Entry for November 19, 2007″Circumstances”

This subject in itself is self explanatory and has the connotation of numerous types.Such as circumstances beyond ones control, mitigating,circumstantial, which is referring to evidence and so forth. My sole purpose is to ennunciate with eloquence.My intensification is the word mitigating,which refers to the law as to why a person perpetrates a crime.What was in his/her past to have brought this action to completion?Was this person an intermidiary? Was it coercion? That is why when a person is charged and subsequently brought to confront a judge, the question is mitigatory. I have heard this time and time again this particular phrase.My fortitude is forthcoming despite the subject at hand. Everything one expresses doesn’t necessarily have to be in the content frivolity. It enhances one’s skill to at last view the finished product of their own endeavors.It is in fact a mere sense of wonderment. I truly find it intriguing. It is complementary to ones ego. I should mention at this point as to how and why I come up with the topics;there is not reason for it.I tend to write about things that I find fascinating,along with fastidious and not the run of mill.Each time I am seeking near perfection in these topics. It is well worth my time and patience which is in endless supply.In doing so my intent is to have elegance.While writing I have thought of another topic for the tomorrows. It will be entitled colours.

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