Entry for November 04, 2007″Focus On Family”

Suddenly,out of the blue one is focused on family for no apparent reason.That is not in my case. Growing up my parents were not into relatives at all. And in some ways this trend affected me in one way or another. As the saying goes “for every action there is a reaction”. However my close friends were so focus on their own family that I began to take notice of this phenomenon. This characteristic in them began a snowballing effect in me. In my life I’ve had and do have many close friends which in some ways make up for the lack of closeness in relatives of the mere knowledge of their existance. I began to think that if I myself would get close to someone they would cease to exist; so therefore I would purposely not get to close to someone for that happening to me.Last night when I was slowly running this piece in my head; it was so clear as to what I was actually going to write. However in actuality it is so different in the dark of night, than in the light of day. What the reasoning of that now escapes me and is not relavant. My fortitude afforded me to realize that if one becomes close to someone; it does not necessarily mean the demise of that particular individual. With only on occasion.I will surely continue this piece tomorrow for as I begin to delve into this; I find it my favourite pastime at the moment. Analysation for me is a lovely way to know the whys and wherefores.

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