Significant Notes

April 1, 2020

How to begin! Just start from the beginning! Life is very different now: & will be for the for seasonal future: however it won’t be this way forever. There is a time lining as for everything in life. So with that perspective let’s focus on the positive.
Andre is at dialysis now. He is doing good. I’m also doing well. That in itself is great. Just got a private number call which of course didn’t answer. Played it smart. Just opened the window for Oreo so I can blog without having him making noise at the door knowing that Andre just left, & he’s wanting to go outside. Smart Kitty.
Jamal Khashoggi was killed in an horrendous way. This happened over a year or so without anyone taking responsibility then read recently that Turkey charged twenty Saudis with murder. Finally these people be taken & charged. This is a good event for simply the closure for the his family.
Now Oreo is quiet for now. His meowing sounds like a baby crying. Andre read that.
This stay at home order along with social distancing will help combat this unique virus. Of course washing hands often than usual will aid in the process.
This way of life will extend until June first. Hopefully there will be a vaccine in September. Johnson & Johnson is working hard to accomplish this. Surely hope the company will succeed. The virus will come around in the fall or winter again. So it is apparent that this vaccine will be implemented by September.
Speaking of September my doctor’s appt has been postponed till then, will be changed again. So I deal with the change. Reading my book still, Between Love& Honor which is wonderful. Been keeping in contact with friends & family. Keeping calm, busy & positive.


December 5, 2020


Just taking time to address this title: while I am taking a quiet break from the days routine as my son is ailing. Things are going well for both of us. Keeping up with daily items which sometimes are monumental & pressurizing at times. When persons attempt to voice their thoughts it’s never infinitesimal. Each emotion has a way of bringing out the best. It’s so important to give recognition to these emotions. Everyone should pay close attention to each thought expressed regardless if their agreement varies. So each of us could have the presence of mind to express their thoughts freely. Of course without harm to others. Before one speaks one could think first if this thought will hurt someone’s feelings. Always think before expressing. Everyone of us differ in their thought process however one should feel free to express. The coronavirus is still raging ; it doesn’t make a difference that it is the wonderful Holiday seasons, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. However there is gratefully hope at the end of the tunnel, with a vaccine on the way which is most promising. So there is true hope & a promise that this will be in the past though never infinitesimal. So in the meaning please pay close attention to the health experts. Practice excellent habits in washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, wearing face masks & social distancing. Care for others as others care for you. Then all will be fine.

Enhancing Constantly

November 14, 2020

Even in the wee hours of this morning I find myself enhancing constantly especially at a focal point. There are quite a few items available now as I have finally got a new number & a new phone. Been playing a word game which is very entertaining & brings interesting aspects of knowing facts. Been doing this for about a month. Actually have never played a game of any kind on the computer much less a phone. Thought it was a waste of time brought not a sense of interest to me. So now I have found a game which is fun entertaining & with knowledge to it. So therefore there is a game for everyone if that person looks hard enough & of course having patience. Still there is coronavirus 19 & here it is a yellow zone. Strong hospital is filling up with covid patients. It is really serious & it is wise to mask up each time you go out. There will be a vaccine soon though everyone wants it so they must have patience it will come soon enough till then listen to the health experts & keep informed. The last book was better the second half. There was the election for the Presidency of the U.S. Joseph R. Biden won with Kamala Harris is his Vice President. Am so grateful that Biden & Harris won. The country as last can rest assure that it won’t be as chaotic as it once was under the x President. That’s all for now.

In Sequence Continuing

October 3, 2020

Here I am again, only for the fact to erase this draft so I shall continue in sequence. Am surprised of the two articles from the book in which I am reading. Yes while half way through it so hopefully there will be more to draw my interest. So being that I can’t start another thought with beginning a new paragraph I guess I’ll deal with it in the meantime just cope. My sinuses have calm down for now. It’s always at this time of year I must deal with them. Went online to see the actual meaning of the sinus which I found very intriguingly good. Though I found too the difficulty ways of infections caused by this. So I was informed though not all together glad. Keeping up with priorities. Finished the shedding of important papers in two days. Now have to be patient as I’ve asked my son Andre in show me how to email pictures. Then again ask him to scan the pictures first. So speaking of pictures want to transfer some pictures not all of them from my old phone to my new phone. So that will take some time. Again speaking of my son Andre, he is doing ok, just dealing with doctor appts, dialysis, & health issues. Looking on the bright side he is collecting hockey cards, doing other fun things. The pandemic is still with us. Hoping there will be a vaccine some time in the future. Hopefully in the spring of next year.

In Sequence

October 1, 2020

Beginning a brand new month with great significance. Reading a book An Art of Living. It’s a collection of readers digest stories. It was published in 1956. So I thought it would be an interesting piece of material. To be honest its just something to read without any information of valuable. Now I could be wrong, though at this point I am half way through this, so again I shall be surprised if something interests me. Now for some reason is premise is different & it is slightly getting on my nerves. Why is it start writing or type /or choose to block. Really don’t know what this is. Je ne sais quoi or je ne sais porquoi? Our sweet baby Oreo is great & such a comfort. Finally got a new phone & changed my number. Really like it. It’s fun & valuable. Doing things in sequence keeping positive. Went to cvs to check on my blood pressure m. & now it is in use. Speaking of that this doesn’t help matters so again trying to keep calm. So now I’m running thoughts together which I normally don’t do. Hoping this will publish normally. Last thought we went to staples to get a shedder for important papers. So that is all for now.

