A Respite

December 7, 2019

While drinking a warm cup of tea, its time to be thought provoking once again before time slips away & its the middle of the month. Been door dashing with my son Andre as he needs necessary funds for the dentist next month. I assist him & carry the items. He mainly does the work delivering, getting orders & driving. I keep him company too. It’s sometimes fun while its progressing. It’s done mainly on his phone with an app. He has a red card to pay for the orders sometimes. So in the whole process, he lost his wallet. By the way this is the second time. The first, he dropped it from his pocket; had to go back to the college place, & luckily someone turned it in to the main office with everything in it. So this time it was different. He looked on his phone to see if there was bank activity. Luckily there wasn’t. So still he had to go through the mess of canceling & notifying. That night was the worse. It affected me the next morning with lack of sleep & worrying. The morning I didn’t put my medicine in my eyes nor take the blood pressure med. Had to do this in the evening. How weird. Though better late than never.
So yesterday he went to dialysis. I read my book, Motherless Brooklyn. I’m liking it. Half way through it, & still awaiting the movie at Redbox in February.
So taking a respite from doing Door Dash. Andre signup for Grub Hub, the same process. Andre mentioned going to Buffalo with me to get his red card: instead of waiting for it by mail. It’s only an hour away though hopefully we won’t go because of the stress angle. So need to go to the grocery. Made a list of necessary items. Taking the empty cans back. Going to Mass at three, renting a movie from Redbox. Taking solace in these; while waiting for items in the mail. I’m thankful for everything & persons who mean everything to me.


November 23, 2019

What a mess! This is my second try! Is this Murphy’s Law? The battery was low so when I went to publish this it failed. So as I was saying, I resided at many addresses in my life thus far. Those addresses had meaning only for the fact that it gave me solace because there were people who were in this universe that were here physically then were not, though these people will be forever in my heart. Been reading Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathon Letham. It is fast pasted & thrilling. Never a dull moment. Looking forward to seeing the movie too with Edward Norton. Momentarily my son Andre is resting. He had a dialysis treatment today so he not feeling up to par. Though tomorrow he will be feeling better. Been going to St Anne Church which is great. My son & I go which is a nice pace from the everyday routine. Been watching nature movies which gives a person a sense of calmness. Been watching sports mainly soccer, hockey. Now it is very quiet now you can’t hear a pin drop as the saying goes. Went to the dentist & paid & posted it today: have an appointment tomorrow. So wish me luck! Been doing door ash to obtain funds for added necessities. It’s nerve raking at times though it serves the purpose. Andre & I do it together which makes it tolerable. Have a doctors appointment on the second, so this will be interesting that I haven’t met her yet. So this is it Wish me luck!


November 2, 2019

What a stressful couple of days, having to fit all the important items together. Being that Sunday falls on the third and this past Friday just fell of the first: it is a world wind to place items in the right place. Each day for the past month, its been crowding items of importance. In the days past, its been putting items before hand so it would be less stressful. Though yesterday I mistakenly left my phone at our bank. So last night I was carefully do math in my head & then putting it down on paper & it didn’t mount up, so I have a calculator on my computer & it was different: so I did the math several times & then wrote it down it my checkbook. Am decided to go forward in the process, though still have to pick up my phone at our bank. What a mess.
Ok finally went to the dentist. After putting it on the back burner thinking & rightfully so that other items were far more essential. It turned out that it was less that originally quoted. Just had a cleaning & an x ray though on the twenty-third will return for the results. It was pleasant, have a Persian dentist. Her assistant is very good & both have a great bed side manner. The tech that did my x ray is from Camb, its between Laos & Vietnam. She is very good & kind & gentle. Am impressed with the entire visit.
My son Andre isn’t feeling well has a headache so will hopefully go to our bank later on in the day or maybe tomorrow as it is open till one in the afternoon.
Car has been running fine, though has a couple of minor things wrong so we will take it to a great place. So more about this situation later.

