Entry for August 10, 2007 “My third in writing”

My third time in writing,is it a charm?My first time was the 7th and the second was yesterday.Now what may I say?First time was entited”My Attempt in writing” My second was entitled” Humidity”. Now my 3rd time is entitled” My third time in writing”Just got finished in seeing pectures in Brooklyn NY of the August8,2007 tornado that dumped two in a half inches of rain and therefore nearly brought the the city to a standstill with utter destruction. However it could not dampen the human spirit of the people there. The people there have a resilence to whatever that comes their way without whimmering and whining about their fate. They just “deal with it” and carry on with life. Nothing in my own life comes easy.It takes tenesity and if by chance it comes easy for me its not worth it, its not worth the effort. The weather is the same as the previous day however yesterday I had done a great deal of yard work and I could feel the humidity.My sons Ian and Andre are both writers. One is structured and the other is creative. Ian’s wife,Michelle has their own blog which consists ofdaily activities and pictures. By no means I want to be repetitive,just in case that information was on my first blog.I think there is no luck in finding the two previous blogs dated the 7th and the 9th b/c Luck is a residue of design.

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