Entry for October 01, 2007″A New Venture”

Being as I am an avid reader, I’ve subscribed to the N.Y. Times. I enjoy reading it although it is not my first choice b/c it is rather conservative and owned politically.My first choice is Newsday and I fortunately get it on the web. NYT is printed in Chicago and it is a national edition; so therefore I am getting it each day and Sundays for a minimal price.Needless to say,I like it regardless. It is ironic the choices you have and have to make in order to have what you want in life. After having it for a week or so, I thought it would be good to donate it to the Literacy Network which is in the neighborhood. After calling them and they returning my call; it seems they don’t want it. I thought it was a good idea b/c it is reading material just the same.I will not give up trying. My second choice is perhaps the library. I would hope that people have an interest in what is going on in the world nationally and internationally. Having a good day. Got an email from my cousin Mike which is nice.Surely like connecting with people.Have a card to post to my sister. Saw on the BBC that ‘Radiohead’ is going to pay for their upcoming CD’Rainbows’ themselves, so it will be free to download for their fans. Just got in the mail something from the Covenant House. Open it and found things to my liking.It reminds me of a true and tragic book that I have and read about children on the streets. These particular children are ‘Living’ on the streets. In some cases children who are on the streets are there for a number of reasons. They have homes where they live with their families on wkends and then panhandle during the week.In those cases, in my opinion the children aren’t homeless; they don’t want to adhere to the rules. Don’t want to be negative,but it is reality.

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