” A Technical Aspect”

February 25, 2015

Waking up in the morning at the tweeting sounds of a bird chirping is a pleasant way to start the day and furthermore to put icing on the cake to have the meditation sounds of a French Singer or Sinatra sounding out beautiful tones.
For as much evil in the world there is countless amount of good as well. Good has and will always outshine evil. When any newborn baby comes into this wonderful world, this phenomenon isn’t evil in the beginning. There is an intuitive attitude built in all of us a technical aspect which tell us the difference between right and wrong. There is an adage which is ‘whatever you do don’t get caught’. Unfortunately as the baby grows this slogan is drilled into them with a fine tooth comb. As this person grows in stature this human being sees and has all types of experiences. This human blindly goes through life and clearly accepts what is handed not knowing that their could change dramatically if for one instance there was a choice or a path to be taken. This person may have everything at their disposal. In some cases a high intellect is given to them, yet with that the path is going in circles, making errors time and again without any consequences. Their entire life is a standstill without rhyme or reason. This person is in one jam or another without accountability. Sadly there are countless individuals like these mentioned. They come from all walks of life, all economic statuses, Regardless of race, religion. They can be anyone.

“The Winter Whiteness”

February 21, 2015

The cold blink frigid times, who needs it! Nobody not a living soul. The extremes of anything is really too much to bear for anyone. Neither the extreme hot nor the extreme cold plays havoc on the human body and for that matter an animal or anybody. These days of below temperatures are horrendous. You go outside and take even a short walk no matter the length, you have to force yourself to keep going for if for one instance you stop for some unknown reason you would think you would freeze for it is that cold. Then you go inside and it takes a matter of more than a minute to warm your body up and the shock of it seems as if you are shivering which you are in actuality. Indeed it is no fun. My bones and muscles are playing havoc and sometimes are in pain and wake me up at night or having trouble going to sleep because of the pain or at this very moment a dull pain. This is exaggerated for one reason the deepest of the cold. Not ruling out arthritis by any means and putting some ice cold rub on the area which could be acute. Never want to start a habit of taking medicines even at this young at heart age. That theory is that you repair something and something again goes wrong in another place and then its on and on again. So why would I start something without finishing it. To me its like starting a box of something and eating just enough and then starting on another and eating your fill and again on and on. Why not start and finish the first one without starting in midstream. That is more of a logical outcome. Never say that stress may cause the pain. For the simply answer that you can relieve stress by reading a favored book, watch some choice movies, which are many and very selective. Reading” James Stewart by Marc Eliot a bio.”Vincent” a choice movie with Bill Murray is excellent: anything with Bill Murray is worth anyone’s time. Taking a walk or occupying your time with enjoying activities is my answer. Being around certain people you want to be instead of whether you have to be. No one is obligated to you but yourself, just answer to yourself and of course to your creator. Have a conscience an intuition then of course only follow that. Be your own leader. Never let another be in control. Others may guide or advise you, only you will make decisions then answer for them. Now its time to edit! Good with Philosophy too! Don’t know your talents till the time arises. Sometimes it’s natural and you surprise yourself.

” What… Again”

February 5, 2015

With nearly a foot of fresh fallen white floating snow at a rapid pace the levelness of it as if someone could have measured it with a ruler it was that exact. Strolling in it as if in a kid’s playground, seeming as in a falling down halfway and getting up in a forward motion and purposely repeating it and laughing loudly and not caring if anyone heard or not. Just having pure enlightening enjoyment. All that was missing were endless bridges and in the depth of oceans in my mind’s eye. The overall scenery as if London Town appears in the foggy air. Without a notion what… again without a warning a couple of days before this event, came eyes watering, head pounding on the side the temples, fever blister prior. So still again I put some cayenne pepper in hot tea to try to relieve the pressure and it works in a somewhat fashion. Then I put some apple cider vinegar in a cup with a little water and drink the nasty concoction. Again it works somewhat. It is worse when I lay down at night. Can’t seem to be in a comfortable position and going from right to left and part way in between, a miserable time of it. Counting the seconds where there is relief. Can’t take medicine and won’t refuse it simply for the reason its not reasonable. When you take medicine the thing you want to fix is repaired yet something else is wrong then you fix that and so on, I call it a downward spiral. So why start it in the first place. This situation occurs once or twice every year. That is dependable. It doesn’t last forever, go figure, just deal with it.

