Entry for November 26, 2007″Between”

As the weather grows colder and there was a smattering of snow this past week; one finds this time of year between holidays, the thought of family. One finishes addressing Christmas cards to friends and family,thinking of special gifts.Then,at last posting them in time is the real meaning of the season. Tomorrow I will go to Borders and find some unique gifts for wonderful people in my life. Mainly I will pick up another book in which I’ve ordered. I am thrilled to say that I’ve been conscientiously seeking a piece of music that I once had. And at last found it online at Borders. Now if I may ordered tomorrow, I will be excited.I have just started another book’fall from grace’ by Larry Collins and I know from the reviews it will be sensational.A person’s wants and needs are different in a various ways. And as I think more about it; others cannot give them what they want and need. For in some aspects it is one in the same. For the things that I speak of are intangible.For example, if one is hungry; one naturally thinks of food. And yet the person could be hungry for time, attention and so forth. For some unknown reason people just think of obvious things. Sometimes there isn’t a justification for the reasoning. At certain times of the year,I find a want in my composition. This is surely not malevolence. I have a rapport with most people. My thought in mentioning this is the fact that I’ve sent cards to Steve Davis and Matt Totten. Steve who I am still fond of although he was married to my sister. To her dismay I have always spoken to and about him in harmony. Matt is a person with whom I’ve known for a number of years. He is in between my son’s ages. And for my sons sake I don’t want to put a rife between my sons which I had in the past. However I just wanted to see if everything was ok with him and that was the only reason that I will post the card. I am sure it is harmless, however I question the motive in the first place. There really isn’t a motive. I have congeniality with some moreso than all. The downside in this people tend to take advantage of my good actions toward them. I certainly have learned from the past mistakes. And only I can be a much better person as a result of it.

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