Entry for October 16, 2007″Categorization”

Why does one categorize everyone? There is a simple reason for one to classify things for organization. However,when it comes to classifying people it is not just.People do this every day out of habit.They put human beings into slots.As to age,gender,nationality and faiths and lack of.And in doing so,humans automatically tend to go with the trend.And if for some unknown reason,people don’t come to what society expects; there are the obvious questions as to why not. That goes along with the reasonings as if one intended to give something away; the charitable org. will put stipulations on the item.Even though it is free.They tend to say;1 it must not be so many years old.2 it must be current, as to reading material.I disagree with that premise. I think that each piece of literature is something of a treasure to someone.It gives that certain person knowledge; and the more one knows intellectually,they become broadmined and are able to solve situations that are otherwise not without the needed knowledge. So it becomes invaluable to them. One might say that I am speaking in general terms which is true.And one might say that not everyone shares my point of view. For if they did it would certainly be a dull world. Diversity is what really matters. It is most interesting to chat with someone who is different that I am; and the only similiarity that we share is that we are only one human being to another. Then and only then is when the minds start flowing endlessly.

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