“Unexpectedly” Part Three

April 24, 2018

John Oliver, the brilliant commentator, comedian painstakingly researched his recent segment before it was aired. This most frightening segment dealt with dialysis.  He gave the public an educational preview of what kidney patients would sadly come up against with dealing with this disease. There are two well known drug companies called Fresenius and another one which I’m not sure of the spelling. Both have had lawsuits against them. One more so than the other. The first one my son Andre has. Sadly the percentage survival rate is lower the more years a person takes part. Yet even more tragic is if a person who doesn’t take part at all their survival rate is only 10 days. A person feels better if he/she is on dialysis; yet feels the normal reactions of fatigue and other ailments to numerous to mention.  Because of the abundance of illegal overdoses: there are many more recipients that are able to donate their organs to ones who are in desperate need of them. This is for organ transplants. However the two drug companies aren’t in favor of patients who are fortunate to receive transplants. Because the drug companies will loose money. How dreadful is this. Each time has dialysis there is an anti clotting agent that prevents to blood from clotting and is poured into the tube as the blood in filtered. This is called Liquid Gold. There is only a certain amount of this being used each time. However the drug company charges much more than originally being used and therefore making more money. Years ago before dialysis was used the people were dying at a exorbitant rate as if it was resembling Russian Roulette. Andre has dialysis tomorrow. On Wednesday he is going to Strong for a Peritoneal Dialysis to have a catheter put in his intestine called a PD so he will have home dialysis. This won’t happen immediately. The catheter that is in his chest that is near his heart has to heal first. So then he will have two catheters for a month in a half. It is amazing that what is inside the body can surely affect what is on the outside. People should always never take anyone or anything for granted.


” Unexpectedly” Part Two

April 21, 2018

Absolutely no day is the same. Every day is very eventful with lots to accomplish. For instance, we went to the dollar tree of course stopping off at Strong Hospital Pharmacy to pick up Andre’s medicine. Then we came home and I proceeded to do all the laundry Now today after being truly exhausted and after a well sounded night’s sleep, got up and Andre asked for medicine in particular blood pressure. This is Saturday. So last Sunday just a less than a week ago Andre’s catheter came out. After having dialysis on Saturday, which by the way he didn’t go today being that he was feeling up to par: so as I am scripting this I’m listening for him. So called Adam and we went to the emergency room at Strong. Got there at 10 in the morning after taking a bus there. Waited to be called then was asked to have a seat and wait. During this time Andre was very worried yet kept his cool and began to write, do crossword puzzles and still just waiting. This turned to be two in the afternoon and still waiting. Many people going to and fro in and out. People screaming, going crazy, police were called. Yet we were still waiting. Then the time was turning into 6 in the evening. Andre struck up a conversation with a patient who had been on dialysis for a year and so what gave a brief education to Andre as to what to look forward to as they both shared their ailment together. It was good to have Andre relate to someone who shared what Andre was going through as Andre didn’t feel he was the only person. As the time turning into seven in the evening Andre was at last called to get blood work. This took at least half an hour; then Andre was shown a room separate from the emergency room further down the hall. As I followed I kept considerably calm.  Then came another wait as the people were cleaning the room. We both wondered how long this would take. The male nurse came in to do more blood work. Then another nurse proceeded to give Andre a series of medicines. With nothing in his stomach he threw it all up as he was returning from the bathroom. Knowing full well these medicines are suppose to be taken with eating. This says specifically always eat. We both thought why the nurse did this and came to the conclusion that she wasn’t thinking. Then she commented ” Would you like some crackers” Of course Andre was very nice and spoke negatively to her response. So after waiting a short time longer Andre finally got a room for the night. It was now nine thirty in the evening. Adam brought Andre McDonalds. Andre couldn’t eat anything after midnight.  After twelve hours I went home and spent a good amount of the night cleaning and organizing the apartment, then fell into a deep sleep.





” Unexpectedly” Part One

April 21, 2018

Mighty cold abundance for an April day we both wanted an unexpectedly change of scenery which was great. We both took the bus to Marketplace Mall and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Met a friend for a brief time as he and his little girl was a mere joy.  Then we ventured to the  many stores to check out some of the things that we needed. We spent a series of only five hours there and it was a pleasure just to walk gradually. We both took our time and just looked at what we needed. Watched our expenses which was good. All told we covered a three mile walk yet it didn’t really seem that long at all. Believe me we weren’t even tired when we returned home. We both had plenty of time to relax.

