Entry for September 17, 2007″Same, Part Two”

Being a novice on the subject of yesterday, I feel determined to write logically.I’ve gotten most of the info from articles that I’ve read. The parts of the country that I’ve lived plays an intricate part in my thinking.One should have the privilege to choose their way of thinking; therefore choose their course of action. Any government,regardless of branch doesn’t have the right to dictate to anyone else.On abortion; I feel the result of the action taken by the person must be ultimately between the person and their creator.On the death penalty; my thoughts on this has changed b/c at first I thought of a life sentence would be a better choice; however being that life is only 25 yrs. and the parole board allows people out for good behavior then I quickly changed my thinking.The crimes have been more on the rise too. On gun control;The mere fact that people are using high powered weapons is very irratic behavior.Let’s mention the smallest weapon people may want to carry with their belongings. The way the guns are sold and traded at flea markets in the deep south,southwest and the midwest is wrong and legal unfortunately.The way the guns are sold on the streets and then it is involved in yet another crime. The NRA is a lobbying organization. I don’t agree with them. The individual who represents that org. goes to the hill and speaks in front of the Congress of the U.S. lobbying its views.The U.S. contitution states the freedom and expression of speech.One must remember that with freedom comes responsibity; with expression one must not offend in any way another individual.Expression comes respect.

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