Entry for August 15, 2007″Been 5 days”

It’s been 5 days since I’ve written anything;and a lot has happen. Did a great deal of yard work by removing the vines and numerous sticks from the yard and mainly making the yard generally look better. Still there is more to accomplish however it looks far better in appearance. Went to the dentist and have to go again on Tuesday. They found gum disease that had reoccured and fortunately it was found in time in orderto treat. This was during a general teeth cleaning. I am not really concerned about it now but have to go every 3 months instead of the 6 months.Haven’t been going to “Borders” in a while, but found out the Jimmy Breslin, my favorite author whose latest book”The Good Rat” coming out in Feb.2008. That will be something good in the future.I have an eye appointment on Monday too. Went to see the movie “Once” a while ago and it was marvelous, and Borders has the CD soundtrack to the movie in the stores now however I am trying not to give into it b/c there are some other things that are important now. And besides when the dvd comes out in Feb.2008 the cd soundtrack will be sold together. There are several other movies and cds I would like in the future.Who knows I may get the cd separately depending on my mood. Would really like to see the movie again. It was that good.

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