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Entry for September 30, 2007″Still Relaxing and Keeping Focus”

September 30, 2007

It is now nearly 11pm and at this very moment it is raining,thundering and some lightning. I am still relaxing and keeping focus.In the back of my mind it is two-fold.My sister Anne’s birthday and the day my husband died.Sometimes I don’t think about it; and then at times I do.Usually I say happy birthday to my sister. This year I didn’t but have a card to post for her tomorrow. I feel that the day is connected in some way as the years pass.It is matter of fact.Now for instance I wasn’t feeling this way the whole day;for when I think about it ;my mistake is to dwell on it. I don’t have a clue why I put myself through the agony. I will try my level best to stop that and carry on. Today I kept busy and did the rest of the yard work. I enjoyed it for the accomplishment.Talk about relaxing, when I think to much it is not good so I shall not do that in the future. Glad that this is the last day of the month and looking forward to many more years to come.Hopefully I will get to a point where the two events are not connected emotionally.Maybe, there are not maybes about it; it is a mere certainty the solution is to have another soulmate and that I am bloodly working to have.I shall continue this story;for I am racing against time. I have 10 go before it is tomorrow,good job. Made it without any interruptions. Laughter is the best medicine.

Entry for September 28, 2007″ Relaxing”

September 28, 2007

I am relaxing,not taxing my mind on the topics which I spoke of so eloquently previously.In doing that I was on google in the attempt to obtain info. I found out that my second cousin died in June of this year of cancer. I spoke to him briefly on the phone a long time ago. My mother said that he and I used to play together as toddlers. I can’t recall that; however I took her word for it.Then I proceeded to check on my first cousin Mike. I emailed him. He is a club consultant for the McMahon Group. And there was a picture of him on the page. Don’t know how recent it was ; but I could definitely recognize him as being my cousin. I had spoken to him more than a decade ago. Had the opportunity to go downtown yesterday and go the church and say the rosary.Before mass there was the devotion of the Blessed Sacrament and we said the Divine Praises. Then sang a hymn. It was all familiar to me, as I would say all of it as a child. Went to Borders on Tuesday and bought absolutely nothing. That doesn’t happen very often. I figure that I’ve ordered more than a few items, but they haven’t come in yet. Most probably they will come in all at once.Also I went on my son’s website and found a new entry of Michele’s about Belguim.She had been following a story there about the country no longer existing in the coming years,due to the languages spoken which are Dutch and French. I would think there is much more connected to it. The language is Flemish; maybe a combination of French and Dutch. She was born there and lived there 5 years and she has an interest in it of course. The weather is nice today.Well, so much for that.

Entry for September 24, 2007″Could There Be”

September 24, 2007

Could there be a time in the near or distant where someone could suggest changing or least ratifying portions of the US Constitution.It would take utmost thought and mere capability in the knowledge of constitutional law. If there were suggestions from a panel of people; that would be a start.My reasoning in doing so is rational. Some not all of the portions of it are antiquated.The USCon.was signed in 1776 and written long before that. Then time was very different as the events were unfolding.Now in the 21st century time is again of the essence.Crime is at an all time high;and in some cities it is overbearing.Places like Philli, Baltimore, Newark, Cleveland,Camdem,N.J. These cities are at most at risk.The police and other law officers are doing what is humanly possible,however by shear number of the law breakers it becomes intolerable for irradication. Perhaps, the Supreme Court could have the time to speak on the subject of proposing a clause to change the 2nd Amendent which states “The right to bear arms” For as long as one lives the population takes it out of context. Maybe this has to do with the ‘Bill of Rights’ which to my understanding is a preamble to the USCon. In the coming days I shall try to find a copy of the B.of R. and reread it however I doubt it will answer my dilemna.In writing, I find it educational and fun. It is time well spent and taxing on my mind in the most positive way.

