Fifth Of All

October 13, 2017

While just finishing a endless cup of java, just wanted to blog again yet there wasn’t a tab to indicate that so I calmly was in the middle of posting a brief message to wordpress and surprisingly there it appeared. So now I’m doing just that. This site is awesome beyond words of adequate expression. Just started a new book called” A People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present” It is very eye opening in a historical interesting sense. So looking forward to peek my intellect further.  Let me clue these reader in on something of interest: the number 5 indicates harmony, the number 6 denotes balance.  Here is the answer to why the beautiful series of “Bloodline” left in midstream.  The Kessler brothers who are a countless amount of writers contribute to the series actually one of the brothers left the series. He was also writing for the series” Sopranos” at the same time apparently. So hopefully the countless fans and I for one is on board to bring back the writer to see what will occur in future episodes. Two thoughts actually came to mind: My being so analytical as to the reason: then why can’t the other brother get his brother’s associate to replace him temporarily. Now at last on with my subject. Been wondering about two of my lifelong friends, namely Patti McDonald who lived in Ala., with her husband, daughter Erin. She moved to Seattle after her house was destroyed by a fire. I have her home address, no phone number. Thought I had her email address and when I do that it comes back returned. So don’t have any way to contact her. Yet I will come up with ideas eventually. Now to another person. Julia who has a memory loss disease that begins with an A. I frequently phone her and leave messages and have her home address and email address as well. Yet no response. She is up in years eighty something maybe half of ninety, has a countless amount of health issues, yet when I speak to hear she is very cheerful loving kind generous person. Her son noticed a while ago earlier this year that I had been concerned and he phoned me on her number and said ” Mom was getting bad forgetting things so please keep calling her so that was what I was doing! So hopefully Julia phones or I hear from one of her relatives eventually. Will keep trying in that regard. My computer uploaded Windows 10 and so now my favorites appear so I can relax and listen to them and my interviews and songs on youtube and there as well. So my young son Andre wrote an email to my older son Ian who lives in Germany with his family. So I must say in that regard that wonders will never cease.


Fourth Of All

October 11, 2017

Nearly 11 p.m. and for some unknown reason thought this would be appropriate at this untimely hour. Just glanced at the national, international news which is always an eyeful of  relevant important information in my humble view. Just thinking of youtube  which is online and its a good source of music interviews and such. Speaking of music I would really like to glance and play my favorites which is on this online source however when this occurs it isn’t the case. Thought I would go to the history of this yet that isn’t the case either. Wanted to hear my favorites which is listed in my pc yet when I do and click open it doesn’t happen. Perhaps I’m not doing something correctly. It just would be nice to hear my songs anytime when it fits my fancy. That’s surely is a humorous expression, isn’t  it? In any event would just like to listen to some well known grace’s tunes once in a blue moon. Actually it’s been in my computer memory for years so its not going anywhere soon. It will turn up when I least expect it. So why not now. Would like to hear santo & johnny sleepwalk just a placid melody and  of course countless others.  So while I have this computer and fortunately online I’ve been mesmerized which the series” Bloodline” such a well put together cast, the script is fantastic, the writers are phenomenal while simply everything is wonderful, so suspenseful just grabs me that  the more I get the more I want. It’s only four season long and in the fourth season it will come to a finale. Been watch season three. Its breathtaking, with twists and turns at each angle.  It really in some aspect reminds me of the television series ” The Guardian” which only lasted three seasons and there was an outcry for its return. So hope there will be an outcry for Bloodline to make more seasons.  I for one is onboard. Did I mention about my favorites?! Oh of course I did!

Third Of All

October 8, 2017

Must open this blog with three times a charm. Now is that really true? Another slogan is “Three’s a company or a crowd”  There are several well incredible quotes which are quite amusing and is up my alley that I find most appropriate. They are as follows: Don’t Pee On My Leg and tell me it’s raining as said Judge Judy Sheinlin. Or another one of hers is Beauty Fades and Dumb is forever. This is really funny and I laugh each time I hear it. I might add things to me aren’t amusing though things that are intelligent that I find a real depth, it strikes me amusingly. Other quotes are: Not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country said by JFK.  On to a different realm, I’ve been requesting phone numbers from friends and family just to be more in touch with them or simply wish them a good day just to show that I care. Since the recent hurricanes that have mainly happened in the south: this has been an important idea.  Liz and fine family has texted me on occasion when Irma came on their shore. Scott and his wonderful family texted me as we exchanged messages back and forth. As Weesie and I phoned and left messages of concern. Just a kind word does wonders to make life worthwhile to actually have the realization that someone else cares. Many are so self absorbed it really difficult to have an honest from the heart conversation with these people. One selects the persons in my life and are truly thankful for their being there. As to the others they may slowly and surely go by the wayside with no love lost!

