Entry for August 30, 2007″At Last a Sunny Day’

At last sunny weather for a few days, and tomorrow is the end of August.I’ve been on the computer for a while now, checking out the news from different sites and on my address book adding more names. Was at “Borders” the other day and I bought the latest book by Pete Hamill “North River”.What an interesting book. Enjoying it sofar. What a gift, the power to write. Carol, my housemate has been working all nite and of course this is a weekday and she is comes home briefly and goes again. I’ll see her tonight and then hopefully I can have a decent conversation with her. So I have been alone a lot which sometimes I really don’t mind but don’t like it on a regular basis.Last nite instead of going asleep at a certain hour I stayed awake till 2:45am and thought I could write something then but decided to listen to some cd’s that I hadn’t heard in a while so I could complile them to take to HPB&M and see if by chance they could by them.So therefore I am a bit tired physically. I think I should be in a better mood however I am not due to the way I feel. And to say nothing to the fact that Carol’s dog is getting on my nerves. This dog is hiper and just barks for the hell of it.The dog get mixed signals and doesn’t know how to behave as a result of it. I,on the other hand give her one word commands which the dog understands and then she is quiet.I really like animals.Dogs and cats especially,but the way their owners treat them is at one end of the specturm or other.It becomes quite annoying when another person does the handling.It reminds me when Iwas babysitting and caring for children years ago, and the mother or grandmother would carry the baby or toddler around and then when I would do the handling and put the child down for some reason then the child would be out of control. It certainly not the child’s or in this case the dog’s,it is the person’s fault. People are the culprits in all situations. This fortunately is not my dog. I would have an alaskan husky,irish setter, a collie or a dog along whose lines.I mainly have to retrained this dog to act right,and this dog is old. Sometimes it can be nerveraking but it will be accomplished somehow,some day.However not today.That is a guarantee. Let’s call the dog a jaboney.

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