Entry for September 28, 2007″ Relaxing”

I am relaxing,not taxing my mind on the topics which I spoke of so eloquently previously.In doing that I was on google in the attempt to obtain info. I found out that my second cousin died in June of this year of cancer. I spoke to him briefly on the phone a long time ago. My mother said that he and I used to play together as toddlers. I can’t recall that; however I took her word for it.Then I proceeded to check on my first cousin Mike. I emailed him. He is a club consultant for the McMahon Group. And there was a picture of him on the page. Don’t know how recent it was ; but I could definitely recognize him as being my cousin. I had spoken to him more than a decade ago. Had the opportunity to go downtown yesterday and go the church and say the rosary.Before mass there was the devotion of the Blessed Sacrament and we said the Divine Praises. Then sang a hymn. It was all familiar to me, as I would say all of it as a child. Went to Borders on Tuesday and bought absolutely nothing. That doesn’t happen very often. I figure that I’ve ordered more than a few items, but they haven’t come in yet. Most probably they will come in all at once.Also I went on my son’s website and found a new entry of Michele’s about Belguim.She had been following a story there about the country no longer existing in the coming years,due to the languages spoken which are Dutch and French. I would think there is much more connected to it. The language is Flemish; maybe a combination of French and Dutch. She was born there and lived there 5 years and she has an interest in it of course. The weather is nice today.Well, so much for that.

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