“Puzzles And Photos Part Four: Searching”

January 13, 2015

Focusing more on puzzles than photos recalling the disc that is tucked away safely pertaining to the blogs that were in 2005 through 2006 then 2007. These began in mid year of each of those. Had at that time an no longer email address plus a different way more ancient way to viewing the news online, then with that too another online blog that was connected with yahoo. My niece was getting married in Florida and wanted to go to the wedding. Was planning to fly to Indpls., though then my sister went without telling me as we were planning to go together. It was suppose to be a family affair however I should have known better than to rely on that, being that these people had a history of being distant. Just thought it would or could be different for once. Had too a social media site called my space the name for obvious reasons. Saw Liz on there that’s the reason that I was aware of her up coming marriage in June. Tried finding her sister Christal with earnest caring searching. Even for some reason looking at a website called woodtv based in Grand Rapids. Found on google she was in Michigan. Then I got an email from that site saying that a person tried to search for her however there television signal didn’t go far enough. Later on she had been near Detroit namely Dearborn. So finally and gratefully connected with her. While on that subject of searching, my father had a huge argument with my Uncle Bobby when I was 4 years of age and my sister was 2 years of age. My dear Uncle Bobby had many Christmas presents stacked up one on top of the other. All I saw was a huge doll with blond hair, blue eyes. Well to make matters worse, my father said” Take all of them with you and get out” As he is screaming at the top of his lungs. Then my father turned to my mother and said” Now what are we going to get them for Christmas”, she said” Give them coloring books and crayons, they won’t know the difference” Never saw Uncle Bobby for many years till I was in my early twenties and he and my father was talking in the alcove kitchen. I was quietly sitting at the kitchen table handwriting someone. Uncle Bobby comes over to me and is most complimentary. My father became jealous for some reason. Made some comment to Uncle Bobby which was not heard for my ears. Then years later I was in Jacksonville visiting my sister Vivian in 1995 and my sister was working though she was out of the house for some reason. I took that opportunity and phoned Uncle Bobby in Sarasota after getting his phone number from the operator. I had the best very comfortable conversation with him not knowing the length of it, though just concentrating on what was being said. I recall his cheerful voice saying that” I remember you as a baby that I was so cute lovable pretty.” I was thrilled. That was my last contact with him. I so treasured those words. My dear father told me once that I had constitution in which I have. Character is more important than reputation. Character is what you think of yourself. Reputation is what others think you are!

“Puzzles And Photos: Part Three, A Tribute”

January 6, 2015

A bitter cold with sub zero temps isn’t a picnic for man nor beast. Knowing that it is January and scrolling back to 2005 this is a tribute to my beloved best cousin in this world, Tim. He was an actor, world Olympic swimmer, an independent writer who scripted with interest many articles for the Star Ledger in New Jersey. On a personal note, I asked for his address from my mother and with her mean spirited tone gave me an answer that is unprintable. So with mere determination and it too quite a while and it was so well worth the time: I got it from my sister, Vivian gladly. So then came letters with picturesque penmanship handwritten cards, postcards, personally addressed to me, and many emails came back and forth. I was so thrilled. I answered each and everyone of them with care and finesse. This continued for a total of 10 years. By the way I still have these treasured pieces of intangible and tangible memories kept away for self keeping. He wrote comical articles with demonstrations of drawings that were truly unique. He told me about with utmost clarity of his children, his sons Christopher, Nick and Nick’s wife Judy and his daughter Sara. And came photos upon photos abound. He struggled with A.L.S. for 18 months. I was in Alabama at this time and would hope he would be better someway, somehow. However that wasn’t the case. On the 9th of January I phoned him and spoke to his wife of 10 years, Jo Ann. Then phoned him back on the 10th and demanded to speak to Tim. With a breathing tube in his throat we both said ” I Love You” he being first. Then I got an email dated on the 11th saying that Tim had died surrounded by his music and family. I cried and went immediately across the street to my adoptive grandmother, Julia and told her the devastated news. He was the most caring person, recalling when my sister died 3 years earlier, he making it a point calling me and saying how so sorry he was. He was most genuine, his wife Weesie recalling a most personal moment of where he showed great compassion and not divulging the incident. Growing up he made me feel on the top of the world which gave me such a lift which I so needed with compliments galore. You might say that growing up I favored him. Then later on in life I met his brother Mike. A wonderful, sweet, beautiful, magnificent person in his own right.

