Entry for September 06, 2007′ a Nicer Day’

It is a nicer day than yesterday b/c of the lack of mosquitoes. The insects aren’t as prevalent now. There is a breeze and the insects don’t like it.Besides it rained a little and that is good.Last night they were devious and swarming around my face and arms. I like to take long walks in the afternoon to get some needed exercise however it was not possible. So I took advantage of the time I had today and wanted to walk clear around the lake but there was construction on the sidewalk and just decided to walk halfway. I guess that was better that not walking at all, and on my back there was a man with a dog and of course he and I got to chattering.Nothing special and so I told my long time friend, Carol and all I wanted to do was be friendly and open. It turned out that Carol’s daughter knows of him and he lives a block away from where I live. I called Carol and told her the conversation and she was not please with it. Oh well. Anyway so I feel ok about it meaning that it will amount to nothing. Good grief,what am I suppose to do be unfriendly and not talk to anyone when they strick up a conversation.Of course , I use common sense too. Carol has lived in Madison a long time and knows a lot of people ,but as for me I’ve been here for a year and 3 months and trying to get to know people. Madison is liberal whereas Ala. was and is conservative.It is a vast difference. As time goes on I hope to get to know a group of people with the same outlook on life as I do.People will always have the mosquitoes while living near the lake.

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