Second Of All

October 7, 2017

Wow again I’m blogging this is twice today! Just recently  within a week ago, my son and I  went to the coop because he needed medicine. It took twenty minutes there, then he proceeded downtown on the bus and I came back on my own. This was the first time walking alone. It was fine. I kind of took the way from our original path. Went as far as Mt. Hope and actually took a straight path back. Walk up Averell, then crossed to Hickery, then to Stratford, then Cypress, then to Linden. Made it back with time to spare. Although I was quite thirsty and drank a great deal of water. I made it which was a milestone. Maybe all toll it was 6 blocks. Having to keep in mind of the low blood pressure, which now is part of my life. Being that I’m thin this has all the bearing on me, so must be aware to keep me hydrated. Actually the weather here is summerlike now especially today for an October day.  I can’t dwell on this however just be aware of this. Blogging is good, to keep me calm, then reading is too. To actually keep my mind active with things that are of interest to myself. Speaking of reading. I’m in the middle of a book now called ” All Too Human” by Edward Klein. It’s another book about the Kennedys which after I had read all the Kennedy books in the past. Made a pledge that I wouldn’t do this again. This particular book is the exception so I had a change of heart. It is excellent written. It is a tell all book of facts instead of gossip. Before I decided to read it I looked at the author which only then I made this apparent decision. And rightfully so was the correct one. Not regretting it one bit. Have a doctor appointment next month and this will give me answers as to why in reference to the low blood pressure. I have this in the middle of the month and am confident I can wait till then. It is with a primary doctor. So then I can ask her several questions. Just mainly must keep myself calm till then! Know I can do this too!!!

First Of All

October 7, 2017

First of all and foremost my worries are monumental from the depth of my soul or personality to the highest mountain and the deepest bodies of water. I try to keep calm and within perspective as to what is of importance and do my best to ignore what isn’t. Sometimes it works yet deep inside my heart it just is there gnawing at me. I’m doing my utmost to remain calm. There are the worries that are coming to the surface: not having funeral insurance which I know for a fact is through the roof, not having health insurance, yes I have medicare yet is this enough? Not having a boyfriend which is good because I can share these and other feelings which I have. Really want to get married again or need to marry again for my own well being, yet for that matter have and are most particular as to the special someone in store.  In the past our personality never gelled and I was never really attractive to them. This is with one and only exception! It would be wonderful  to wake up in the earliest of mornings and put my arm around that someone just for security reasons: though I’ve haven’t gone that for quite a while. So this is one of my secret desires though now it is out!  So I ask is anyone listening? In this wide world of computers anything at my fingertips to do anything possible and not everything. Our Lord doesn’t give us meager human beings more than we can handle. Believe me my plate is overflowing!!













October 1, 2017

These regrets are a few and were beyond my control so that being said they go as follows: Not have more children which I for a fact love children. I would have loved to have a baby girl. I know that girls cling to their Mom’s when they are grown. That would have been nice! I would have liked to be married longer then the short 20 years. I had wished I wasn’t as gullible as I had been. People surely had a field day with that in the past.  I had wanted to have more of an eye hand coordination which as the years past it gotten better: which it would be been good enough to drive a motor vehicle.  However being meticulous and methodical wouldn’t had been a good idea. Not good logic at all at say the least. Knowing I had seen in the past and presently there are people who run the chance of driving. Now and never been a gambler especially with my life: it’s too precious much so with other lives.  It would be been great to had entered college and had become a teacher in an elementary school.  The serenity prayer is to have the courage to change to the things you can: accept to things you can’t and have the wisdom to know the difference.

