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Entry for August 31, 2007’In love with life’

August 31, 2007

Life brings all things, happiness,sadness, challenges, and most of all learning.I am not speaking of being bookwise,it is more important to be streetwise.Although some of each is preferable.The term”bookwise” is what you learn in school. The term”streetwise” is what is learned after school. I think that I have continued learning after being in school and have learned more than while I was in school.I have a collection of books and every thing I read one of them I’ve acquired knowledge.I should say at this point learning from people comes into play in some aspect.Not that I want to make the same mistakes that others made,but learning from their experiences.Sometimes making mistakes is a good thing b/c that is how one learns.A known saying is that one doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of one’s parents. However one invariably make a list of their own. This is the last day of the month and ist has gone by quickly as I have been occupied in several ventures.I have just come to a conclusion that way one takes meaning how one pronounces words as the dialect some will have trouble spelling words. That is uppermost in my mind along with proper grammar.I read something yesterday that the Swiss speak 3 languages and the Americans have trouble with one, their own.By the way the Swiss speak German in Zurich:Italian in Geneva: and French in Lausanne. I think that the U.S should make it mandatory that English is primary and that Spanish and French is secondary. The metric system should be taught in schools too. In this way it helps one with their own language to speak another or have a knowledge of it, suchas reading or writing it.I can read and write French but not speak it only a few words b/c of the pronunciation.Don’t think I could master that for the fact that I don’t hear it in the U.S. Maybe someday things will change.

Entry for August 30, 2007″At Last a Sunny Day’

August 30, 2007

At last sunny weather for a few days, and tomorrow is the end of August.I’ve been on the computer for a while now, checking out the news from different sites and on my address book adding more names. Was at “Borders” the other day and I bought the latest book by Pete Hamill “North River”.What an interesting book. Enjoying it sofar. What a gift, the power to write. Carol, my housemate has been working all nite and of course this is a weekday and she is comes home briefly and goes again. I’ll see her tonight and then hopefully I can have a decent conversation with her. So I have been alone a lot which sometimes I really don’t mind but don’t like it on a regular basis.Last nite instead of going asleep at a certain hour I stayed awake till 2:45am and thought I could write something then but decided to listen to some cd’s that I hadn’t heard in a while so I could complile them to take to HPB&M and see if by chance they could by them.So therefore I am a bit tired physically. I think I should be in a better mood however I am not due to the way I feel. And to say nothing to the fact that Carol’s dog is getting on my nerves. This dog is hiper and just barks for the hell of it.The dog get mixed signals and doesn’t know how to behave as a result of it. I,on the other hand give her one word commands which the dog understands and then she is quiet.I really like animals.Dogs and cats especially,but the way their owners treat them is at one end of the specturm or other.It becomes quite annoying when another person does the handling.It reminds me when Iwas babysitting and caring for children years ago, and the mother or grandmother would carry the baby or toddler around and then when I would do the handling and put the child down for some reason then the child would be out of control. It certainly not the child’s or in this case the dog’s,it is the person’s fault. People are the culprits in all situations. This fortunately is not my dog. I would have an alaskan husky,irish setter, a collie or a dog along whose lines.I mainly have to retrained this dog to act right,and this dog is old. Sometimes it can be nerveraking but it will be accomplished somehow,some day.However not today.That is a guarantee. Let’s call the dog a jaboney.

Entry for August 25, 2007″Prevention”

August 25, 2007

The saying is “A ounce of prevention is a pound of cure” I agree with that.Acts could be prevented simply if people would think of what would come after the act. Instead of thinking in the present time, think what has happen before that drove the present act to occur. Then what will happen while the person is in the act itself, and what will happen in the future as a result of the insident occuring.This can be in our daily life. Pertaining to anything that happens that is catastrophic such as bridges falling, mine cave-ins, and things along those lines.There are times that things happen as a result of mere negligence,people trying to save money and as a result,other people pay with their lives. That is very unjust.I think that each state should adopt the premise such as the dui offenders.Go after the parents and not the corner store,or go after both.Arrest the parents and fine the corner store.Now the same should happen if a child shoots another person accidently or with knowledge to harm. The law officers should start arresting parents and sending a message to gun owners and enact heavy fines on them.Guns are very prevalent in the USA. I just commented on an article today pertaining to this very subject.This incident happened in G.R. Mi. No law is effective unless it is enforced. Today was a sunny day with no storms. It was nice b/c I took a long walk around the lake, did my laundry and hung the clothes out to dry on the line and will get them tomorrow;wrote a couple of letters to Michelle, Ian’s wife, and to my friend Patti McDonald. took another couple of short walks. This morning after breakfast I went on the computer and saw the different news events. So all in all it was an active and nice day.

