Entry for September 01, 2007″ A Family Tree”

It would be very good to find out my ancestry from my family tree. Reason being is that I am curious,and what prompted my curiousity is that I sent my son, Ian and family a chest and silverware,a crucifix and my mother’s watch that she wore. On the silverware was the monogram letter ‘G’. When Ian finally received the package he asked me questions.What does the letter G stand for? Whose name is it? Of course I had no info on the subject for the fact that my parents did not give me any info on it.And besides my parents were very secretive or reserved for a better word. I myself would like to answer any questions that Ian would be asking simply for the fact that I do not want to be like them. So time goes by maybe I can find out more about my family tree,or I should say find anything about it.Before sending the things to Ian. I was thinking about my family tree and wondering if I should do it on my own. But I was reluctant about feeling that I would find something negative in the family tree. In July I sent a secretary desk to my son,Andre which again was my mother’s. I, myself know little of my ancestry except the nationality of them,which were mainly English,Swedish and a little French.If it doesn’t much matter to me, it could matter to grandchildren sometimes. I’ve been reading a few chapters in my book each day.However writing has become a good habit for me too,even though I’ve been doing it for less than a month.

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