Entry for September 22, 2007″ Grasping At Straws”Part Three

After looking at the usual websites I view each day; I thought it would be to my advantage to see the websites and obtain some needed knowledge. I came to the realization that I was grasping at straws. My friend, Carol had spoken to a person who was allegedly involved in some particular way in stem cell research. While spending time and effort to obtain the info. I came away knowing nothing more than I knew originally. That shouldn’t be a revelation simply b/c of what I spoke of previously.It is a known fact that President Bush has and will veto any bill pertaining to stem cell research.Therefore it will take more than lifetime to accomplish the needed research in the diseases of diabetes and ALS and of course the other ones that are high on the agenda.The two ailments which I have stated above are near to my heart.My late husband went into cardiac arrest as a result of diabetes.This happened in 1994, invariably on the day of Anne’s[who is my sister] birthday.In 2005 my cousin Tim succumbed to ALS. it was a short illness for him; where as the other illness was prolonged. Since that point in time people have contracted diabetes at an alarming rate in this nation and worldwide which is a falacy.As for ALS very little is known about it. ALS is named after the ball player,Lou G., and that happened 66 yrs. ago.However as far as research is done little or nil. It is combined with the MDA and one is speaking of 40 types. So how in the world would one focus on ALS? The answer is resounding no.Why are the drug companies endlessly interwined with the government?Its little wonder anything is achieved. Does this pertain to a well known adage?Who knows? Perhaps

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