Entry for September 02, 2007″ While Things Are Happening”

When certain events are happening in the 1950’s and the 1960’s that are negative at the same time things are happening positive. I am namely speaking of the events were in the deep south. Of course I will not focus on that but the things that were happening in Chicago.The leader of the “Platters” Tony Williams were writing very memorable lyrics to songs.He was not the only person in the group.I would think that these lyrics,melodies and arrangements were done as the group was forming or newly formed.There were many songs recorded in the time period.But one stands out in my mind in reference to this piece. The song “My Prayer” Perhaps T.W. wrote that as he was thinking of the violence and hatred that was going on the deep south and that was his way of praying for the victims and well as the agitators. This is only my view.I think it would be a good idea to hear that song in a place of worship.It would certainly bring people together in thinking of peace and getting along with their fellow human beings, and at least treating others with respect despite their differences. In the world presently, there are so many differences in cultures and religions.It is good to have diversity in the world. The problem comes when people want the same thing as they have.That goes with everything.If people would just accept them and not try to change them,it would be better.Am I philosophizing? Good grief I hope not.

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