” Interacting”

September 21, 2016

Another month nearly at the end and as the song goes the days dwindle down to a precious few. Not growing up without the advantages of a grandmother has taken a told. Speaking neither negatively nor positively its just affected me in an unexpected unique way. Now I am a grandmother, myself. Have a very special bond with my grandchildren, I think never having a grandmother myself. So for me it is a wonderful experience. Actually not seeing them on a daily basis really doesn’t bother me. Over the many years have had seen them grow up into fine ladies and gentlemen. My daughter-in-law and my son have a website which has all the activities and glorious pictures of all over the years. I go on it periodically to see what is going on with all of them individually and collectively. It is fantastic.
Again not growing up with holidays to the max it seems very odd to me, as well it should be. Speaking of one holiday in particular being Halloween which is the eve of All Saints Day if anyone is interested. Never went out to trick or treating as a child. My mentioning this is appropo to what it am about to script: often wondered why and for the longest time now I know: when my younger son when he was quite small ask me” Mom why is it that Dad makes such a big deal with costumes and masks and all the Halloween things and you don’t think of it that way” David and Andre use to watch scary horror movies at Halloween especially. I just wasn’t into that. In fact I would trend going down the Halloween isle because the faces would scare me. Though when Ian and Andre were very young I would go out with them as they were decked out in their favorite costumes for trick or treating. I recall have a Friendly bag with me.
Living here in Ga. you have a lot of bugs. Which there is a song by Pearl Jam called” Bugs” It goes in part Bugs everywhere. Bugs in your ears. Bugs in your nose. Bugs on the walls. Speaking of bugs, there are mosquitos by the ton. There other evening when one of my friends were outside, there were mosquitoes galore. I had some Calgon Lavander and Vanilla body spray which I simply adore and the mosquitos apparently did too. As a result I got stung multiple times everywhere it seemed. Still have them and putting some anti itch hortorzone cream on which definitely helps. Got it from my roommate. So that is life in a nutshell. It is what it is.


September 12, 2016

Let me make this short and succinct. Those of them seem to exacerbate an ongoing war of expressions. They are part of a problem and myself is part of a solution and not being melodramatic in fact I stay far away from and type of drama. Though some tend to thrive on it. Holy Crapola!
I feel it is my responsibility to preserve and defend those who are no longer with us, speaking of one particular wonderful human being.
Trust is to be earned. It isn’t just given away.
Children learn what they live. They are the mirrors of adults.

” Combobulated”

September 11, 2016

Not really how to start this theme though will do my utmost to give clear realization. As a child never had a grandmother or a grandfather. Children need a sense of belonging and a sense of being nourished by an older generation. In the Midwest and in the South in which I lived a numerous number of years there are extended families.
As a child growing up never had a grandmother or grandfather. Never knew them. When I would inquire I was thrown a bunch of names which meant nothing to me at the time.
My mother wasn’t the type to teach me how to cook anything. Guess her mother would teach her things such as cooking. Yet my mother didn’t do this. She never let me by example. Never knew how to base a turkey, prepare holidays meals.
Grandfathers and grandmothers give a real vibrant living history to children. Telling them stories of the time which was spent long ago.
Still the cycle continued, my two precious sons never knowing grandmothers or grandfathers. Much later in life I met a lady who lives in Alabama and she had a good amount of grandchildren and great-grandchildren so one more wouldn’t matter. I became her friend and grandchild and I still speak to her today.
My wonderful two sons had an Aunt Cora and Uncle Perry which they both met when my sons were quite young. And believe this they were impressed with their kindness they had shown and remembered them also.
My husband and myself had shown an abundance of love. There was the four of us without an extended family.

” Three In One”