” Wonderful Day”

April 8, 2018

Finally after more than frustration, I am online at last and most important I’m able to blog at last! Seems this took forever as I waited, prayed and had persistence to do this! It’s so important to me to express my inner thoughts on everything and anything! Thanks so much for the emails to me that went on for weeks. I’m a reserved person and I’m most grateful to the wordpress experts: all three of them, namely Vincenzo, Ruben and Anna. Thanks so much for your patience! So all is left is three words. Patience Persistence and Prayer! Which is very powerful. Things are going relatively well for me. Went to the Greek Orthodox Church today and it is Easter Sunday today for them. There are similarities between the G O C and the Roman Catholic Church: it is amazing. Feel very at home there. There at the service there is the three parts of the Mass Service! Both churches are the same as they believe in the Virgin Mary, say many of the prayers so I’m able to take part in this and besides going to Confession! Most of all this church is near to where I live. So what’s better than this! Ok, being able to blog! Been on my notes on facebook and expressing my utter frustration in not blogging.  The notes are temporary. Told of my being uncomfortable with that social media site! So now I’m again turning over another new leaf and a promise to myself! Starting now won’t share this and my continuing blogs on any social media! Again Thanks so much to wordpress! I will email you!!

An Unforgettable Friend: A Lovely Lady

March 9, 2018

Taking a moment to recognize this unforgettable friend: a lovely lady who is and always been cheerful with an optimistic attitude. Her name is Julia nicknamed Dot by her family. Have referred to her before and thought of her in a favorable manner. First met her while living in Alabama. Would run across the street and spend endless time just taking to her. She at the time was quite older than myself though really didn’t seem to mind. As a rule I wouldn’t have anything in common with older people though Julia was and is so different from the norm. We would converse on numerous subjects, sometimes disagree with others views though what really made the difference was just listening. As the years grew to a precious few, still each other would phone and chat again on endless views. We could talk on anything which was unique and had respect for each others comments. I would make it a priority to sing Happy Birthday to her each year. Then last year I called her and couldn’t leave a message and in January tried phoning her and the same thing happened. Got concerned and then facebook was my link in contacting her through her sons. Then after several attempts tried leaving messages to Betsy who was married to Lesley one of her sons. Fortunately Betsy responded to my concern and wrote back what had occurred in the interim! I was overwhelmed at the response that after countless tries I was overjoyed that I would finally find out what was occurring to my marvelous friend. During these times in Alabama I revealed to Julia that I hadn’t had a grandmother, so Julia said she would be my adopted grandma. She herself was a grandmother a great grandmother. So therefore our relationship deepened. Got several photos. cards with notes over the years and  just recently have some photos sent to me from Betsy via messenger. Also got a story written by her about her adventures with her younger sisters. Julia was a civil war historian which was wonderful that she would tell me events first hand. Now momentarily she is with hospice in Birmingham and not doing well though she is still alive which is very good as she was born in the early twenties.  Will always remember many endless qualities and her friendship.


March 3, 2018

With the nor’easter beyond us here it was and is smooth sailing: while having a little over a foot of snow here was able to navigate normally without a care. Following up with yesterday’s promise while blogging the words were relevant. Pieu Dieu is a piece of furniture dedicated to praying such as a prayer rug. Saunter is walking in a slow relaxed manner. Eddy is a world pool of circular water. So a promise made is a promise kept. Complicity comes to mind when viewing the recent news events. Unfortunately this is very distressing which deals with degenerate adult individuals to did the horrendous act of locking their three children in a tent. Now the logical intelligent way of thinking is that if you thought of any type of  unspeakable abuse give the children away such as a church or someplace else so as these innocent beautiful human beings wouldn’t have to be afflicted with this abuse. Though these evil beings are just beyond hope. There is a word called complicity and when such an evil act occurs people are complicit to the unknowing  evil act regardless of  anything that comes along the way. A great many acts could and should be prevented if only one single person would take it upon themselves to react and pay attention to these requests instead of doing nothing and  with conscience let this happen. Not a single person takes what others say in a serious vane. This is a mere utter shame. There really isn’t a reason to act in this manner. If this happen in a positive vane so many lives could be saved. Ever think of that saga!


A Major Snowstorm

March 2, 2018

Going on the computer finding out the news earlier brought this to be running slower than in normality so thought I would do a few items of importance which would give it time to go at a speed of my liking! So I was correct. There is a what the broadcaster refer as a life- death major snowstorm that has impacted the length of the eastern seaboard to New England which of course has included here in Rochester. The city does an outstanding job to clear of roads, highways, and side streets which surprisingly include sidewalks as a bonus to the citizenry which is great.  Just finished the book ” Tis” by Frank McCourt. Beautifully scripted and with sentimentality. There are several words like satirist or seanchie which is supposedly an Irish word: meaning to have a satisfied appetite. Then there is a French word prie dieu which I promise to look up the definition along with saunter and eddy. Love reading as I may have the grand opportunity to recall and retain these words. It’s so relevant to added knowledge. Momentarily I’m here in solitude as Andre is at an important doctor’s appointment.  Things are going well for us both. Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday at Clinton Crossing for a dex scan. Of course I struck up a conversation with a lady who was very friendly herself as both of us were waiting to be seen. Then during the procedure had another conversation with the nurse during this. As this made the time go faster and it was more relaxed. My height to 5 foot 1 inch and my weight is 89.1!  Then the receptionist was very friendly and complementary to me. So that was a short useful important visit with no follow up ones. Was home in record time. Don’t have others till May, which are two. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.











































