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Entry for October 31, 2007″Thoughts”

October 31, 2007

My thoughts are varied;I make a sincere effort to think positive. Most of the time when I am thinking of some thought that is complex walking a distance aids the cause. However sometimes solitude is the only answer. The weather never comes into play. There is always a chance that it I will go about my life without the thought of that; for I live here in Madison, Just read my son’s website and Michelle said that Ian did not get an email for him to volunteer in Iraq, if he does she is thinking of how it will effect their activities as a family.She said she was relieved. And as a mother I am nervous about the situation,to even think of that remote possibility.I went to Borders yesterday and picked up the Peter Jennings new book that I ordered and purchased a bio of Charles Shultz, and a couple of cds which is Rod Stewart. I happened to play them last night and still like the songs a lot, and still think he is a marvelous entertainer. He’s a songwriter too. When he sings he is so believable as a lovely actor is in a role.Although my concentration is strong and I can usually block out distractions; that isn’t the case when I am writing and reading. Of course, it depends on what the distraction is and if for what and whom is the cause. While at Borders I ordered some more books in which they are used and in good condition.I was happy to have preorder the dvd movie Once which I had seen in the theater. The dvd comes out in December. That movie is the best movie in 2007 in my opinion.And surely I am not the only one who feels that way.

Entry for October 26, 2007″Controversy”

October 26, 2007

As the end of the month is fast approaching a children’s holiday is near. There is much controversy about it. One may differ as to the holiday itself, however it is very wrong to have the children not participate in the festivities.I have seen this firsthand when raising my sons.It seems that some adults want to share their credence on their children without any explanation. Enough said. I was trying to find people whom I’ve known in my life and for some unknown reason haven’t been successful as to their whereabouts. It would be lovely for them to post me some correspondence. I tend to worry if they are ok b/c they were and are my friends.I read on the web that my second cousin died of bone cancer. He was a couple of years older than myself; we would play as youngsters. I do not want to dwell on worrisome issues. It is hard to say the least not to be concerned when it is your family,relatives etc. I am now reading a book that takes up some of my time. Earlier, I wrote an entry and b/c I wanted to go to the mall to do some shopping that was necessary. So this is my 2nd attempt in writing this one.I am in hope that I have covered all the items mentioned the first time.It is important when I write to be conscientious on the subject at hand.To have the correct spelling is vital in this also.So when I am interrupted for some reason as to what happen today; it was ok for now, but I must not make a practice of it. Oh, while going into the mall I finally met a person from NYC. We chatted for a few minutes and I happen to get her email address. Now is only I may find the paper it was written on; it would be super.I do not regret meeting her for I could listen to her accent and never tire of it.It is right on the money.

Entry for October 22, 2007″Reverie”

October 22, 2007

Last night while thumbing through my music collection I came across the RHCP, the latest cd and proceeded to listen to it. That band is the best; although one may differ with me. I also have a dvd collection where I only enjoy certain movies and not the run of the mill.While reading the NYT, an occurrence came to me as to the movies listed in different sections of the country. As to which ones and the industry depletes some. Again I think it could be the way people view certain subjects. It could be mere environmental. I’ve often thought as to why the industry will not show certain movies in different areas. Wouldn’t it be sensible to let the people decide for themselves. Or is it again a question of money? Will the industry loose money if they put the movie in the midwest or the deep south as they are putting the movie on the east coast and west coast at the same time. Again, keeping with the same trend of thought; why commercials{ there are 2 types, the national. and the local} speaking locally; the advertiser will put the commercial that is indigenous to that locale. Could this be that people are more receptive to it,and has nothing to do with comprehension? One would often wonder with that analogy. In summation,one enjoys speaking and expressing their own views on this particular subject. It is a rarity.

