Entry for November 06, 2007″ Impression”

After chatting repeatedly and speaking by phone for a period of time ,we tried to figure out which articles of attire that would be recognizable so we would notice each other.After flying to Grand Rapids,Mi from Ala. We finally met and came face to face. I had much opposition before my intended flight. I knew in my heart that I was doing what felt right to me: so I paid no mind to what others thought.The meeting was surreal.It felt like we had known one another for longer than we actually had. We spent a week together.He had to work during the day ashe was a security guard. The entire time was lovely. After spending that precious time, he would always stress family.I would think how very important it is to have. We continued our correspondence after our meeting by the same form.We spoke of meeting a second time. We spent two weeks this time and were together on wkends for the entire time. And when that happened it was like reality hit. He was and is a smoker and was trying to curtail the habit of cigarettes and so he was really in a foul mood. He spoke to me beforehand about it,though he still wanted to see me anyway.He had minor health trouble which compounded the stress.The first time we met he had written me a love letter which I will treasure.He is an Englishmen and had a dog named called Winston. In June of this year,I had gotten an email from him saying that he is not in the states. He had to go back to England. So needless,to say it is difficult think about and harder to write about.However,as time ticks on it becomes less and less emotionally trying for me.Out of sight; out of mind,it may work for some.But I unique.In conclusion,the whole experience was beyond words.So why can’t I stop?I must carry on. Enough said.

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