Entry for October 31, 2007″Thoughts”

My thoughts are varied;I make a sincere effort to think positive. Most of the time when I am thinking of some thought that is complex walking a distance aids the cause. However sometimes solitude is the only answer. The weather never comes into play. There is always a chance that it I will go about my life without the thought of that; for I live here in Madison, Wi.now. Just read my son’s website and Michelle said that Ian did not get an email for him to volunteer in Iraq, if he does she is thinking of how it will effect their activities as a family.She said she was relieved. And as a mother I am nervous about the situation,to even think of that remote possibility.I went to Borders yesterday and picked up the Peter Jennings new book that I ordered and purchased a bio of Charles Shultz, and a couple of cds which is Rod Stewart. I happened to play them last night and still like the songs a lot, and still think he is a marvelous entertainer. He’s a songwriter too. When he sings he is so believable as a lovely actor is in a role.Although my concentration is strong and I can usually block out distractions; that isn’t the case when I am writing and reading. Of course, it depends on what the distraction is and if for what and whom is the cause. While at Borders I ordered some more books in which they are used and in good condition.I was happy to have preorder the dvd movie Once which I had seen in the theater. The dvd comes out in December. That movie is the best movie in 2007 in my opinion.And surely I am not the only one who feels that way.

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