Entry for September 23, 2007″ The Next And Beyond Part Four”

September 23, 2007

In the following generation I would think that whomever takes office will have the presence of mind to change a few things for the better. Such as taking a handle on the various drug companies, having health insurance for all Americans.Finally come to the conclusion that the space program is a waste of energy b/c who really cares if there are caves on Mars, which has been recently reported. It would be a fallacy to continue this line of thinking when there are so many more issues before us as a nation.I read today that Marcel Marceau died at the age of 84.It saddens me beyond words. There is a longevity in one’s life which is good that one may see for themselves the progress and the completion of stem cell research to the point where the results are finally done in diabetes and als; and of course others.It would be phenomenal if that would occur. And yet even in my lifetime it would be moreso. I am trying to see that through; to take the best care of myself, to not take any prescribed drugs; for I feel that if one does that to relieve some discomfort one may have; it may repair it temporality but it causes a dimino effect and before to long there is a collapse. If the government, insurance, and drug companies would have collaboration[if the government and private enterprises] could come to a compromise, then and only then the world would be better.I read on the net today that Afghanistan has a heroin issue, that 2 italians were kidnapped. Is the issue related to the poppy plant that grows rampant in that part of the world? Does the issue hereditary? Wlll history repeat itself in the next decade and beyond?Three questions to ponder.

Entry for September 22, 2007″ Grasping At Straws”Part Three

September 22, 2007

After looking at the usual websites I view each day; I thought it would be to my advantage to see the websites and obtain some needed knowledge. I came to the realization that I was grasping at straws. My friend, Carol had spoken to a person who was allegedly involved in some particular way in stem cell research. While spending time and effort to obtain the info. I came away knowing nothing more than I knew originally. That shouldn’t be a revelation simply b/c of what I spoke of previously.It is a known fact that President Bush has and will veto any bill pertaining to stem cell research.Therefore it will take more than lifetime to accomplish the needed research in the diseases of diabetes and ALS and of course the other ones that are high on the agenda.The two ailments which I have stated above are near to my heart.My late husband went into cardiac arrest as a result of diabetes.This happened in 1994, invariably on the day of Anne’s[who is my sister] birthday.In 2005 my cousin Tim succumbed to ALS. it was a short illness for him; where as the other illness was prolonged. Since that point in time people have contracted diabetes at an alarming rate in this nation and worldwide which is a falacy.As for ALS very little is known about it. ALS is named after the ball player,Lou G., and that happened 66 yrs. ago.However as far as research is done little or nil. It is combined with the MDA and one is speaking of 40 types. So how in the world would one focus on ALS? The answer is resounding no.Why are the drug companies endlessly interwined with the government?Its little wonder anything is achieved. Does this pertain to a well known adage?Who knows? Perhaps

Entry for September 21, 2007″Same Part Two”

September 21, 2007

S.C.R. is very intricate.It is so controversial that rarely it is mentioned in conversations or even debated at length.I will attempt to do just that. I find the topic mesmerizing in the fact that one may continue speaking endlessly b/c there are a great many issues connected to it. It may also be used improperly by certain facets of the population; regarding their knowledge or lack of it. One has the propensity to speak without thinking for it tends to be debatable in one’s mind. I think it is intriguing in the fact that SCR can regenerate new ones in place of the damaged cells in some cases. That the placenta may be used instead of discarding it. As one ages new cells are forming naturally.If one contracts a disease then it maybe possible to use stem cells in some cases.I am not suprised that the research depts. of certain universities don’t give all the info to the general public. I think it is very devious of them not to do so.What is their reasoning?Is it that the general public has lack of comprehension regarding it? Or is it lack of questions? How may the g.p. obtain the knowledge or interest w/o asking questions? I, myself have a personal interest in S.C.R.W/o indication,enough said.My hope is that medicine will further advance to a point where S.C.R. will be commonplace despite the drug companies.In my life I’ve heard the researchers say they are so close.In my line of thinking that expression unapproachable and simply unattainable.

Entry for September 20, 2007″ Beneath the Surface,Part One”

September 20, 2007

Got up earlier than usual. Had enough rest,but maybe the reason is beneath the surface.That term refers in conversation when one is speaking to another and makes a statement and the other person doesn’t really say what is on their mind : however tries to read the mind of the person who made the statement. The same term may refer to many topics. Stem cell research is fairly new in medicine. SCR doesn’t have enough funding to properly carry on adequately.One question is “how much is enough.’That beings me to the subject of ‘giving’.I personally been giving money to the ADA for more than a decade and the still pleeding for funds. Wouldn’t one think after that long the org. would have found a cure or near to it.STR should be the answer to the dilemna. STR is genetic medicine with DNA the researchers can foresee prematurely a disease within the person’s body and therefore treat it faster or in some cases prevent it.I also have been giving to MSKCC.Been only doing that for a year or so. Want to really know the reason why these diseases are taking a life time to find cures. One answer could be the drug companies which are inhibitating the various orgs. Perhaps it is all political; that the orgs,drug companies are playing roulette with the lives of human beings. Something has to be done momentarily.I will speak more on this later. For now I am just drawing attention to it in my own way.

