Entry for October 22, 2007″Reverie”

Last night while thumbing through my music collection I came across the RHCP, the latest cd and proceeded to listen to it. That band is the best; although one may differ with me. I also have a dvd collection where I only enjoy certain movies and not the run of the mill.While reading the NYT, an occurrence came to me as to the movies listed in different sections of the country. As to which ones and the industry depletes some. Again I think it could be the way people view certain subjects. It could be mere environmental. I’ve often thought as to why the industry will not show certain movies in different areas. Wouldn’t it be sensible to let the people decide for themselves. Or is it again a question of money? Will the industry loose money if they put the movie in the midwest or the deep south as they are putting the movie on the east coast and west coast at the same time. Again, keeping with the same trend of thought; why commercials{ there are 2 types, the national. and the local} speaking locally; the advertiser will put the commercial that is indigenous to that locale. Could this be that people are more receptive to it,and has nothing to do with comprehension? One would often wonder with that analogy. In summation,one enjoys speaking and expressing their own views on this particular subject. It is a rarity.

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