“Puzzles And Photos : Part Two”

January 2, 2015

Sunny day momentarily however bitter cold and snow in a day or so. Realizing its winter but does it have to be so unbearable. Let’s focus on the blogs from 2005 that were on the other computer. Be more concerned with your Character than your reputation, because character is what you really are, while your Reputation is merely what others think you are. Focusing on both puzzles and photos these very well known statements are true and just because they are written by someone else the meanings are indelible in a persons mind so these aren’t just some persons way of making something out of nothing. It goes as follows: Children Learn What They Live
If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn justice.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.
Although these words were written a century and a half ago or maybe in the 17 or 18 hundreds. These words are timeless. Parents should look closely to these words and adhere to them and really grasp the thoughts as to their repercussions. These words should be printed in the schools as well just as a reminder. These applies today and always.

“Puzzles And Photos” Part One

January 1, 2015

At this early hour, again couldn’t sleep. Try worry for one reason. Actually do a lot of that. Needless to say, its my past time. Rightfully so, with no questions asked. Let’s preface this by saying before I researched this I made a point to glance at the last blog on page twenty- six which was dated in mid-year of 2007. I had an old computer before I had this present one and found that I had blogged two years before 2007 as I recalled the first one was in August of 2005. I really met to save those with my flash drive yet never did so I shall do my utmost to try to recollect those with my mind. Knowing that one had a topic of puzzles and photos. Puzzles referring to the Davis side of the family and photos which I have an abundance of those. Speaking of which, the search is finally and gratefully finished. Claudia Douglass is my friend at long last and my Uncle Bobby’s daughter, which would make her my cousin. Wonderfully had a instant message notes total of six. Looking forward to hearing from her this weekend. My father’s side of the family is unknown outside of Claudia’s reference. My parents were very distant which was difficult growing up. Guess it was that way then. However couldn’t at all know why. I just thought it was very strange. However the good part is that my niece Liz said that she had very fond memories of Uncle Bert. Claudia says also the same of my father. Thought I would end this by adding something that Claudia shared from someone else which was on her page. Its entitled, A Letter from Heaven. Of course it is a prayer to God for those who have gone before us or who have died. These are those who I have known in a personal way. Bert and Violet Davis, my parents: Christine Mobeius, my sister: Tim Jecko, my dearest cousin: Perry and Cora Jecko, my aunt and uncle: Stephan Jecko my cousin: David V. Hopper, my husband: Bobby Davis, my Uncle Bobby. May each of these not be forgotten and live in those hearts whom they have left on this earth. A rejoice Happy New Year 2015 to those in earshot.

“Human Interest Stories: Go Tell It On The Mountain”

December 26, 2014

This day has been very placid. With the quietude now sounds most inviting. Time to yourself to reflect think plan on this most wonderful day. What better time to have something intangible. In November the city of Buffalo broadcasted a Christmas Mass to be sent around the world, to have it sent to the forty seven stations within the United States. This video is done in its entirety by the NBC stations and their affiliates. It is brought into each living room so people may have this unique rare opportunity. How amazing. Speaking of a tremendous ingenuity. My brother’s wife Ellen sent me a card two years ago. I have held on to this. I mentioned it in another blog and then wondered and contemplated over it. Let it go then started to research. The more I found the more research I would do. It is a baby and his name is Cole and underneath the smiling photo is printed Claudia and Jay Douglass and brother Reid. Then I googled these names and found that Reid had lymphoma. There is an article in the S.C. Herald newspaper dated 2011. and another one dated the same year at a later date. My Uncle Bobby was Claudia’s father. Uncle Bobby was my father’s brother. One of them, his other brother was named Maury. I tried to find Uncle Bobby repeatedly as well. He worked for RCA when he was very young. Then I went on facebook to see what I could find. To my utter amazement I found Claudia Douglass and clicked a friend request. Saw photos of Uncle Bobby, Reid and Cole and Jay Douglass. I am so astounded by this. It is the very best Christmas ever. Again something intangible which is splendid. Speaking of that word my son, Andre met with his publisher tonight. Got an advance of $100 for his book. Wonderful. He is working diligently on it. Is working on the second half and will soon combine to first and that part together. Waiting and patience does indeed have its rewards