A Solution

October 28, 2019

Sunny days for the last week of October. Very pleasant before the cold freeze sets in next month. There are a million of varieties of vegetables grown by the farmers. A good many of them are refused at the grocery stores because they are imperfect, having a mark or some discoloration. They are wasted. What a shame! There are many who go hungry each day and can’t sleep for lack of hunger. This again comes down to price. These foods are good to eat. Many human beings miss out on being healthy. So there is a solution. A truck that is called Imperfect drives around the neighborhood and delivers these vegetables to those who are in need or people who simply want them at a very economic cost. These are very nourishing and healthy. Tops a local grocery store here does a good deed. They recook and repackage types of meat after a few days and resell the product at a reduced cost. This is an excellent idea and more or every store should follow the same practice. This Imperfect truck is in Patterson, New Jersey. So let’s take a page and therefore do a good deed. This will benefit all of us.


October 6, 2019

This is a window of opportunity. All is quiet momentarily. Always occupied, never wasting time. Gentrification is happening everywhere. Whether it is the sweet wonderful country of Canada where the people of Montreal is being pushed out to build a new edition to the university of Montreal. This is at a huge cost to the poor who have lived there for centuries with older generations at risk. When gentrification comes it is horrendous to the poor. Where do these people go and live? Most end up homeless for lack of funds. This happens in the sections of any country where the rich want to make more needless money, where it is called progress. It happens anywhere there is crime and a huge abundance of it: where savvy business people use the word invest to the benefit of selfishness at the expensive of the poor. This still happens regardless of the outcome and will continue to happen. This occurred in Brooklyn about ten to fifteen years ago. Now people exist here and pay a tremendous amount to live daily. They called it the middle class. Yet the middle class is non existent; just for the fact that they have huge debts with credit cards. So this term occurs with not a happy ending.

Disseminate And Differentiate

October 1, 2019

Disseminate means to spread information: knowledge, opinions widely. Differentiate means to make someone or something different in someway. A great deal of information to grasp to say the least. Been very occupied with various daily items. Doctor appointments for the most part; and having a reliable car now really makes the difference.
My son Andre is doing well. Has a fistula on the eighth of this month. And for those who would like, I will disseminate the fact that both veins and arteries will be intertwine then moved slightly. This procedure will be better because of the lack of infection. Let me further differentiate the catheter and the fistula. It is called the type of medicine which I am unsure of the spelling. However this will be better in the long run. He is still waiting for a transplant which if the person is rich is a breeze. Though if the person isn’t the procedure takes five years at least. Not fair though that is the way it Things are going well for both of us. Less stressful which is tremendous. Going to St. Anne Church which we both like. Then on our way back from the Record Archive we stopped at Our Lady of Lourdes which is considerably near where we live. So now there are two places we can go. This will give us peace of mind. A place of comfort, which is nice.

Long Time Coming

September 1, 2019

Thought time would be a perfect time to script. Its been a long time coming to have our own transportation instead of taking the bus or walking. Since having a car, its been convenient. Lack of time consuming has been the most part. Being able to go to the grocery store is marvelous. The expense weighs far greater than the alternative. It’s actually less stressful in the long run. This investment has been worthwhile. Although now it is parked on the street though it will be in the garage soon. It won’t pass inspection because there is a gas leak & besides it may be rusted underneath. This will be in October so we have time to decide. It is still drivable. We have gone only necessary places, nothing in a pleasure sense.
There is another long time coming. Been putting this on the back burner though now we have appts to the dentists. We have a lot of work done mine less though Andre’s more so. However it is finally in the process. We both have stayed healthy & that’s very vital. So happy first day of the month!


