Entry for September 12, 2007″Generally Things Are Good”

Things are good for the most part. Today I got a package from my son Andre.Always like receiving things in the mail, especially from him. This particular package was for Christmas however it is wonderful.Also got a card with a note from him and a note from his girlfriend. In the packet there were numerous items.1) a book called”the secret life of bees”2)a cd,the new one from Modest Mouse3)a dvd movie called”the scent of a woman with Al Pacino4) many bars of seattle chocolate5)a small wicker basket of certain types of tea.6)Sahale snacks of macadamia,hazelnut,mango,papaya,chipole; a socorro blend. I am happy and it made my day better.Yesterday I went to Borders and got the Swell Season and on it were some of the same songs that were on the previous cds,but I really didn’t mind b/c of the different arrangements. I also got a cd of Pavarotti and the dvd Oliver Twist with Harry Eden. He is the same person who plays in Pure.I ordered some items too.Naturally I went on the net as usual before writing this and commented on an article on the death penalty. It is always interesting to read it for it is so controversial.I am against it in most cases and whenever topics such as these,people neglect to mention the separation of church and state. I will talk about that topic at a later date. Went on my son’s website. Ian,Michelle and family are fine. That is always good for me to know being that they are far away in distance.It is so good to have a computer.

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