Entry for September 23, 2007″ The Next And Beyond Part Four”

In the following generation I would think that whomever takes office will have the presence of mind to change a few things for the better. Such as taking a handle on the various drug companies, having health insurance for all Americans.Finally come to the conclusion that the space program is a waste of energy b/c who really cares if there are caves on Mars, which has been recently reported. It would be a fallacy to continue this line of thinking when there are so many more issues before us as a nation.I read today that Marcel Marceau died at the age of 84.It saddens me beyond words. There is a longevity in one’s life which is good that one may see for themselves the progress and the completion of stem cell research to the point where the results are finally done in diabetes and als; and of course others.It would be phenomenal if that would occur. And yet even in my lifetime it would be moreso. I am trying to see that through; to take the best care of myself, to not take any prescribed drugs; for I feel that if one does that to relieve some discomfort one may have; it may repair it temporality but it causes a dimino effect and before to long there is a collapse. If the government, insurance, and drug companies would have collaboration[if the government and private enterprises] could come to a compromise, then and only then the world would be better.I read on the net today that Afghanistan has a heroin issue, that 2 italians were kidnapped. Is the issue related to the poppy plant that grows rampant in that part of the world? Does the issue hereditary? Wlll history repeat itself in the next decade and beyond?Three questions to ponder.

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