September 8, 2016

With the first week in September well underway with blue skies and an abundance of sunshine in this southern atmosphere other places on the planet aren’t as fortunate.
Namely Lac Megantic in the beautiful province in Quebec, in country of Canada: there was an oil exploration. No one has taken responsibility for this as yet. Most likely the company will point fingers saying its not their fault and will eventually never take blame for this. The reason being there will be massive fines placed against the culprit. Though time will tell. It is very sad just thinking of the wildlife lost, the sea life the various types of fish consumed by countless humans.
Second in this state of Georgia there was a chemical spill the Chattahooche River. Nicked named the Hooch by fellow Georgians. This river is extensive with national wildlife and natural beauty if research extensively. It is well known throughout the country. People I am told travel long distances to fish and do other outdoor activities. The Riverkeepers will detect toxic levels and will keep the state in tow until the levels go down or completely eradicate.
In North Dakota in the capital Bismarck there is a giant protest that has recently become violent. Sadly to say this act is here because of a pipeline being constructed by the government of the state or the U.S. government. These American Indians are protesting and rightfully so because the pipeline will be covering the graves of these dead American Indians. How awfull is this event!
In fact all of these events mentioned are horrible in their own unique way!
Noticed online news stories all have the facebook notably there to comment or for those who would like to make comments! This has become most annoying to readers and namely one particular reader!! This is full of Malarky!!!

” Lead By Example”

August 26, 2016

Frankly, this is a decent hour for this scenario. Normally it is done in the wee hours of the morning although it doesn’t matter what time it is or maybe it does; the point is that it is done when it is fresh in the mind of the blogger. In a general sense small minds are concerned with gossip. Average minds are concerned with events. Great minds focuses on ideas. People can have a combination of all of these at certain times and mainly not just a single one.
You lead by example mainly with observation, listening rather than talking. Sometimes environment comes into play also as it is somewhat more comfortable to have a comfort zone as it makes it easier. An excellent way to lead by example is to greet everyone that you come in contact by a smile a brief greeting or some acknowledgement of awareness. This is good regardless of their attire, their looks or facial expressions. There is a contagious concern for them as another human being. Then if you do this repeatedly it will become second nature. This is good also in the race, religious angle. You may learn so much from others who are different from yourself it would become remarkable. Then of course others will follow your lead. All of us have the propensity to feel more as ease with others who are the same as themselves. Yet it is a restricting bias angle to be that way. You are missing out big time, by just narrowing thoughts as opposed to broadening your horizons.
In a personal sense, been keeping calm doing positive, progressive things. For months my mobile phone as been showing that the messages been full and then beeping at odd hours. Holy Crapola! So took it to Cricket and they couldn’t figure it out. So I noticed that on the outbox messages that saying that it was empty then clicking it anyway. Notice there were 495 messages in the outbox. Then it took me a long time to delete them. So now not a sound.
Went to the Pita Palace recently with my roommate. Had Falafel with Harissa sauce along with Hummus. Had some Baba Ganoush ( roasted eggplant) Sensationally Tremendous. Oh Harissa sauce is made with cucumber, onion and tomato! Its no wonder that it is wonderfully tasting!!!
Everything at the Pita Palace was fantastic!!! The guy who was at the counter taking orders and preparing was hilarious. He was from Boston. I had a Yankee hat. And he commented. I said ” I love New York and he came back with, ” thats makes one of us”
Then he said ” Do you know what we do with those Yankee hats”? We throw them on the road, set fire to them, then run over them!!! I thought to myself How amusing is that!!!! Ok there is a red line going under a good many words as I continue this, now wondering why? All the words are spelled correctly. So this this rather getting annoying!!!!

” Creatures Of Habit”

August 14, 2016

All my books read, just a final readers digest read which is a remarkable idea. Have a list of items to accomplish for the month of August which is on the agenda. Am actually methodical about everything; more organized that way. Trying my utmost to remain calm too.
Its hard to tell the right from the wrong when the right is protecting the wrong! Say what you want! You will die if they listen! These profound lines are from an alternative song! All alternative music is awesome. So awe inspiring and with timeless lyrics which people should appreciate and take a special note. It is ridiculous for anyone to make comments of importance on any social media. Everyone has opinions and that is like having a–es of all shapes and sizes. People act like it is breaking news. Liars everywhere! Statements are misinterpreted and misconstrued to a point of being laughable.
Here is Georgia the governor is going to appoint a person who is a transgender. That is a poor choice for the simple reason there are enough problems now why would you want to make more. Holy Moly! Now there is a law in S.C. to feed the homeless; it is in parts of Fla. and in N.Y.C. too. This is horrendous. Most people are just a paycheck from being homeless or having to choose whether to purchase food or medicine.
Just read that a young man committed suicide because of bullying. To make matter worse he wrote a note to inform the school of his intentions and nothing was done to make it worse still it was Holy Angels Catholic School. He was just 13 years of age. This shouldn’t have happened. The authorities were informed beforehand yet not a person thought to pay attention to it. It is in correlation with the child abuse brought against priests the cover ups in the higher ranks: it happens in the military in the high commands no a person is exempt including generals. The child abuse which was a reality in the book Angela’s Ashes. That same abuse is here today which is a sad fact in schools, in the home environment.
Again in Georgia the soil is red resembles clay. In the front yard there was water coming out of the ground and it was spreading. Observed this month so it was a tree root. Thought first it was a broken pipe. The plumbers had to dig and then found it deep inside the ground. Its been temporarily handled now however there was a recall to a fixture. There is a pine tree that has definite marks of decay and hopefully it will be saved. This is in recollection of a time when married living in a cul de sac and raw sewage was in the bathtub every so often. Had to use some chemical to rid it. This was due to a tree root. Usually this happens in sub divisions or in cul de sacs, or places with many trees or certain types of species. Now as I was reading this the print is larger and want it to be of normal size. Still have to finish it by tagging it. Holy Capolli!! Oh and yes my son received his package!!!