Entry for October 20, 2007″ What Inspires Me”

October 20, 2007

It is hard to tell what really inspires me.It could be a myriad of events. Or I could say who. I know that people do. If one pinpoints exactly who; that would be for certain the people who are closest to me and people whom I admire. So in two words would be love plus admiration equals inspiration. I really hadn’t intended to write today, for I had a very restless night.I woke up early and had breakfast and then got the newspaper, and noticed that it was a sunny and warm day compared to the previous days. However,I was still sleepy and so I closed the blinds and fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke I was refreshed. I then got a cup of coffee and ate 2 granola[oat and honey] bars. Read the news on the computer. Among the news I looked on my son’s site and found a lengthy article on the AFSOA in which Michelle had on their site. It was in essence about the American Foreign officers serving in different parts of the world. In some countries it is called hardship tours. At the moment Ian is in Chennai, India and while it being hard to live there; some other places are far worse. This is the day before my son’s birthday. Andre will be 30 years of age. That is wonderful. I am now reading a book in which I find interesting, however light reading; I nevertheless enjoy it. Life is marvelous especially when I am feeling good and raring to take what life has in store. Or course, one’s attitude is the key.

Entry for October 19, 2007″What a Good Day.”

October 19, 2007

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I took a short walk and went down to the end of the block and proceeded to admire the endless billowy clouds in the sky as they were racing across the horizon. It was simply breathtaking. I could tell that storms were on the way.If one would happen to have a camera near by and capture the scene of the sky; it would not do it justice.Today is a good day too. I have been trying to call a friend and tried a numerous times and the phone kept on giving me a busy signal. I finally got her email address and she emailed me earlier and put my mind at ease. On Tuesday. I picked up some books that I ordered from Borders and they were books out of print and then I got a gift certificate for Andre. All in all it was a good deal and I was pleased with my purchases. Oh, I got another book in which I am reading now. Went on the regular sites today before writting this piece and of course saw my horoscrope. That to me, is coincidental but nevertheless amusing to me.It is a source of humor. That is why I continually read it. I feel that the accuracy is lacking sometimes. Another item I want to mention is that I’ve download aol.That is good to use to im people. It is good to have; to connect to people who are far away,which includes family and friends in my case.Whereas yahoo does not have that feature. One must pay money in order to meet people which is un fair and a waste of time.Aol has the buddy chat and one would be fine with that. I know that from first hand experience. Why go through having a credit card when one has the buddy chat. With everything one must have common sense and use intelligence when using the internet. It can be a source of knowledge or a source of irritableness depending on how it is being used. That is the sole choice of the person.

Entry for October 16, 2007″Categorization”

October 16, 2007

Why does one categorize everyone? There is a simple reason for one to classify things for organization. However,when it comes to classifying people it is not just.People do this every day out of habit.They put human beings into slots.As to age,gender,nationality and faiths and lack of.And in doing so,humans automatically tend to go with the trend.And if for some unknown reason,people don’t come to what society expects; there are the obvious questions as to why not. That goes along with the reasonings as if one intended to give something away; the charitable org. will put stipulations on the item.Even though it is free.They tend to say;1 it must not be so many years old.2 it must be current, as to reading material.I disagree with that premise. I think that each piece of literature is something of a treasure to someone.It gives that certain person knowledge; and the more one knows intellectually,they become broadmined and are able to solve situations that are otherwise not without the needed knowledge. So it becomes invaluable to them. One might say that I am speaking in general terms which is true.And one might say that not everyone shares my point of view. For if they did it would certainly be a dull world. Diversity is what really matters. It is most interesting to chat with someone who is different that I am; and the only similiarity that we share is that we are only one human being to another. Then and only then is when the minds start flowing endlessly.

Entry for October 15, 2007″ Dreaming”

October 15, 2007

Has one heard of the quote “Dreaming wide open” if not than I think it should refer to me. For when I sleep I do not dream for the reason that I sleep so deeply. On occasion,when I go about my daily activities I often think and then dream of visiting with my sons.Hopefully that will come to a reality as my older son and family are coming to Madison,Wi. in January and will be here for a visit from the 11-13. So I called my son in Seattle and told him of the schedule of his brother and he said that he is going to check the flights to Madison. It has been many years since we have been together. This is refers to as dreaming wide open. Sometimes I think that I am clairavoyant which is ok with me.There is time to plan as the event is 3 months away; and also the beginning of a brand new year.Don’t really know what activites are plan as yet, but I know that as the time gets closer we will be able to plan something. However in any event, the time spent with them will certainly be memorable.Actually my mind has be consumed by that mere thought and it seems that all else is secondary. That I realise[the british spelling] is my emotions speaking and must take a handle on it.Although the time will be a few days actually spent with them;that to me won’t matter. I will be counting the minutes and seconds of the days spent and that will be what will really matter to me. And know that they have taken time out of their busy schedules to spend time with me. That is true appreciation of them.

