Entry for October 15, 2007″ Dreaming”

Has one heard of the quote “Dreaming wide open” if not than I think it should refer to me. For when I sleep I do not dream for the reason that I sleep so deeply. On occasion,when I go about my daily activities I often think and then dream of visiting with my sons.Hopefully that will come to a reality as my older son and family are coming to Madison,Wi. in January and will be here for a visit from the 11-13. So I called my son in Seattle and told him of the schedule of his brother and he said that he is going to check the flights to Madison. It has been many years since we have been together. This is refers to as dreaming wide open. Sometimes I think that I am clairavoyant which is ok with me.There is time to plan as the event is 3 months away; and also the beginning of a brand new year.Don’t really know what activites are plan as yet, but I know that as the time gets closer we will be able to plan something. However in any event, the time spent with them will certainly be memorable.Actually my mind has be consumed by that mere thought and it seems that all else is secondary. That I realise[the british spelling] is my emotions speaking and must take a handle on it.Although the time will be a few days actually spent with them;that to me won’t matter. I will be counting the minutes and seconds of the days spent and that will be what will really matter to me. And know that they have taken time out of their busy schedules to spend time with me. That is true appreciation of them.

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