The Five Letter Doubles U

March 1, 2018

Up at this unlikely time at nearly five in the morning with a combinations of thoughts running through my brain, it’s a good time than any to script. From time in memorial when more than fifty years ago when a well known president of the United States was taken from the people and the stories surrounding this began to surface: I for one wasn’t thinking of it. My mind was focused as to the five w’s  when reporters must write each column; though there is another letter that in unrelated and that letter is h for how. My thought focused as to how the person obtained the weapon and the question was why don’t the ceos of major companies establishments do something on their own. Now in 2018 the ceo of Dicks Sporting goods has finally acted in a courageous act. He has said that no longer will guns be sold at his stores. Now Walmart has followed his lead, Moreover the age will be boosted up to 21. I’m for one are gratified in his decision. Have to make this blog finish in record time as Andre has to come here and sleep. This is the only room I may use the computer in as it is in close to the outlet.  Got my thoughts done in an ample time now so good night.

” Waste Not, Want Not”

February 18, 2018

Getting up early, having breakfast is becoming a routine that I find very useful in the course of the days events. Never really do the same thing daily as today is Sunday so going to the Greek Church is most rewarding while being inspirational. Each day is an adventure. This title is a slogan and it’s in reference to food. There are establishments restaurants for instance that advertise and all you can eat menu for an affordable reasonable amount of money. This definitely isn’t up my alley by any stretch of the imagination.  There is a particular restaurant which is called Cracker Barrel which on   the venue of gluttony. You walk in and there are a load of dishes on tables that have half eaten food which people have left and it literally turns me off. There ‘s people in this country who don’t have enough to eat and go to bed hungry. This is a sad state of affairs being that this country is suppose to be the richest in the entire world. It makes me sick to my stomach. A true statement is waste not, want not.


February 14, 2018

How good is this, second day in a row with my free expression of thoughts. .While drinking some hot tea after having a bite to eat for lunch I’m ready to go ahead with as usual a uplifting attitude.  Making a routine of daily prayers nightly the days are empowering. Andre is sleeping momentarily and it’s so good to have him home and secured. The weather here is warmer however there are patches of ice on the driveway and sidewalks so it’s good to watch. It’s suppose to be still warmer so that won’t be a worry for long. A string of warmer temps are in store for a total of ten days so it’s such a pleasant change. While Andre was hospitalized with renal failure, had the grand opportunity to get a bed for him which the timing was perfect.  So now that’s done finally there are many things still on the back burner which are important. Figuring making lists are the best bet in obtaining these goals along with the daily living expenses.  Never dwelling on the worrisome tasks makes life better.  Though blogging about items makes a real difference. Speaking of that had appointments with doctors last year and going to and from by med taxi was a charm until the end of Dec. Then all went to the devil when in January of this year couldn’t get a taxi or to make matters worse the driver refuse to escort me to the appointments because I wasn’t in the system. Spent endless unnecessary time calling being left on hold for each day I phoned getting different numbers to phone. How utterly  frustrating annoying this was. Simply to finally find out the reason. The bottom line was money. I was making too much. Had to spend to ridiculous amount for one month and a total of a more astronomical amount for half a year. So that wasn’t going to happen. Had people argue with me too. Kept my composure throughout though it was difficult. So now at this point in time I have registered with Catholic Services of Monroe county. So now waiting to hear from them and then I applied for snap in Monroe county so I may obtain food and the appropriate stores which provide this service. This will be beneficial to both Andre and myself. For he is on a special diet and not allowed to have foods with potassium in them which include a variety of foods which are excluded. He has to make it a habit to read labels as to the contents and percentages. For example he isn’t allowed to have oranges for instance which was his favorite food. He is now taking dialysis which is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for four hours a day from three in the afternoon to seven in the evening.  And needless to say there are side effects to dialysis. Major fatigue, muscles cramps and more. However he is an excellent candidate for a kidney transplant. So while Andre was in the hospital I wasn’t dwelling on that though I was concentrating on some positive items and still am  doing just that.  I emailed Ian last night to give him a synopsis of Andre’s condition. Ian kindly gave me his phone number in Germany however couldn’t access it on my phone simply for the fact that I hadn’t had an oversees line which would had doubled the amount I’m currently paying now. I think this will be advantageous when I may email Ian instead of phoning him. Have to currently and constantly have my priorities exact. All will work itself out. Time does heal I have discovered. And of course prayer comes always included.