“Human Interest Stories: Connecting The Dots”

December 20, 2014

Seems very mild weather days currently. Cold frigid times ahead as Christmas is arriving. Missing Midnight Mass again this year yet it is a guarantee that this will occur next year and many more years to come. After that the perfect day is going for a brief hardy breakfast then the best of all watching the sunrise. A wonderful scenic picture of reality. Can’t sleep again joints are a bother. This happens when persons has arthritis. It is worse in colder times of the year. Having arthritic pain isn’t a picnic in the park either. Some can deal with it better than others. It is based on the frame of mind. Some who have broken or worse yet fractured bones when young may have rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis. The joints muscles are inflamed in a rheumatoid hurtful way that it becomes unbearable to concentrate on anything. So it is well documented. However sometimes it is up to the person individually how a person can react to the situation. Meaning their human will to let things dwell or let go and simply meditate or relax and this is done in a certain and their own way. Everyone is different. Middle names of individuals in families may occur as sir names that aren’t familiar to everyone. Such as Whitfield. Another is Anderson. Some people don’t even have middle names. Some only have first and last ones. Know a great deal about my mother’s side of the family. Namely: Florence Whitfield Timothy: Peter Gustav Timothy: Michael W. Jecko: Wilbur and Martha Jecko who had a son named Steven who was an Episcopal Minister. He and I played as children together according to my mother. Grace Elizabeth Anderson was my grandmother whom I never met however saw a photo of her. I was named after her and my sister Christine had my grandmother’s name as her middle name. My sister Anne has my mother’s mother name as her middle. Now as of my father’s side I know practically nothing. Been trying occasionally to find out names. The only names are my Uncle Bobby which I found out that his first name is Gilbert and his second name is Bob. His sir name is Davis. His daughter is Claudia. Her married name is Douglass. Her husband is listed as Jay. They have two sons named Reid and Cole. For the life of me that is all I know of my father’s side. Saw an article in the SC newspaper that Reid has a form of cancer which was of the childhood kind. Haven’t heard of anything else. It seems important to reiterate these facts because it is appropriate to this topic. Wouldn’t mention it otherwise. My parents were as distance and cold as they ever were for no apparent reason. It is very important for children to have some connection. Unfortunately this wasn’t done. It really seems to be absent in a personality to a degree. This is my way of viewing the outcome. Speaking of overcoming something or of conquering. My fear of crossing streets or busy streets. My son and myself walked to Burger King tonight. It was across the street from the Mall. It was great. Took us 20 minutes both ways. So I will do that again maybe walking to the Mall in the near future. The best part there wasn’t any freaking out on my part. Very proud of myself.

“Human Interest Stories: Stipulations”

December 14, 2014

A very foggy day yesterday and it is continuing! Actually very cool! Been connecting with people the more the better! Call me a people person which is favorable and the ultimate compliment! Believe this is the first blog this month, just been carrying on with many other things and endlessly thinking. There unfortunately are stipulations to everything you to do in life. Some are understandable and some aren’t. The way to get around something is money in most cases. However when health is involved all the amount of money will never cure diseases because of the drug companies making money hand over fist! This is a very sad fact in the American culture. The US makes it so difficult to live or in most cases just to survive if you are on a fixed income! Without being redundant just take a brief glance at other countries speaking of the commonwealth countries that are scattered throughout the world. Maybe it wouldn’t be so very difficult to make ends meet if states would be more attuned to the US government and not so backward status quo. Thinking that their state shows affluence and is of a political nature. Speaking from experience, I have found and finding that the Midwest and Deep South is of a cold nature. I recall that when I moved to Maryland that a welcome wagon packet which was quite large in nature was delivered by the postman to our address. This was welcoming us to the neighborhood and in our sense to this state. I have never found that to be true in the states of Oh., Ind., and Wi. Oh I might add that Ala. was in the same category. It secretly baffled me at their conduct.


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