” One Step Closer”

August 7, 2016

Well back again my forever stomping ground ready and willing to express my heart to the fullest. Started and finished another and my last book ” Society’s Child by Janis Ian. A fascinating in depth honest straightforward and in some ways shockingly sad. Her view of the way she was treated in the music industry as a mere non person who had not a feeling to be in the trash pile if not produced by the people around her. Sadly again it was all about the almighty dollar. However it is a self taught survivor who came through with scars to say the least yet still was important for self worth in the end. Highly recommended.
Sent a package to my son. Tract it and said it was delivered and he never received it. Went to the post office to talk to the manager after repeatedly phoning with no answer. She says they always answer their phone. This was a wait of nearly forty minutes to just wait in line and talk to her. What inundated pressure on my part, and the unmitigated nerve on her part. Had thrown the slip away after tracking it so she said without a tracking number it wasn’t useful. Holy Crapola
So I thought if someone broke the law the post office has video cameras or ways of having things traced. Yet she was very unhelpful. Again I’m the type not to argue unless I can find a reason and have a solution. I am a meticulous person also always organized. My son’s phone was off so we had to resort to email. His phone should be tuned on today so surely there will be an update. Reason that I am so wanting this is he had some shoes and a favorite movie and some personal items as well. Second of all there will be a box of my things that will be sent this month so it is a lesson to keep the tracking numbers only until the person gets the item. Regardless if the item says its been delivered.
Shannon phoned after my emailing her and said I have an appointment on December 2nd which is a Thursday at 3 pm with Doctor Plonic. This is the doctor I originally wanted in the first place. So that is set in place which is important.
Now that I have finished reading which keeps me calm have to get some other things such as maybe puzzles or maybe some crossword puzzles to do. Got some yard work that’s been occupying my time. Love the outdoors. I will surely find something to my liking.

” Copacetic”

August 1, 2016

A world of thoughts whirling around in my brain that keeps me on key with things around me. Finished a beautifully written book previously mentioned that was educational by Alexandra La Pierre and co authored by Christal Mouchard. Now believe it or not am nearly finished with another book” An Unpredictable Life” by Rosie Perez. What an honest, straight forward courageous epic of mind mesmerizing experiences that this fine lady went through in her life. At times it is very emotionally heartbreaking yet true with no holes barred. Her unique style of authentic writing is skillfully insightful. It is humorous in a wonderful New York style which makes it more wonderful than it already is.
Speaking of books am sending my bestest friend in this world a book ” The Love Of Butterflies by Margaret Fountaine. These butterflies are European and the years is in the 1800’s with beautiful photos throughout. Surely hope he really loves this gift as it is one of his birthday gifts as he can’t get too many of those because he is a true gentleman that deserves these.
An innovative idea and to some people might think a bit with controversy: children should go to school the year round. Now this will far out reach the benefits, as it will solve the hunger problem which plagues the U.S. particularly. Most children who are in the lower level of the economy can’t afford the lunch program, and for that matter barely gets enough to eat daily. So how can a child concentrate on their studies if they are constantly hungry. There wouldn’t be any more latchkey kids, or having the TV as a babysitter, or any other devices. The gangs of kids wouldn’t be left idle with nothing to do, getting themselves in trouble or worse. Of course there would be a time off for a break to spend time with their friends or their families. The states would save money if this occurred in many ways imaginable.
Have done something just for myself, got my haircut. Look adorable. And for a while am wearing four pairs of earrings in both ears. Have had many compliments. Then went to Lens Crafters to purchase another pair of glasses. Just to make a long story short. The person in charge put some lenses in these frames which I already had and besides these lenses were a backup pair I had from before that Santos had given me just in case. I had kept them for nearly 4 years and now they have finally come into practice. Oh the adventure didn’t cost me anything. Yay. An afterthought speaking of Rosie Perez’s book which was on the emotional side, I couldn’t sleep one night and went to the closet and grabbed one of many of my stuffed animals which was a teddy bear that my bestest friend had given me, and held it close for maybe 45 minutes then placed it back in the closet.

