Entry for November 21, 2007″Colours”

As one learns the primary colours in school, or perhaps in an art class; my reverie is as such to seeing a rainbow. This is comprised of many of both light and dark shades,which is reflecting from the rays of the sun.If one has the chance to walk while in a ice storm, the attractiveness of the glistening trees as the various colours lo in behold suddenly appear is magnificant.The primary colours are red, blue,green and yellow. Black and white are basic colours, and the rest are secondary.Black mixes with white and it becomes grey; blue and black equals purple and with white is lavender.Red plus white equals pink; green and blue equals aqua; red and black becomes brown if one adds yellow it is marrune My point is that the colours in itself are pretty as well if they mixed together. Now,hypthetically speaking,if for instance humans are to mixed are together,meaning as living in the same abode, there is a factor of cultures,languages, faiths, economical backgounds are a driving point. This in rare instances could be with success. Logics and ethics is required in law school. Logically and ethically this practice must not be the model or rule of thumb in society. One must respect other forms of living harmoniously,and in doing so not hinge on descention. Speaking philosophically, both black and white denotes taking one road or the other,however the colour grey indicates compromise.One must use common sense.Lyrics from an international song is a from’seventh seconds’.When a child is born into this world.Theres no concept of the tone of skin he’s living in.This song is sung in Portuguese,French as will as English.

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