Why Oh Why Continued

September 2, 2020

What a day this has been. Finished the previous been biography with Daniel Day Lewis. What a great book forever didn’t like the author. Now reading an autobiography by Joel Grey. It’s a far better book in various ways too many to mention.
Now with the title at hand, namely another in depth question: why oh why don’t all the diseases get cured!? These diseases have been going on much too long. If these diseases get cured then people won’t have underlying conditions. Then these people won’t die sooner. These researchers could work faster. This should never be political. Then why oh why is it? At least 6 million human beings have died from coronavirus! This is horrid. The researchers are frantic in doing their best to find the right vaccine. And again this is so political. Again this never should be. Medicine should never be used in a political venue.
On the good side a vaccine will come soon enough.
By the way I had the opportunity to get an upgraded phone. So now I will have fun & keep myself occupied with it. Oh got a different number. Yay!

Why Oh Why

August 23, 2020

Why is it that in depth logical questions aren’t answered honestly!? I’m reading a biography of Daniel Day Lewis The Fire Within by Garry Jenkins. For all that matters it is truly intriguing, & wonderful despite the author’s writing of veering off unnecessarily. Gladly for this reason I intend to not read another book by this author.
Things are going well, as well enough to be expected: being that my dear son is in the hospital again. This time for infection in the catheter which is centralized & now the catheter will be removed & another replaced. He has appointments that are vitally important this coming week too. What a worry for him & naturally for me as well.
Still dealing with the covid situation which will be going into the fall & winter until there is a vaccine. So that is politized too. Everything is. That is another unanswered question.
We need to go to Mass yet time doesn’t allow us. Everywhere we go there are masks to be worn which will keep everyone safe. So that’s the size of it for now.

A Smile Gone, But Where?

August 3, 2020

A novel title being that it is a title of a short film with Jimmy Breslin walking across the street. There are several signs saying MISSING with young faces. So my thought its about children missing! How horrible not only for those children but for those parents with endless worry! It is indeed endless.
On this subject of worry, I worry about my son Andre. I don’t dwell of it for the fact it can really make things worse. Andre is a kidney patient. Its bad enough that he goes to dialysis though now he has a infection in the fistula & is taking pills to clear is up. When it was originally done : it was completely healed. So this has been ongoing for a week. Andre gets angry because of it & rightly so. There are many health problems connected with this. I as his Mom question that more should be done. And of course my endless questions are upsetting to him. He is waiting for a transplant!
Both of us have been doing Doordash. I am assisting him more than usual. So as we were coming home I noticed a Fox coming along the sidewalk & he went down in a so called gully. This was daylight. How unusually uncommon. We both then noticed the beautiful clouds which were of various shapes & colors. This brought joy in the midst of worry.

Blue Skies

July 14, 2020

What a day this has been! Weird enough with the pandemic still under way, though keeping things going in a natural way as usual. Its been sultry today with the heat & humidity. Been reading an extraordinary book Deadline Artists. The book is a wide group of newspaper columns of many years. Its news from a lengthy time ago.
During World War 11 there is an article in the Smithsonian magazine about RAF & Germans pilots. This is a brief summary of what happened. The RAF were using radar technology that helped shoot down enemy pilots. So to help them see better in the dark the pilots ate carrots, which is very cheap & to this day is not so. The US Agriculture Department thought that was very reasonable. The years were 1939 till 1945. Then this caught on to eat carrots of prevent night blindness. So it was so successful that carrots were the main stay of the natural diet: that this food was good for the eyes. So it stayed after the War was ended. And the population believed what the government said. Unfortunately there was a google to research the claim. Actually carrots aren’t essential for eye health. They has many vitamins and good for overall health. The saying goes Eat an apple today not a carrot & keep the doctor away. Been drinking water the flavored kind to prevent dehydration! This really works especially in the summer.

Solace Also A Sunset

July 1, 2020

Finding solace in a magnificent sunset is all together a good thing particularly at this time of year when now there is such worry. There are worries of natural daily life then there is the real worry of health. Covid 19 is still with us and will be for a long time to come.
I finished a book Common Ground by Justin Trudeau, What an inspiring lovely book. Lots of information and insight.
Momentarily I can feel the humidity here which is uncomfortable. Really don’t like this at all. Have to hydrate myself which is necessary so I don/t go find myself like before. Blood pressure is so important to daily health and should be monitored regularly.
Lots of items in store for this new month and all of them are vitally essential. Ian’s Birthday is in a couple of days. He is home for good which is wonderful without that worry. God kept him safe and praying nightly was the key. Andre is doing ok. His hemoglobin isn’t good though he has someone to get a handle on it. He has to go to the hospital for appointments for transfusions. He has dialysis today. He will be on a list for a transplant though not yet. This will be altogether new to him. Though very promising. So time will tell.
Have been keeping healthy in my own way. Eating apples daily. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The story about carrots and eyes goes like this. Eat a carrot for the health of the eyes is a myth. In World War 11 the Germans and the American were in conflict along with the rest of the world. Don’t know the rest of the story. To make a long story short. Carrots have nothing to do with the eyes. I will find our the rest of the story and write it down so next I can say it. It’s really worth the time.


June 6, 2020

Things may detail panache or persons may. It all depends on the way society looks at this. Its defined as flamboyant. It may be looked upon as style. My point of view is different or maybe diverse. My view is that this is be sound. Meaning a person’s accent, particularly in New York City. That defends panache. An attraction to that sound, or for that matter a British Irish French accent. Along with the style of clothing or food. There is actually a store that has that name. Haven’t had the time to frequent this but it is on the agenda maybe.
Been progressing on many fronts. Which is really nice. Been keeping positive as well.