” Many More Sides Of A Coin”

July 19, 2016

Just finished a well written highly recommended book A Life Damon Runyon by Jimmy Breslin. He is indeed the best writer ever. I’ve now read everyone of his books and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I just raced through it from beginning to end. Now I’ve started Women Travelers 1850-1950. Fascinating. My love of reading is a beautiful ongoing pastime.
There are certainly many more sides of a coin. Depending on the circumstances, the single situation, the subject, although it may change the outlook is the same. In my childhood there were lots of nevers. Far too many. However I was able to overcome this however it did naturally affect my way I treat others. It had too there wasn’t anyway around this. For instance I was excluded, so I turn it around especially in conversations I include when making a statement or even asking a question. I just naturally do that without thinking. One aspect of my childhood was that I never had a birthday party, or simply a cake. So naturally I again turn it around and remember each birthday and recognize it by saying a greeting. Again I just naturally do that. About two months ago I naturally recognized my late husband’s brothers birthday and said actually something very sincere and appropriate about that day. I was immediately slammed by an insulting response from a person who will remain nameless. Actually hadn’t said even a word to her. She is a daughter of my niece who is very loving and caring. Naturally didn’t want to say anything in response because I was flabbergasted as the gall of this young daughter. She has noet one redeeming quality. Thought to myself it is a defamation of my character. Then I thought let it go. Not worth a response. It surely didn’t want to response to the mother as of her daughter’s behavior. Surely didn’t want in anyway to hurt the mother’s feelings. So therefore I just let it stand as mute. I seem to overcompensate when it comes to feelings of others, which is a good way to approach this. The inbetween is mine.

” Going Against The Grain”

July 10, 2016

Surprisingly there is again on the social media site which deals with thoughts which is entitled Notes. Well low and behold I found it there once again after quite a time away. So I thought this would be an excellent time to elaborate on this just a bit. Being high strung or hyper sensitive which is part of who I am, I was saying this to one of my friends as part of a broader conversation which entailed bio medicine and she mentioned that people who have red or in my case auburn hair have a tendency to be that way. Wondered why I was restless sometimes and that is part of it. So to counterbalance this have to find ways that I would be able to relax and so do something positive and something I find enjoyable.
I had just finished Soulswimmer by Alfie McCourt a couple of weeks ago, and he died suddenly. Was saddened thought how young he was just a year older than myself. This is unexplainable to me. Now I am reading a book by Jimmy Breslin called A Life Damon Runyon. I am enthralled with it. Am in the middle of it and it is just mesmerizing just a great and detailed writer actually my favorite.
After much soul searching came to the decision to move to Rochester, N.Y. simply one reason is my son Andre is there and he simply really likes the place tremendously. Not finding an ophthalmologist here in Georgia found an excellent doctor in Rochester. Simply I am the only person and it is only up to me to find the very best there is concerning my eyes. It is of utter importance to find someone who has excellent credentials and a patient doctor relationship which is a factor of value. Found the doctor online and made an appointment on December 2nd. Today I got the papers from the office and will post the medical records to the office the next time I go to the post office which is soon. I am calmer now that I am moving too.
Really gave this place a real honest chance and it isn’t working out for me on many factors. Have told my roommate and actually explained fully and she understands. Told her that I didn’t want to leave her high and dry and that’s a Radiohead song and she will have enough time to get another roommate. So in that respect things are somewhat calmer now which I was very diplomatic in the equation. And fair also. She is a friend so have to treat her as that.