Entry for August 31, 2007’In love with life’

Life brings all things, happiness,sadness, challenges, and most of all learning.I am not speaking of being bookwise,it is more important to be streetwise.Although some of each is preferable.The term”bookwise” is what you learn in school. The term”streetwise” is what is learned after school. I think that I have continued learning after being in school and have learned more than while I was in school.I have a collection of books and every thing I read one of them I’ve acquired knowledge.I should say at this point learning from people comes into play in some aspect.Not that I want to make the same mistakes that others made,but learning from their experiences.Sometimes making mistakes is a good thing b/c that is how one learns.A known saying is that one doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of one’s parents. However one invariably make a list of their own. This is the last day of the month and ist has gone by quickly as I have been occupied in several ventures.I have just come to a conclusion that way one takes meaning how one pronounces words as the dialect some will have trouble spelling words. That is uppermost in my mind along with proper grammar.I read something yesterday that the Swiss speak 3 languages and the Americans have trouble with one, their own.By the way the Swiss speak German in Zurich:Italian in Geneva: and French in Lausanne. I think that the U.S should make it mandatory that English is primary and that Spanish and French is secondary. The metric system should be taught in schools too. In this way it helps one with their own language to speak another or have a knowledge of it, suchas reading or writing it.I can read and write French but not speak it only a few words b/c of the pronunciation.Don’t think I could master that for the fact that I don’t hear it in the U.S. Maybe someday things will change.

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