Entry for November 07, 2007″Conscience And Soul”

This subject is controversial as well as deep. One would think there is little known about it and less spoken in general conversations. However I will attempt to say something worthwhile as I been wondering about it.Hope I do not go off on a tangent though.Let me begin as to what I know as I view the 2 separately.The first, conscience is there at the age of 2; the difference between right and wrong. One may deny the fact that at such an early age that this occurs. As for the second,soul that is what makes one’s personality as to who they actually are. Whether those two go hand in hand or they are 2 separate entities is or should be up for review.Or does it differential from the two? One may debate that certain humans are deviod of conscience. Is that a ploy? One should actually question that. One wonders the fallacy of that given the violence that occurs at a given time in the world. There is a far reaching debate in some circles as to the soul. If or when does it leave the body upon demise. In Europe one thinks of death as a reality b/c of the wars fought there. Here in this country it is an abstraction. One knows that conscience and soul are invisable yet invincible. It truly amazes me that I thought I knew so little about this and yet the more I delved into it; I find the knowledge overpowering.When I thought I didn’t know one iota my astonishment is is more than complimentary.

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