Entry for September 11, 2007″A Recollection”

The world recognizes the actions that were taken 6 years ago. Those moments in history will probably be viewed in differently.Nevertheless future generations will think of the obvious questions. There are no rational answers to the act.Unfortunately,events such as wars are for political reasons. Why is that?Reading ‘Newsday’ before writing this piece, I was looking at the several recent articles that Jimmy Breslin wrote concerning the was in Iraq.He didn’t mention Afghanistan but in the past he has. There is so much focus in the press on Iraq that Afghanistan falls in the background as the other war. These wars were and are religious and it is apparent that when one mixes combat with the one’s faith it is a mistake.Mr Breslin has pointed out in his articles the Mr. Bush should be impeached for several reasons. Presently lying to the American citizenry about Iraq and Afghanistan. I agree with him.After all, the Congress had evidence to impeach both Nixon and Clinton and so those allocations were far less serious than these. Dishonesty is apprehensible especially when one is a leader of a country. Let’s not forget the young men and women who risk their lives and come back to the U.S.A. with wounds seen and unseen.Let’s too not forget the men, women and children of Iraq and Afghanistan who also have died and have wounds seen and unseen. And the term ‘friendly fire’ should be a crime. Let us start to bring people together by learning their languages and have a better understanding of their cultures and by doing this we,in the U.S. A will become stronger nation.

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