Entry for October 10, 2007″My Feelings”

October 10, 2007

Today is somewhat different is a very unique way. The routine which I keep each day is altered b/c my friend’s friend has died and so therefore she has taken the day off.So she and her daughter are home. My friend has asked me on several occasions to look up info on green funerals. It is strickly for her education. For my feelings I am doing something helpful however the subject is funky and it is freaking me out. So she has the proper info for herself and now I hope I don’t have to hear anything more about it; and if she mentions it again I will deal with it in my own way.Enough said.Is it ironic that people have died at the same time that others are celebrating their birthdays.It has now happened to me twice. I am not the only person earth in which that has happened. Surely it is good to find comfort in writing about such things and it is neccessary for me. I tend to hold my feelings in and that is why I like to write about it. I know I’m not one to complain b/c I find it a waste of time and it ends accomplishing zilch. I don’t like to be around people who tend to do that sort of thing. Just got the mail and I got a card from Borders saying that some books in which I’ve ordered have arrived and another piece of mail. So my nervousness has eased a lot and patience is truly a virtue and of course I have endless patience with other people but zero when it comes to myself.Most probably it is not a virtue. It is a trait belonging to me and others. For I am a Taurus, so patience for the most part is not difficult.

Entry for October 08, 2007″Each And Every Family”

October 8, 2007

As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I came up with a different title for todays theme. Now I don’t have a clue as to what it was. All I know is that each and every family goes through the same things.Meaning they remember the times when children were infants and captures the moments on camera. As the child matures; their first tooth,first day of school,graduation from grade school, going into high school;their junior prom or senior prom,their graduation from high school and then going off to college. These are all milestones in their children lives. Yet it may differentiate a bit. Surely parents celebrate their children’s marriage and their grand children, as the generation progresses.It is a pattern of life. This pattern is worldwide regardless of one’s nationality, race,religion and culture.Human beings have the same desires when it comes to their own blood. People will do their utmost. This to me is an admirable trait.That is why it is so disheartening when one’s reads the opposite. Disfunctional families who are on the verge of dispair and resort to means to get results. These families are fortunately in the minority. Unfortunately this trend is happening more and more in today’s society.Is it more noticeable? Whereas in years past events were conveniently swept under the rug,as if it never occured. This is mere ignorance. In the society which exists currently; people have the chance to right the wrongs,only if they choose to do so.

Entry for October 07, 2007″What Can I Say”

October 7, 2007

What can I say at this point. The weather is splendid and my health remains good. I am so greatful for that. As the saying goes”When your health goes than everything is a downward spiral” As I say”Everything is moderation” And of course always use common sense.One may think that common sense is the key; and it is more important than intelligence.Usually it should go hand in hand.Sarah, Carol’s daughter is here for a visit, and to pick up some needed items. She and I get along surprisingly well; as do I get along with all of Carol’s offsprings which are 4 of them.Carol and I have known each other for more than 30 years.And yet so very different in personalities. The date today is prevalent, as to numerology. Perhaps there is no reason for it; as to the science of astrology. One’s belief in these, are share by myself; as to the fasination of it.It is usually a fact that certain people can or can’t get together according to their signs of the zodiac.It could be all a myth. I find it to be intriguing. Earlier in the week I tried to call my son Andre and found that his phone wasn’t in workable order.This has happened moreso than not.He phoned me later in the day and there was a different number,and I proceeded to ask him about it and he said that he went to Radio Shack and got a new number and signed a contract for 2 years and therefore this will be better;as there will not be a phone shutoff Strick one up for Radio Shack.