Entry for November 05, 2007″Exceptionally”

This is a continuation of the piece that I had written yesterday,only in a small way.It began with a computer and elaborated from that point. For me, it was an exceptionally lovely.I had aol and was on the buddy chat and there it was again,someone who was caught by my attention. Didn’t at the time pay it any mind and went to Seattle briefly to visit my son, Andre. Upon returning, there was the same email from him.He and I began IM each other and I myself was with caution while doing so,however relaxed while chatting,b/c I was not using my given name. We would sit and chat for hours it seemed at certain parts of the day.Just getting to actually know one another. The subjects were numerous and I really liked the contact.He mentioned that he had been to England to visit his daughter and it was the same time I was visiting my son in Seattle.In chatting with him we had much in common. Such as birthdays the same month. I came to realise that his traits were mine, as looking in a mirror.We exchange pictures,and when the hurricane occurred,he asked me for my phone number and I began to literally freeze. The lights were flickering and about to go out and I thought long and hard about it and decided to do just that. Then we began phoning each other at specific parts of the day.With the computer and phone I was in my apt. during the hurricane Ivan.The same someone was looking for a soulmate and on the buddy chat and found my screename.As the suspense builds let me continue this rhetortic tomorrow.

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