Entry for September 05, 2007″The Space Program”

I think the space program should be irradicated b/c it has served its use.Reason being, the money which is sizable could be used in other ways. Such as better crime prevention, and numerous other programs. The space program has outdone its usefullness. Despite the disaster of “Challenger” and every time NASA launches a rocket, invaribly something goes wrong with the equipment that it costs more money to repair.I think that if the headquarters were in somewhere other than where they are located then it would be a much different senario. Last night I have finished my book which was a turnpager and so I may devote my time to writing.After reading the several sites on the net about what is going on in the world newswise and looking at my son’s site and knowing that Ian is safe, I feel good.I was looking at the personals and reading them and couldn’t find anyone suitable for my tastes.I also saw the Sandler and Young site on Google and thought I would still like the cd “Side By Side” which I had years ago and continually played it many times. But that will have to wait until later.Getting back to my topic I feel that the space program is outdated b/c why would the equipment keep ill functioning.There are many reasons why it keep on going.And all I may ask is why.Perhaps someday people will wake up and find a better way to allocate their time,energy and finances.What is the purpose of this. Instantly it’s a waste.

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