Entry for August 18, 2007″A Cloudy Rainy Day”

Today just that;CRD furthermore it is suppose to be that way for 5 days,on and off. It could be worse.Living through the hurricanes, Ivan, Katrina,and others was no picnic in the park. With no electricity and high temps in the low and mid 90’s while living in the deep south was very difficult.The prejudice was intolerable[the inward and outward].I lived in Alabama for 7 years and by that time I have had enough. I was commenting to a friend across a street on an incident that had happened in the 60’s, and my friend said that the same thing happened in the 80’s. I thought to myself that not again and not here. A few days before I moved I saw an article in the newspaper which clarified what my friend had said and unfortunately she was correct.The article in essence said that a street would be named after this person. And I could only think of little consolation to such a heinous act. That was it,enough of that. I don’t regret living there and don’t miss the style of living. In order to appreciate where you live a person has to live in unpleasant places such as that one. And there are other places as bad or worse. I am happy that I finally moved.However no place is perfect and that is the way it should be. Yesterday I went to Greenway station Mall and bought a new jewelry box at Bombay and company. It is a nice one, and then Carol and I went to Fridays. That was great.All in all Life is good; C’est la vie.

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