Entry for September 24, 2007″Could There Be”

Could there be a time in the near or distant where someone could suggest changing or least ratifying portions of the US Constitution.It would take utmost thought and mere capability in the knowledge of constitutional law. If there were suggestions from a panel of people; that would be a start.My reasoning in doing so is rational. Some not all of the portions of it are antiquated.The USCon.was signed in 1776 and written long before that. Then time was very different as the events were unfolding.Now in the 21st century time is again of the essence.Crime is at an all time high;and in some cities it is overbearing.Places like Philli, Baltimore, Newark, Cleveland,Camdem,N.J. These cities are at most at risk.The police and other law officers are doing what is humanly possible,however by shear number of the law breakers it becomes intolerable for irradication. Perhaps, the Supreme Court could have the time to speak on the subject of proposing a clause to change the 2nd Amendent which states “The right to bear arms” For as long as one lives the population takes it out of context. Maybe this has to do with the ‘Bill of Rights’ which to my understanding is a preamble to the USCon. In the coming days I shall try to find a copy of the B.of R. and reread it however I doubt it will answer my dilemna.In writing, I find it educational and fun. It is time well spent and taxing on my mind in the most positive way.

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