Entry for September 07, 2007″ Had a Good Day”

Went to Mass this Friday b/c the students are back in school. Enjoyed the peacefullness and the quiet. Before doing that I stopped there and said the rosary. I seem to be saying it always on a Friday so some reason and therefore saying the “Sorrowful Mysteries”.They seem sad and depressing,but one says the certain mysteries on certain days.Maybe another day I will go and say the rosary and the mysteries will be cheerful. Went to the book store next door and asked them if they had an English manual.Of course no was the obvious answer and said I could google on the net. Tonight I did just that and no response.Then I went on the Borders site to see about it and found what I thought would be what I was seeking.It is a British-American/American-British dictionary.So later I will call about it.That will be ok b/c I’ve often wondered about the English words used in the U.K. It would be simply learning another language which I am all in favor of more knowledge. Before I went downtown, I went to the bank on Monroe St. to pay the rent. Then went to the post office to purchase some “Forever” stamps and mailed the check to Anderson & Shapiro. And while I am on this subject “Medicare” paid a portion of the bill. I was pleasantly surprised at that.Before Mass I past some students with political signs. Without going into detail, they were rambling on about this and that and I was them after Mass and then I said what I thought. That was a good feeling for them as well as myself.

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