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Entry for November 30, 2007″Anticipation”

November 30, 2007

My nature is to always think ahead. That suits me well. For if by chance one waits to accomplish things at hand; one must then deal with the pressure. I, for one like to do things in advance. Got an email from my daughter in law, Michelle to ask me if they can do dinner with me on the 11th January 2008. Of course I responded and said it would be lovely. That brought a series of questions and I am wanting for a answer. My anticipation is merely overwhelming.Yesterday, I for some reason was all in hopes to post a blog.However couldn’t find a subject and I am glad that I waited today for it is now quiet and I do my best consequently. Yesterday I then took the opportunity to go to Mass at St. Pauls and was asked to read the epistle in which I declined. Then in same breath I was asked to take up the gifts at the appropriate time. To that I graciously accepted. Inside I truly felt pleased and it showed outwardly as well.Then I met a girl who was a graduate student who was from Canada. We got to chatting and exchanged phone numbers and emails. She didn’t stay for Mass for she had a prior appt. Told her that I had gotten my passport in Aug. So I am hoping that I will have a travel companion when time permits. I am very happy that was an occurrence. Looking forward to this weekend for it is scheduled to snow both days, 5 to 6 inches. Hopefully it would be marvelous to have more.Whereby more is certain in these memorable holidays. For each day is a treasure.

Entry for November 28, 2007″Camaraderie”

November 28, 2007

As the cloudy and cold day is upon us, the fact there is not a snowflake is sight. Snow brings out a cheery feeling.One has camaraderie with people in general. The feeling one tends to have is a mere connectability with others particularly at this time of year. It usually brings out the best and worse in others for some unforeseen reason. And yet it conveys some to conduct ones self better.At time precise time one obtains a maze of [give me] items via the postal system. I myself without exception. One tends to give more at this time. As for myself, I meticulously sort through the unwanted and toss it away. I really give to the same and don’t do anything out of the ordinary. I guard after [comeons] to enspire others to give more. One should not cause that fallacy. My tendency is the thought of the homeless. There are countless orgs. to deal with their situation. My thought goes a bit further.Why do these orgs. seem to stress the necessity to focus on the homeless on extended holidays? Is there a link when one verbalizes homeless, hunger and being cold in the same breath? How many of us have viewed the homeless on nearly street corners and looked the other way? Perhaps these people are within our own neighborhoods. Are these nameless individual worth our time? To simply offer them a cup of coffee, a compassionate gesture, a kind word. The average fellow thinks in derogatory terms. Are they the untouchables, the forgotten humans who seem to be noticed only on the 2 celebrated holidays of the year? Let society gradually change this attitude in the years to come.As a slogan is known’there for the grace of God goes I’. Life is a promise,fulfill it.

Entry for November 26, 2007″Between”

November 26, 2007

As the weather grows colder and there was a smattering of snow this past week; one finds this time of year between holidays, the thought of family. One finishes addressing Christmas cards to friends and family,thinking of special gifts.Then,at last posting them in time is the real meaning of the season. Tomorrow I will go to Borders and find some unique gifts for wonderful people in my life. Mainly I will pick up another book in which I’ve ordered. I am thrilled to say that I’ve been conscientiously seeking a piece of music that I once had. And at last found it online at Borders. Now if I may ordered tomorrow, I will be excited.I have just started another book’fall from grace’ by Larry Collins and I know from the reviews it will be sensational.A person’s wants and needs are different in a various ways. And as I think more about it; others cannot give them what they want and need. For in some aspects it is one in the same. For the things that I speak of are intangible.For example, if one is hungry; one naturally thinks of food. And yet the person could be hungry for time, attention and so forth. For some unknown reason people just think of obvious things. Sometimes there isn’t a justification for the reasoning. At certain times of the year,I find a want in my composition. This is surely not malevolence. I have a rapport with most people. My thought in mentioning this is the fact that I’ve sent cards to Steve Davis and Matt Totten. Steve who I am still fond of although he was married to my sister. To her dismay I have always spoken to and about him in harmony. Matt is a person with whom I’ve known for a number of years. He is in between my son’s ages. And for my sons sake I don’t want to put a rife between my sons which I had in the past. However I just wanted to see if everything was ok with him and that was the only reason that I will post the card. I am sure it is harmless, however I question the motive in the first place. There really isn’t a motive. I have congeniality with some moreso than all. The downside in this people tend to take advantage of my good actions toward them. I certainly have learned from the past mistakes. And only I can be a much better person as a result of it.