A Contrarian

September 30, 2017

As others referred to the late and great Jimmy Breslin as a contrarian secretly I am the same way in doing what my heart tells me regardless of how others view me. I mainly have to answer to myself and no one else.  I’ve received a lot of opposition in the past and still do however again what I think matters. What is more I think things out methodically and logically. This is throughout my entire life as if to plan every move I make. It’s worked for me and I’ve lived a three fourths of a century so I must be doing something right. I’ve always had the tendency to think of others first before myself which most of the time serves me correctly.  I naturally get on others nerves though I’ve not had the intention, yet if it would be known precisely. On the subject of asking questions to others it never is one question. It’s a series of questions one after another because my mind is in quick concession.  In addition I find the more comfortable I’m with someone and it works both ways: only then I open up with expressive thoughts. If a person asks me a question one after another and I don’t really know them I become very quiet to a point of silence. That also goes for others whom I known and don’t like though I don’t say it in speaking terms though they know it without a doubt. I don’t hurt others feelings as to saying terms in a jokingly way, yet others have done that to me and I’ve outwardly ignored them,  yet inwardly the comments have hurt and sometimes I feel that it doesn’t matter because they don’t know any better. I just chalk it up to ignorance. Then gradually shy myself away without them knowing why though that is the real reason. My mind is like a computer. It stores a lifetime of comments in a memory bank.

During And After The Ordeal

September 27, 2017

My love of reading  put my into a prime position of doing just that. As being an avid reader I discovered my well known precious authors of  books. I covered seven of them. After reading in my mind was wonderful as I could spam a great deal of knowledge and entertainment combined. The list goes as follows: ” The Book on Everything Irish” by Colin Murphy. ” Getting Haiti Right and this time, the US and the coup” by Amy Goodman. ” Roscoe” by William Kennedy. ” Angry Optimist by Jon Stewart. ” The Portable Library” by John Steinbeck, Edited by Pascal Covici Jr.  ” Subway Series Reader” Edited by Pete Hamill.  This was my second time reading this and found it great as was the first time, knowing that Pete Hamill is one of my favorite authors.” The Motorcycle Diaries; Notes of Latin American journeys by Enesto Che  Guevera. These were as intriguing and led an abundance of knowledge which was enjoyable. During and after this time I was fortunately connected with Weesie. Scott, and my two nieces. I mostly texted them and spoke to them by phone. How wonderfully glorious was this.

Another Ordeal

September 27, 2017

As the months settled into the summer and trying to take special care of my health another ordeal occurred. This one was and is very important. On July 13th and it was a Thursday and not a Friday, I finished brushing my teeth and saw a bright light in my eye and collapsed sideways toward the door. Thinking it was my angle I rose again and the for the second time collapsed. Andre said to me ” I’m calling 911. So the ambulance came and took me to Strong.  While in the ambulance I noticed that my foot was highly bruised and it hurt. Was in the x ray room and it shown a compound fracture of my foot. The people said that because of dehydration was Near Syncope which low blood pressure. I was more concerned with that more so that my foot. Knowing that over the years I’ve had compound fractures of different bones and they have fortunately healed eventually over time.  But this low blood pressure was my concern and still is. I has a splint on my foot which traveled to nearly my knee. I was most uncomfortable to say the least. I felt like the person that Daniel Day Lewis brilliantly portrayed in ” My Left Foot.” Had the original splint on then had a waterproof one. When I when to the orthopedic place I bombarded them with questions about low blood pressure which was to no avail. The months went into August then finally in September after two sets of x rays I was released from that place. Seemed like forever though of course it is my nature to make the best out of anything and just dealt with it. I carry around a blue pitcher of water and a red  cup and constantly hydrate myself. Being thin. small boned and  high strung puts a toll of me though trying to eat right things that have water in them: a list of fruits, salads,  and juices will aid in this process.

The Ordeal

September 27, 2017

This is my first time since April! So patiently waiting wasn’t a terrible long deal. I occupied myself with other ventures which was most entertaining to me and was most satisfying  and mainly didn’t think of it for the most part!  As the most went by I was good.  The months went by picking up on the international national local news as usual. Doing what I do best worrying about important things. Moving to a place nearly closed to where I was when I first came to Rochester. This place was horrendous, not safe, with all kinds of problems to put it mildly. I signed to  a one year lease unaware of the monumental issues ahead so as the short months came and gone I just stayed to myself. Then my son’s roommate moved out wanting a place of his own. That gave me prime opportunity to move back to my original place which I reside now. Told the landlord that I was moving , she said to put it in writing so I did just that. Told her I didn’t feel safe there. Told her why yet didn’t elaborate fully. With the unwanted noise the general vicinity of where it was located and on and on. Knowing I had an eye doctor’s appointment on the 15th, which was very important I moved on the 4th of June. She was a slum lord never repaired anything including washing machines and dryers. This put a great deal of stress on me. The bottom line was money in her eyes. This was a short version of what actually happened and just scripting this makes me stressed out. Told myself I must calm down, yet being high strung I have to make a real effort! I’m ok copacetic!