Entry for August 24, 2007″Something New”

Each time I write I find something new to chat about.This time I want to talk about lobbists. I look the word up in the dictionary b/c I wasn’t sure of the meaning being that it is used in different content.It said”A person who uses their influence in the legislative process of the law.The obvious question is how.That is not stated. I wonder why. Here is something else, the ACLU. Now that org.I know little about however I know it fights for the person or can fight against them. It was in the news today for some reason which I don’t recall now.Perhaps the reason is that it is not important.Or maybe it was mention in the case of Jessica Lunford,and the low-life individual who needed the org. for his cvil rights. Here is a nobody who took the dignity and the life away from this little girl.What a joke. I have to commend the father of Jessica b/c he not only fought but changed the law in Fla.This was done through his emotional pain, agony, and love for his daughter. He had rage in his heart the callous act perform, however turned that into a positive.It didn’t happen overnite. Maybe the ACLU was mentioned in regard to the football player who was charged with dog fighting and a gambling problem.I’ve noticed that the ACLU is mentioned when the person is of color or along those lines. I could be mistaken in my observation.One positive thing that came out of the dastardly heinous act that is a prosecutor who is going after some 40,000 people who take part in dog fighting.Imagine there are that many who are that ignoramouses.

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