Entry for November 21, 2007″Colours”

November 21, 2007

As one learns the primary colours in school, or perhaps in an art class; my reverie is as such to seeing a rainbow. This is comprised of many of both light and dark shades,which is reflecting from the rays of the sun.If one has the chance to walk while in a ice storm, the attractiveness of the glistening trees as the various colours lo in behold suddenly appear is magnificant.The primary colours are red, blue,green and yellow. Black and white are basic colours, and the rest are secondary.Black mixes with white and it becomes grey; blue and black equals purple and with white is lavender.Red plus white equals pink; green and blue equals aqua; red and black becomes brown if one adds yellow it is marrune My point is that the colours in itself are pretty as well if they mixed together. Now,hypthetically speaking,if for instance humans are to mixed are together,meaning as living in the same abode, there is a factor of cultures,languages, faiths, economical backgounds are a driving point. This in rare instances could be with success. Logics and ethics is required in law school. Logically and ethically this practice must not be the model or rule of thumb in society. One must respect other forms of living harmoniously,and in doing so not hinge on descention. Speaking philosophically, both black and white denotes taking one road or the other,however the colour grey indicates compromise.One must use common sense.Lyrics from an international song is a from’seventh seconds’.When a child is born into this world.Theres no concept of the tone of skin he’s living in.This song is sung in Portuguese,French as will as English.

Entry for November 19, 2007″Circumstances”

November 19, 2007

This subject in itself is self explanatory and has the connotation of numerous types.Such as circumstances beyond ones control, mitigating,circumstantial, which is referring to evidence and so forth. My sole purpose is to ennunciate with eloquence.My intensification is the word mitigating,which refers to the law as to why a person perpetrates a crime.What was in his/her past to have brought this action to completion?Was this person an intermidiary? Was it coercion? That is why when a person is charged and subsequently brought to confront a judge, the question is mitigatory. I have heard this time and time again this particular phrase.My fortitude is forthcoming despite the subject at hand. Everything one expresses doesn’t necessarily have to be in the content frivolity. It enhances one’s skill to at last view the finished product of their own endeavors.It is in fact a mere sense of wonderment. I truly find it intriguing. It is complementary to ones ego. I should mention at this point as to how and why I come up with the topics;there is not reason for it.I tend to write about things that I find fascinating,along with fastidious and not the run of mill.Each time I am seeking near perfection in these topics. It is well worth my time and patience which is in endless supply.In doing so my intent is to have elegance.While writing I have thought of another topic for the tomorrows. It will be entitled colours.

Entry for November 18, 2007″Pondering”

November 18, 2007

As the day grows ever so closer to end of the month; it is cold but sunny. The leaves have nearly left the branches of the myriad of trees. I am pondering thoughts and dreams,as my intellect is ever active.My continuous reading is a mere pleasure to me.At the moment I am reading series of books by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre. They are delightful.I am going to Borders tomorrow to pick up some more books and four dvds in which I’ve ordered some weeks ago. On Tuesday,I go there but I have a dental appt so I will take the cab home.Not looking forward to it, but it is necessary. As an after affect from my mishap my muscles are slightly hurting me however it fortunately doesn’t last. There are times that I think of life insurance,but then again I also think of the expense. I like living here in this state so maybe it will be possible one day.This morning I woke up rather early and had a gentile conversation with Carol. She is an amasement. It was a cacophony of topics which occurred in the past week that culminated the previous day. After chatting with her, it brought my inner being in a more serene matter. Thought for days that I would look on google for ‘pinky and the brain’. My son Andre, had sent me some symbols that stand upright and a drinking mug that is used for soup or drinks,hot as well as cold. I finally know the above mentioned comes from warner bros.,looney tunes. That in itself astonishes me for the fact is that I knew it was a cartoon but I was oblivious and that it was affiliated with w.r. looney tunes. Wonders will never cease.

