Entry for October 10, 2007″My Feelings”

Today is somewhat different is a very unique way. The routine which I keep each day is altered b/c my friend’s friend has died and so therefore she has taken the day off.So she and her daughter are home. My friend has asked me on several occasions to look up info on green funerals. It is strickly for her education. For my feelings I am doing something helpful however the subject is funky and it is freaking me out. So she has the proper info for herself and now I hope I don’t have to hear anything more about it; and if she mentions it again I will deal with it in my own way.Enough said.Is it ironic that people have died at the same time that others are celebrating their birthdays.It has now happened to me twice. I am not the only person earth in which that has happened. Surely it is good to find comfort in writing about such things and it is neccessary for me. I tend to hold my feelings in and that is why I like to write about it. I know I’m not one to complain b/c I find it a waste of time and it ends accomplishing zilch. I don’t like to be around people who tend to do that sort of thing. Just got the mail and I got a card from Borders saying that some books in which I’ve ordered have arrived and another piece of mail. So my nervousness has eased a lot and patience is truly a virtue and of course I have endless patience with other people but zero when it comes to myself.Most probably it is not a virtue. It is a trait belonging to me and others. For I am a Taurus, so patience for the most part is not difficult.

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