Entry for October 26, 2007″Controversy”

As the end of the month is fast approaching a children’s holiday is near. There is much controversy about it. One may differ as to the holiday itself, however it is very wrong to have the children not participate in the festivities.I have seen this firsthand when raising my sons.It seems that some adults want to share their credence on their children without any explanation. Enough said. I was trying to find people whom I’ve known in my life and for some unknown reason haven’t been successful as to their whereabouts. It would be lovely for them to post me some correspondence. I tend to worry if they are ok b/c they were and are my friends.I read on the web that my second cousin died of bone cancer. He was a couple of years older than myself; we would play as youngsters. I do not want to dwell on worrisome issues. It is hard to say the least not to be concerned when it is your family,relatives etc. I am now reading a book that takes up some of my time. Earlier, I wrote an entry and b/c I wanted to go to the mall to do some shopping that was necessary. So this is my 2nd attempt in writing this one.I am in hope that I have covered all the items mentioned the first time.It is important when I write to be conscientious on the subject at hand.To have the correct spelling is vital in this also.So when I am interrupted for some reason as to what happen today; it was ok for now, but I must not make a practice of it. Oh, while going into the mall I finally met a person from NYC. We chatted for a few minutes and I happen to get her email address. Now is only I may find the paper it was written on; it would be super.I do not regret meeting her for I could listen to her accent and never tire of it.It is right on the money.

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