Entry for October 19, 2007″What a Good Day.”

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I took a short walk and went down to the end of the block and proceeded to admire the endless billowy clouds in the sky as they were racing across the horizon. It was simply breathtaking. I could tell that storms were on the way.If one would happen to have a camera near by and capture the scene of the sky; it would not do it justice.Today is a good day too. I have been trying to call a friend and tried a numerous times and the phone kept on giving me a busy signal. I finally got her email address and she emailed me earlier and put my mind at ease. On Tuesday. I picked up some books that I ordered from Borders and they were books out of print and then I got a gift certificate for Andre. All in all it was a good deal and I was pleased with my purchases. Oh, I got another book in which I am reading now. Went on the regular sites today before writting this piece and of course saw my horoscrope. That to me, is coincidental but nevertheless amusing to me.It is a source of humor. That is why I continually read it. I feel that the accuracy is lacking sometimes. Another item I want to mention is that I’ve download aol.That is good to use to im people. It is good to have; to connect to people who are far away,which includes family and friends in my case.Whereas yahoo does not have that feature. One must pay money in order to meet people which is un fair and a waste of time.Aol has the buddy chat and one would be fine with that. I know that from first hand experience. Why go through having a credit card when one has the buddy chat. With everything one must have common sense and use intelligence when using the internet. It can be a source of knowledge or a source of irritableness depending on how it is being used. That is the sole choice of the person.

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