Entry for November 17, 2007″The Sixth Sense”

Obviously this is a foreboding theme. One must wonder if the sixth sense is a premonition or is it one in the same in actuality. One must marvel at the aspect of how many humans have this potentiality.One must have the know-how to accept this and use it with justification. Two occurrences happened which in fact were similar in nature. 1) In Seattle, I was walking with my son,Andre and I saw this most unusually building and as I merely commented casually” Look at that structure” At that very moment in time, I had a mishap. In the process I broke my frames to my glasses and had to go to an optical shop to obtain new ones. Now here where I reside, I initiated a conversation with the daily postman, while walking. It was about my son Ian, coming here, and there would be a possibility he would be sent to Iraq.The moment that I uttered that country’s name, I tumbled over a rock which was large enough to view even with the human eye. There again the effect was the very same. Breaking my glasses,which were purchased in Seattle. Went to an optical place which is affiliated with UW. These people were unable to provide me with the frames required. They suggested that they will take them across the street and have those people sodder them. Then taking 20 minutes the first set of people charged me $30.00 and said that the frames were not guaranteed to last for a period of time. I had mention that I had an appt in Feb., there response was non- committal.Needless to say I was livid. They were so unprofessional that I will not recommend their services to anyone. There is a quote which states,”life is sorrow, overcome it”. I am in accord with that.

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