Entry for September 17, 2007″Same, Part Two”

September 17, 2007

Being a novice on the subject of yesterday, I feel determined to write logically.I’ve gotten most of the info from articles that I’ve read. The parts of the country that I’ve lived plays an intricate part in my thinking.One should have the privilege to choose their way of thinking; therefore choose their course of action. Any government,regardless of branch doesn’t have the right to dictate to anyone else.On abortion; I feel the result of the action taken by the person must be ultimately between the person and their creator.On the death penalty; my thoughts on this has changed b/c at first I thought of a life sentence would be a better choice; however being that life is only 25 yrs. and the parole board allows people out for good behavior then I quickly changed my thinking.The crimes have been more on the rise too. On gun control;The mere fact that people are using high powered weapons is very irratic behavior.Let’s mention the smallest weapon people may want to carry with their belongings. The way the guns are sold and traded at flea markets in the deep south,southwest and the midwest is wrong and legal unfortunately.The way the guns are sold on the streets and then it is involved in yet another crime. The NRA is a lobbying organization. I don’t agree with them. The individual who represents that org. goes to the hill and speaks in front of the Congress of the U.S. lobbying its views.The U.S. contitution states the freedom and expression of speech.One must remember that with freedom comes responsibity; with expression one must not offend in any way another individual.Expression comes respect.

Entry for September 16, 2007″ To Their Own Advantage”

September 16, 2007

The separation of church and state is something of a fallacy.I find that people will use the expression ‘its in the bible’ or ‘it in the constitution’. Those expressions irritate me to no end.Simply for the fact that these people will use them to their own advantage.However it suits their purpose. To me, the meaning of the statement;the S of C and S is for example: it is improper of me to take my rosary out of my purse and proceed to say it in a public place other than a church. Another instance is to display my picture of the Last Supper in a place other than my bedroom”my private quarters”.When people want to make a political statement in the ref. to abortion,the death penalty or gun control. They invariably the annoying words comes from their mouths. I personally have my own views. On abortion; the woman’s right to choose,on the death penalty; if the person doesn’t want to change and doesn’t want to rebuild their lives and there is no hope in reabilitation than the obvious becomes reality. There are a very cases like that.On gun control; the constitution was written and signed in 1776:when people used muskets. The rational thinking would be if each state would have a referendum and voted on it.It would state that guns of any kind are not permissable in public places and between certain hours.That is just an example of it. Of course it should be elaborated or appropriately handled by competent legislatures that will come to a compromise in the different parts of the country. People certainly think differently in one part than the other. As I compose this section I can feel emotional on it,b/c of my fear of any guns and my thought as they should all be outlawed.However, I must come to the fact that a great many people do not share my same reasoning;so I must try to be unemotional when speaking of the subject b/c then and only then I will get results in passing laws against it.

Entry for September 12, 2007″Generally Things Are Good”

September 12, 2007

Things are good for the most part. Today I got a package from my son Andre.Always like receiving things in the mail, especially from him. This particular package was for Christmas however it is wonderful.Also got a card with a note from him and a note from his girlfriend. In the packet there were numerous items.1) a book called”the secret life of bees”2)a cd,the new one from Modest Mouse3)a dvd movie called”the scent of a woman with Al Pacino4) many bars of seattle chocolate5)a small wicker basket of certain types of tea.6)Sahale snacks of macadamia,hazelnut,mango,papaya,chipole; a socorro blend. I am happy and it made my day better.Yesterday I went to Borders and got the Swell Season and on it were some of the same songs that were on the previous cds,but I really didn’t mind b/c of the different arrangements. I also got a cd of Pavarotti and the dvd Oliver Twist with Harry Eden. He is the same person who plays in Pure.I ordered some items too.Naturally I went on the net as usual before writing this and commented on an article on the death penalty. It is always interesting to read it for it is so controversial.I am against it in most cases and whenever topics such as these,people neglect to mention the separation of church and state. I will talk about that topic at a later date. Went on my son’s website. Ian,Michelle and family are fine. That is always good for me to know being that they are far away in distance.It is so good to have a computer.