Entry for August 25, 2007″Prevention”

The saying is “A ounce of prevention is a pound of cure” I agree with that.Acts could be prevented simply if people would think of what would come after the act. Instead of thinking in the present time, think what has happen before that drove the present act to occur. Then what will happen while the person is in the act itself, and what will happen in the future as a result of the insident occuring.This can be in our daily life. Pertaining to anything that happens that is catastrophic such as bridges falling, mine cave-ins, and things along those lines.There are times that things happen as a result of mere negligence,people trying to save money and as a result,other people pay with their lives. That is very unjust.I think that each state should adopt the premise such as the dui offenders.Go after the parents and not the corner store,or go after both.Arrest the parents and fine the corner store.Now the same should happen if a child shoots another person accidently or with knowledge to harm. The law officers should start arresting parents and sending a message to gun owners and enact heavy fines on them.Guns are very prevalent in the USA. I just commented on an article today pertaining to this very subject.This incident happened in G.R. Mi. No law is effective unless it is enforced. Today was a sunny day with no storms. It was nice b/c I took a long walk around the lake, did my laundry and hung the clothes out to dry on the line and will get them tomorrow;wrote a couple of letters to Michelle, Ian’s wife, and to my friend Patti McDonald. took another couple of short walks. This morning after breakfast I went on the computer and saw the different news events. So all in all it was an active and nice day.

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