Entry for November 14, 2007″Heart Verses Mind”

The intricacy between the heart verses the mind is phenomenal. The essence in which one lives is due in part to the heart.A quote that one recalls is ‘brokehearted’ which is mainly taken emotionally in context. There of course lyrics written about the heart; one that comes to mind is ‘heart beating like a drum’. The heart and mind is interchangeable.My intent is not to speak medically moreso intellectually.The heart is compared to ones fist in size, as I have read and hope will never be observed firsthand by me.No two minds are alike or for that matter similar. One’s mind in its complexity is far out reaching to the imagination. The mind has parts not yet discoverable. The achievement if doneso could be halfway in the progression; so it would be ill-advised to begin.There are a myriad of amalities and that takes precedence over most things. It would be marvelous for science to delev into the intricate formula thereby attempting the efforts to cure whats at hand. Perhaps that could be a reality in the years to come as if a mere suggestion then work from that point. When speaking of the mind it is often said that humans have the tendency to chat in contrary to the mind, and unfortunately one takes credence to that fact. In summary I would like to add this; as one becomes mature they could very well become perpetually and have durability as well. The answer is activity intellectually on a continuing basis.

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