Entry for September 20, 2007″ Beneath the Surface,Part One”

Got up earlier than usual. Had enough rest,but maybe the reason is beneath the surface.That term refers in conversation when one is speaking to another and makes a statement and the other person doesn’t really say what is on their mind : however tries to read the mind of the person who made the statement. The same term may refer to many topics. Stem cell research is fairly new in medicine. SCR doesn’t have enough funding to properly carry on adequately.One question is “how much is enough.’That beings me to the subject of ‘giving’.I personally been giving money to the ADA for more than a decade and the org.is still pleeding for funds. Wouldn’t one think after that long the org. would have found a cure or near to it.STR should be the answer to the dilemna. STR is genetic medicine with DNA the researchers can foresee prematurely a disease within the person’s body and therefore treat it faster or in some cases prevent it.I also have been giving to MSKCC.Been only doing that for a year or so. Want to really know the reason why these diseases are taking a life time to find cures. One answer could be the drug companies which are inhibitating the various orgs. Perhaps it is all political; that the orgs,drug companies are playing roulette with the lives of human beings. Something has to be done momentarily.I will speak more on this later. For now I am just drawing attention to it in my own way.

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