Entry for October 04, 2007″It Is Newsworthy”

Most news captures the attention of the public for various reasons.One may report a certain story for ratings,while another may simply write and edit it differently.I have noticed that in all facets of news this is done regardless of political gender. So in viewing the news one must be evaluating critically. Then it can be credible. One story deals with heart attacks in men as well as in women; and the treatment or lack of given. A result of a study done recently showed that men lead women in seeing a cardiologist; whereas women would likely see an intern. Men lead women in getting an angiogram for blocked arteries; men lead women in follow-up exams after having the first heart attack. Women lead men in dying of heart attacks. Is this just? No,obviously. However it is newsworthy.There could be many questions asked as to the reasoning of the study. All there is to say is that a human life is most vital regardless of the gender. It is shameful that a life depends on someone’s decision to save it or not. It is callous to have that life depend on something such as insurance or lack of it. Is it a question of the American society that women should not have the privilege when it comes to their life? Perhaps this particular story will eventually rejuvenate enthusiasm, and change will be a result. One must think in a positive matter.

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