Entry for August 24, 2007″Something New”

August 24, 2007

Each time I write I find something new to chat about.This time I want to talk about lobbists. I look the word up in the dictionary b/c I wasn’t sure of the meaning being that it is used in different content.It said”A person who uses their influence in the legislative process of the law.The obvious question is how.That is not stated. I wonder why. Here is something else, the ACLU. Now that org.I know little about however I know it fights for the person or can fight against them. It was in the news today for some reason which I don’t recall now.Perhaps the reason is that it is not important.Or maybe it was mention in the case of Jessica Lunford,and the low-life individual who needed the org. for his cvil rights. Here is a nobody who took the dignity and the life away from this little girl.What a joke. I have to commend the father of Jessica b/c he not only fought but changed the law in Fla.This was done through his emotional pain, agony, and love for his daughter. He had rage in his heart the callous act perform, however turned that into a positive.It didn’t happen overnite. Maybe the ACLU was mentioned in regard to the football player who was charged with dog fighting and a gambling problem.I’ve noticed that the ACLU is mentioned when the person is of color or along those lines. I could be mistaken in my observation.One positive thing that came out of the dastardly heinous act that is a prosecutor who is going after some 40,000 people who take part in dog fighting.Imagine there are that many who are that ignoramouses.

Entry for August 23, 2007 “Common Sense”

August 23, 2007

This is Thursday and more rain is expected later. On Monday of this week,I went to the eye doctor,Tuesday went to the dentist and later on that day I went to Borders and got the soundtract “Once”along with the new cd “Keane’ It was great. I got the cd the “Frames”and never had listened to them before, I was quite amazed. I ordered the Radiohead new cd,along with another “Frames”cd, and the book about Peter Jennings which is due in Oct. I ordered it in early. Today I wrote two comments on the article in “Newsday” about the flooding in the midwest,plains, and upper midwest.I stressed in the comments the subject”Common Sense” which is necessary.As I am writing this venue it feels very warm as now it is sunny.Getting back to the subject”CS” students American and International were outside walking on the street and swimming in the pool during Katrina.My point is that common sense has little or nothing to do with education.An example is that 2 people here in Madison,Wi. were struck by lighting as a result of down power lines. They were killed and 2 others were hurt as they step in water and were thrown back. The emergency rescue,police and fire could not save them for fear of endangering their own lives. All they could do is watch in horror at the seen before their eyes. Now that is common sense. Regardless of another opinion. Tomorrow Friday is another batch of rain. Then it ends.

Entry for August 18, 2007″A Cloudy Rainy Day”

August 18, 2007

Today just that;CRD furthermore it is suppose to be that way for 5 days,on and off. It could be worse.Living through the hurricanes, Ivan, Katrina,and others was no picnic in the park. With no electricity and high temps in the low and mid 90’s while living in the deep south was very difficult.The prejudice was intolerable[the inward and outward].I lived in Alabama for 7 years and by that time I have had enough. I was commenting to a friend across a street on an incident that had happened in the 60’s, and my friend said that the same thing happened in the 80’s. I thought to myself that not again and not here. A few days before I moved I saw an article in the newspaper which clarified what my friend had said and unfortunately she was correct.The article in essence said that a street would be named after this person. And I could only think of little consolation to such a heinous act. That was it,enough of that. I don’t regret living there and don’t miss the style of living. In order to appreciate where you live a person has to live in unpleasant places such as that one. And there are other places as bad or worse. I am happy that I finally moved.However no place is perfect and that is the way it should be. Yesterday I went to Greenway station Mall and bought a new jewelry box at Bombay and company. It is a nice one, and then Carol and I went to Fridays. That was great.All in all Life is good; C’est la vie.

Entry for August 15, 2007″Been 5 days”

August 15, 2007

It’s been 5 days since I’ve written anything;and a lot has happen. Did a great deal of yard work by removing the vines and numerous sticks from the yard and mainly making the yard generally look better. Still there is more to accomplish however it looks far better in appearance. Went to the dentist and have to go again on Tuesday. They found gum disease that had reoccured and fortunately it was found in time in orderto treat. This was during a general teeth cleaning. I am not really concerned about it now but have to go every 3 months instead of the 6 months.Haven’t been going to “Borders” in a while, but found out the Jimmy Breslin, my favorite author whose latest book”The Good Rat” coming out in Feb.2008. That will be something good in the future.I have an eye appointment on Monday too. Went to see the movie “Once” a while ago and it was marvelous, and Borders has the CD soundtrack to the movie in the stores now however I am trying not to give into it b/c there are some other things that are important now. And besides when the dvd comes out in Feb.2008 the cd soundtrack will be sold together. There are several other movies and cds I would like in the future.Who knows I may get the cd separately depending on my mood. Would really like to see the movie again. It was that good.

Entry for August 10, 2007 “My third in writing”

August 10, 2007

My third time in writing,is it a charm?My first time was the 7th and the second was yesterday.Now what may I say?First time was entited”My Attempt in writing” My second was entitled” Humidity”. Now my 3rd time is entitled” My third time in writing”Just got finished in seeing pectures in Brooklyn NY of the August8,2007 tornado that dumped two in a half inches of rain and therefore nearly brought the the city to a standstill with utter destruction. However it could not dampen the human spirit of the people there. The people there have a resilence to whatever that comes their way without whimmering and whining about their fate. They just “deal with it” and carry on with life. Nothing in my own life comes easy.It takes tenesity and if by chance it comes easy for me its not worth it, its not worth the effort. The weather is the same as the previous day however yesterday I had done a great deal of yard work and I could feel the humidity.My sons Ian and Andre are both writers. One is structured and the other is creative. Ian’s wife,Michelle has their own blog which consists ofdaily activities and pictures. By no means I want to be repetitive,just in case that information was on my first blog.I think there is no luck in finding the two previous blogs dated the 7th and the 9th b/c Luck is a residue of design.