Entry for November 17, 2007″The Sixth Sense”

November 17, 2007

Obviously this is a foreboding theme. One must wonder if the sixth sense is a premonition or is it one in the same in actuality. One must marvel at the aspect of how many humans have this potentiality.One must have the know-how to accept this and use it with justification. Two occurrences happened which in fact were similar in nature. 1) In Seattle, I was walking with my son,Andre and I saw this most unusually building and as I merely commented casually” Look at that structure” At that very moment in time, I had a mishap. In the process I broke my frames to my glasses and had to go to an optical shop to obtain new ones. Now here where I reside, I initiated a conversation with the daily postman, while walking. It was about my son Ian, coming here, and there would be a possibility he would be sent to Iraq.The moment that I uttered that country’s name, I tumbled over a rock which was large enough to view even with the human eye. There again the effect was the very same. Breaking my glasses,which were purchased in Seattle. Went to an optical place which is affiliated with UW. These people were unable to provide me with the frames required. They suggested that they will take them across the street and have those people sodder them. Then taking 20 minutes the first set of people charged me $30.00 and said that the frames were not guaranteed to last for a period of time. I had mention that I had an appt in Feb., there response was non- committal.Needless to say I was livid. They were so unprofessional that I will not recommend their services to anyone. There is a quote which states,”life is sorrow, overcome it”. I am in accord with that.

Entry for November 14, 2007″Heart Verses Mind”

November 14, 2007

The intricacy between the heart verses the mind is phenomenal. The essence in which one lives is due in part to the heart.A quote that one recalls is ‘brokehearted’ which is mainly taken emotionally in context. There of course lyrics written about the heart; one that comes to mind is ‘heart beating like a drum’. The heart and mind is interchangeable.My intent is not to speak medically moreso intellectually.The heart is compared to ones fist in size, as I have read and hope will never be observed firsthand by me.No two minds are alike or for that matter similar. One’s mind in its complexity is far out reaching to the imagination. The mind has parts not yet discoverable. The achievement if doneso could be halfway in the progression; so it would be ill-advised to begin.There are a myriad of amalities and that takes precedence over most things. It would be marvelous for science to delev into the intricate formula thereby attempting the efforts to cure whats at hand. Perhaps that could be a reality in the years to come as if a mere suggestion then work from that point. When speaking of the mind it is often said that humans have the tendency to chat in contrary to the mind, and unfortunately one takes credence to that fact. In summary I would like to add this; as one becomes mature they could very well become perpetually and have durability as well. The answer is activity intellectually on a continuing basis.

Entry for November 07, 2007″Conscience And Soul”

November 7, 2007

This subject is controversial as well as deep. One would think there is little known about it and less spoken in general conversations. However I will attempt to say something worthwhile as I been wondering about it.Hope I do not go off on a tangent though.Let me begin as to what I know as I view the 2 separately.The first, conscience is there at the age of 2; the difference between right and wrong. One may deny the fact that at such an early age that this occurs. As for the second,soul that is what makes one’s personality as to who they actually are. Whether those two go hand in hand or they are 2 separate entities is or should be up for review.Or does it differential from the two? One may debate that certain humans are deviod of conscience. Is that a ploy? One should actually question that. One wonders the fallacy of that given the violence that occurs at a given time in the world. There is a far reaching debate in some circles as to the soul. If or when does it leave the body upon demise. In Europe one thinks of death as a reality b/c of the wars fought there. Here in this country it is an abstraction. One knows that conscience and soul are invisable yet invincible. It truly amazes me that I thought I knew so little about this and yet the more I delved into it; I find the knowledge overpowering.When I thought I didn’t know one iota my astonishment is is more than complimentary.

Entry for November 06, 2007″ Impression”

November 6, 2007

After chatting repeatedly and speaking by phone for a period of time ,we tried to figure out which articles of attire that would be recognizable so we would notice each other.After flying to Grand Rapids,Mi from Ala. We finally met and came face to face. I had much opposition before my intended flight. I knew in my heart that I was doing what felt right to me: so I paid no mind to what others thought.The meeting was surreal.It felt like we had known one another for longer than we actually had. We spent a week together.He had to work during the day ashe was a security guard. The entire time was lovely. After spending that precious time, he would always stress family.I would think how very important it is to have. We continued our correspondence after our meeting by the same form.We spoke of meeting a second time. We spent two weeks this time and were together on wkends for the entire time. And when that happened it was like reality hit. He was and is a smoker and was trying to curtail the habit of cigarettes and so he was really in a foul mood. He spoke to me beforehand about it,though he still wanted to see me anyway.He had minor health trouble which compounded the stress.The first time we met he had written me a love letter which I will treasure.He is an Englishmen and had a dog named called Winston. In June of this year,I had gotten an email from him saying that he is not in the states. He had to go back to England. So needless,to say it is difficult think about and harder to write about.However,as time ticks on it becomes less and less emotionally trying for me.Out of sight; out of mind,it may work for some.But I unique.In conclusion,the whole experience was beyond words.So why can’t I stop?I must carry on. Enough said.