Entry for October 20, 2007″ What Inspires Me”

It is hard to tell what really inspires me.It could be a myriad of events. Or I could say who. I know that people do. If one pinpoints exactly who; that would be for certain the people who are closest to me and people whom I admire. So in two words would be love plus admiration equals inspiration. I really hadn’t intended to write today, for I had a very restless night.I woke up early and had breakfast and then got the newspaper, and noticed that it was a sunny and warm day compared to the previous days. However,I was still sleepy and so I closed the blinds and fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke I was refreshed. I then got a cup of coffee and ate 2 granola[oat and honey] bars. Read the news on the computer. Among the news I looked on my son’s site and found a lengthy article on the AFSOA in which Michelle had on their site. It was in essence about the American Foreign officers serving in different parts of the world. In some countries it is called hardship tours. At the moment Ian is in Chennai, India and while it being hard to live there; some other places are far worse. This is the day before my son’s birthday. Andre will be 30 years of age. That is wonderful. I am now reading a book in which I find interesting, however light reading; I nevertheless enjoy it. Life is marvelous especially when I am feeling good and raring to take what life has in store. Or course, one’s attitude is the key.

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