Entry for August 23, 2007 “Common Sense”

This is Thursday and more rain is expected later. On Monday of this week,I went to the eye doctor,Tuesday went to the dentist and later on that day I went to Borders and got the soundtract “Once”along with the new cd “Keane’ It was great. I got the cd the “Frames”and never had listened to them before, I was quite amazed. I ordered the Radiohead new cd,along with another “Frames”cd, and the book about Peter Jennings which is due in Oct. I ordered it in early. Today I wrote two comments on the article in “Newsday” about the flooding in the midwest,plains, and upper midwest.I stressed in the comments the subject”Common Sense” which is necessary.As I am writing this venue it feels very warm as now it is sunny.Getting back to the subject”CS” students American and International were outside walking on the street and swimming in the pool during Katrina.My point is that common sense has little or nothing to do with education.An example is that 2 people here in Madison,Wi. were struck by lighting as a result of down power lines. They were killed and 2 others were hurt as they step in water and were thrown back. The emergency rescue,police and fire could not save them for fear of endangering their own lives. All they could do is watch in horror at the seen before their eyes. Now that is common sense. Regardless of another opinion. Tomorrow Friday is another batch of rain. Then it ends.

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