seasons and there was an outcry for its return. So hope there will be an outcry for Bloodline to make more seasons.  I for one is onboard. Did I mention about my favorites?! Oh of course I did!

Third Of All

October 8, 2017

Must open this blog with three times a charm. Now is that really true? Another slogan is “Three’s a company or a crowd”  There are several well incredible quotes which are quite amusing and is up my alley that I find most appropriate. They are as follows: Don’t Pee On My Leg and tell me it’s raining as said Judge Judy Sheinlin. Or another one of hers is Beauty Fades and Dumb is forever. This is really funny and I laugh each time I hear it. I might add things to me aren’t amusing though things that are intelligent that I find a real depth, it strikes me amusingly. Other quotes are: Not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country said by JFK.  On to a different realm, I’ve been requesting phone numbers from friends and family just to be more in touch with them or simply wish them a good day just to show that I care. Since the recent hurricanes that have mainly happened in the south: this has been an important idea.  Liz and fine family has texted me on occasion when Irma came on their shore. Scott and his wonderful family texted me as we exchanged messages back and forth. As Weesie and I phoned and left messages of concern. Just a kind word does wonders to make life worthwhile to actually have the realization that someone else cares. Many are so self absorbed it really difficult to have an honest from the heart conversation with these people. One selects the persons in my life and are truly thankful for their being there. As to the others they may slowly and surely go by the wayside with no love lost!

Second Of All

October 7, 2017

Wow again I’m blogging this is twice today! Just recently  within a week ago, my son and I  went to the coop because he needed medicine. It took twenty minutes there, then he proceeded downtown on the bus and I came back on my own. This was the first time walking alone. It was fine. I kind of took the way from our original path. Went as far as Mt. Hope and actually took a straight path back. Walk up Averell, then crossed to Hickery, then to Stratford, then Cypress, then to Linden. Made it back with time to spare. Although I was quite thirsty and drank a great deal of water. I made it which was a milestone. Maybe all toll it was 6 blocks. Having to keep in mind of the low blood pressure, which now is part of my life. Being that I’m thin this has all the bearing on me, so must be aware to keep me hydrated. Actually the weather here is summerlike now especially today for an October day.  I can’t dwell on this however just be aware of this. Blogging is good, to keep me calm, then reading is too. To actually keep my mind active with things that are of interest to myself. Speaking of reading. I’m in the middle of a book now called ” All Too Human” by Edward Klein. It’s another book about the Kennedys which after I had read all the Kennedy books in the past. Made a pledge that I wouldn’t do this again. This particular book is the exception so I had a change of heart. It is excellent written. It is a tell all book of facts instead of gossip. Before I decided to read it I looked at the author which only then I made this apparent decision. And rightfully so was the correct one. Not regretting it one bit. Have a doctor appointment next month and this will give me answers as to why in reference to the low blood pressure. I have this in the middle of the month and am confident I can wait till then. It is with a primary doctor. So then I can ask her several questions. Just mainly must keep myself calm till then! Know I can do this too!!!

First Of All

October 7, 2017

First of all and foremost my worries are monumental from the depth of my soul or personality to the highest mountain and the deepest bodies of water. I try to keep calm and within perspective as to what is of importance and do my best to ignore what isn’t. Sometimes it works yet deep inside my heart it just is there gnawing at me. I’m doing my utmost to remain calm. There are the worries that are coming to the surface: not having funeral insurance which I know for a fact is through the roof, not having health insurance, yes I have medicare yet is this enough? Not having a boyfriend which is good because I can share these and other feelings which I have. Really want to get married again or need to marry again for my own well being, yet for that matter have and are most particular as to the special someone in store.  In the past our personality never gelled and I was never really attractive to them. This is with one and only exception! It would be wonderful  to wake up in the earliest of mornings and put my arm around that someone just for security reasons: though I’ve haven’t gone that for quite a while. So this is one of my secret desires though now it is out!  So I ask is anyone listening? In this wide world of computers anything at my fingertips to do anything possible and not everything. Our Lord doesn’t give us meager human beings more than we can handle. Believe me my plate is overflowing!!