Entry for November 18, 2007″Pondering”

As the day grows ever so closer to end of the month; it is cold but sunny. The leaves have nearly left the branches of the myriad of trees. I am pondering thoughts and dreams,as my intellect is ever active.My continuous reading is a mere pleasure to me.At the moment I am reading series of books by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre. They are delightful.I am going to Borders tomorrow to pick up some more books and four dvds in which I’ve ordered some weeks ago. On Tuesday,I go there but I have a dental appt so I will take the cab home.Not looking forward to it, but it is necessary. As an after affect from my mishap my muscles are slightly hurting me however it fortunately doesn’t last. There are times that I think of life insurance,but then again I also think of the expense. I like living here in this state so maybe it will be possible one day.This morning I woke up rather early and had a gentile conversation with Carol. She is an amasement. It was a cacophony of topics which occurred in the past week that culminated the previous day. After chatting with her, it brought my inner being in a more serene matter. Thought for days that I would look on google for ‘pinky and the brain’. My son Andre, had sent me some symbols that stand upright and a drinking mug that is used for soup or drinks,hot as well as cold. I finally know the above mentioned comes from warner bros.,looney tunes. That in itself astonishes me for the fact is that I knew it was a cartoon but I was oblivious and that it was affiliated with w.r. looney tunes. Wonders will never cease.

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