Entry for September 21, 2007″Same Part Two”

S.C.R. is very intricate.It is so controversial that rarely it is mentioned in conversations or even debated at length.I will attempt to do just that. I find the topic mesmerizing in the fact that one may continue speaking endlessly b/c there are a great many issues connected to it. It may also be used improperly by certain facets of the population; regarding their knowledge or lack of it. One has the propensity to speak without thinking for it tends to be debatable in one’s mind. I think it is intriguing in the fact that SCR can regenerate new ones in place of the damaged cells in some cases. That the placenta may be used instead of discarding it. As one ages new cells are forming naturally.If one contracts a disease then it maybe possible to use stem cells in some cases.I am not suprised that the research depts. of certain universities don’t give all the info to the general public. I think it is very devious of them not to do so.What is their reasoning?Is it that the general public has lack of comprehension regarding it? Or is it lack of questions? How may the g.p. obtain the knowledge or interest w/o asking questions? I, myself have a personal interest in S.C.R.W/o indication,enough said.My hope is that medicine will further advance to a point where S.C.R. will be commonplace despite the drug companies.In my life I’ve heard the researchers say they are so close.In my line of thinking that expression unapproachable and simply unattainable.

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