August 1, 2019

This past month has been very progressive. The weather for the most part has been tolerable however there have been days that reached the high 90’s though didn’t stop us from getting items accomplished. Felt like it was in the hundreds. The humidity was so as I feel it presently as I script this. If you drink sugary beverages you actually feel it more. Speaking of this as I get a swig of coke, which is refreshing. Now just imagine that you were swimming to safe your life! It isn’t imagination. It is very true. Migrants who leave their homes, countries of origin to attempt for a better life: whether by boat, canoe or most just walk with only their clothes on their backs. Only with determination, persistence, tenacity. Not just one family but hundreds of thousands. These brave souls escape the horrid damnation of their countries. After attempting to flee they are found drowned in vehicles that have overturned in the waters. Many others have been trying to escape for months going on several years just to find their sad life come to a halt with border patrol agents destroying their dreams. For the few that make the journey, they are caged worse than animals, with filthy conditions. A great many are separated from their families, never to return. A good many are children who come alone. A good amount have died unnecessarily in these places, only to find asylum. The present administration of the government have no need to assist them in a positive way. Won’t even give the name for this reason. It is unconscionable to have human beings treated with such disgrace. To make matters worse, there is a place in Brownsville which houses children who are infants: the older children care for them to the best of their ability. Some children have been there for nearly four years or more. What kind of life do they have?


July 1, 2019

Ignorance of the few never shadows the rest! Last month was a difficult harsh time to deal with: though being resilient & praying each & every night actually pulled us both through. What did go wrong, went wrong through no fault of our own. So now this is a new month with plans & dreams. Its been sunny & warm as usual nothing yet unbearable. We both keep striving to do better which is most difficult to say the least. Yet with the faith in each other makes it worth surviving. Been keeping up with sports, hockey, the Blues won the Stanley Cup: basketball, the Raptors won the Championship in Canada. Then been viewing the Mets, Yankees which are both tremendous. We have a new addition to the family. His name is Oreo. He’s a year old kitten & into everything. He brings much joy to our lives & of course a comfort zone which is very important. He is adorable. Been taking more than a numerous amount of photos on my phone & sending them to friends & certain relatives. Been writing letters to friends also. Love keeping letters a personal attachment to those persons. Have a great many of them over the years. My son Andre is doing better. His blood cells, potassium is fine along with his blood pressure. That is good to note which is remarkable. Speaking of blood pressure, my primary doctor prescribe me a 2.5 mil., I’m taking. No reactions. Am nearly out, along with my sodium pills, & Timolol which I will renew all three on Wednesday. My son Ian whom is going to Baghdad the early part of July. I hope he will phone me before that. His birthday is the third. I’m tempted to call him & sing Happy Birthday to him. He will be 46 years of age. His wife, my daughter in law will leave in early August. So this will be the first time they will be apart in of their married life. An afterthought before I wind this up, am still waiting for a call from my new primary doctor. Dr. Caroline Hsu graduated & left for Boston. So being that it is July hopefully will be hearing from the new doctor soon. Although it is a 6 month time period would actually like to have a call soon so I may put it on my phone so I will just have it on my notepad. I have mychart so got two emails thusfar. So when there’s two there’s always three. So time will tell. C’est la vie!


June 8, 2019

Springtime is on the horizon with mild temps & mostly with a considerably cool breeze which is very comfortable. The best season by far. Since last blog lots of things occurred. Most day to day routine, feeling good & keeping calm. Had a great birthday. Phoning friends & certain relatives, including texting them. Went to my primary doctor yesterday. Dr. Caroline Hsu is terrific. Sadly she is leaving & going back to Boston. She is under an umbrella of doctors: she is leaving in two weeks unfortunately. My blood pressure is high again so she prescribed me amlodipine 2.5. She knew I was adversed in taking medicines or more. Asked her if it would be lower than 2.5. She said no. She was going to give 5 mil, though the 2.5 was fine. She also mentioned that the others bp med. that I had a bad reaction that she didn’t prescribed. It was one of the other doctors. She mentioned she was under an umbrella. Had some blood work done. It would check several factors, kidneys colest.,diabetes,& other factors. Got my results the next day on my chart, it was within the guidelines. Got a Pneumococcal vaccine too. Viewed the information on my chart the basic metabolic panel. Was on fb. messaged a pleasant conversation with Ian my older son. He will be in the states visiting his children while spending time with Michele’s parents. He will spend time there before going to Iraq for a year. My younger son Andre is fine. Has dialysis today. Just glanced at the time. He is doing ok, was in the hospital on the 25th as a result of a seizure. Unknown cause. So this is a concern for both he & I. Just recently we went to the animal shelter & got Oreo. He is adorable. Sent pictures to relatives & friends. Well this is the size of it.