Entry for October 07, 2007″What Can I Say”

What can I say at this point. The weather is splendid and my health remains good. I am so greatful for that. As the saying goes”When your health goes than everything is a downward spiral” As I say”Everything is moderation” And of course always use common sense.One may think that common sense is the key; and it is more important than intelligence.Usually it should go hand in hand.Sarah, Carol’s daughter is here for a visit, and to pick up some needed items. She and I get along surprisingly well; as do I get along with all of Carol’s offsprings which are 4 of them.Carol and I have known each other for more than 30 years.And yet so very different in personalities. The date today is prevalent, as to numerology. Perhaps there is no reason for it; as to the science of astrology. One’s belief in these, are share by myself; as to the fasination of it.It is usually a fact that certain people can or can’t get together according to their signs of the zodiac.It could be all a myth. I find it to be intriguing. Earlier in the week I tried to call my son Andre and found that his phone wasn’t in workable order.This has happened moreso than not.He phoned me later in the day and there was a different number,and I proceeded to ask him about it and he said that he went to Radio Shack and got a new number and signed a contract for 2 years and therefore this will be better;as there will not be a phone shutoff Strick one up for Radio Shack.

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