Entry for September 16, 2007″ To Their Own Advantage”

The separation of church and state is something of a fallacy.I find that people will use the expression ‘its in the bible’ or ‘it in the constitution’. Those expressions irritate me to no end.Simply for the fact that these people will use them to their own advantage.However it suits their purpose. To me, the meaning of the statement;the S of C and S is for example: it is improper of me to take my rosary out of my purse and proceed to say it in a public place other than a church. Another instance is to display my picture of the Last Supper in a place other than my bedroom”my private quarters”.When people want to make a political statement in the ref. to abortion,the death penalty or gun control. They invariably the annoying words comes from their mouths. I personally have my own views. On abortion; the woman’s right to choose,on the death penalty; if the person doesn’t want to change and doesn’t want to rebuild their lives and there is no hope in reabilitation than the obvious becomes reality. There are a very cases like that.On gun control; the constitution was written and signed in 1776:when people used muskets. The rational thinking would be if each state would have a referendum and voted on it.It would state that guns of any kind are not permissable in public places and between certain hours.That is just an example of it. Of course it should be elaborated or appropriately handled by competent legislatures that will come to a compromise in the different parts of the country. People certainly think differently in one part than the other. As I compose this section I can feel emotional on it,b/c of my fear of any guns and my thought as they should all be outlawed.However, I must come to the fact that a great many people do not share my same reasoning;so I must try to be unemotional when speaking of the subject b/c then and only then I will get results in passing laws against it.

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